More on Anthem phasing out GFW references and Anthem, which had been previously using a new logo featuring GFW, switched back to the previous logo that only makes mention of Anthem this week.

As reported on yesterday, company officials confirmed they are slowly phasing out any reference to GFW or Global Force Wrestling heading into the Bound for Glory PPV.

Post 9/21 Impact videos

Here are some videos uploaded following last night’s Impact on Pop TV.


  1. I doubt they are going to say presents…i.e. WWE doesn’t say WWE presents Raw…I think it’ll simply be Impact Wrestling as a company and the show is called Impact. Look at ROH with their weekly show as well. Either way, things are a mess and I totally agree on the head shaking.

  2. So…they just retired the TNA titles.
    Now they are phasing out the GFW name.
    Are they about to spend more money to make new titles again?

  3. That’s hilarious. They keep trying to save the show by changing the name. What’s stupid is they aren’t going to spend millions to edit their video library, so 90% of their video library still says “TNA.”

  4. I still don’t see the point in getting rid of the TNA name. It’s become fairly recognizable over the past decade or so, despite them being a third rate promotion.

  5. You’d think that by now, after years of changing names, logos and branding they would realise that their issue is not the name.

  6. What a bloody mess! Every other week is a reboot now, & its becoming increasingly embarrassing. Who even cares what they decide to call this excuse of an “organization”. There’s nothing and no one left to see anymore. I’ll be surprised if they are even able to draw 200 fans for the upcoming PPV/tapings in Ottawa. There’s just no point in watching. Why invest your time in this product when there’s never any payoff? Storylines are always butched or never resolved because of people coming & going. Seems like every set of tapings is a “relaunch” now. Brutal.

  7. Hated the GFW name anyways. Impact Wrestling is fine. Bring back the old belts for all I care. GFW was a failed promotion that never got passed a NJPW ppv. I’m finally enjoying wrestling again and the new faces is refreshing. What’s up with the app though? Ready to get a relevant video library to the last 10 years that isn’t edited to hell by the WWE. Hopefullythey keep the partnerships and get some other promotions on the network and keep control of their own libraries because THEY MADE THEM! I stream Netflix, Hulu, NFL, and UFC and would gladly add TNA to the mix for $5.

  8. But how is that different? WCW, ECW and AWA’s only worth (while operating near the end and once purchased) was their video library – which is why they were purchased for a dime. WWE is the only exception I’ve seen. I’d say if they lost their TV deal or had a smaller tv deal like TNA now, ROH’s only worth would be the video library. Anthem even said they purchased TNA mainly for the library so just not sure the difference here?

  9. The globe isn’t even real, the Earth is FLAT! So the name Global Force really means fake force… if the Earth was a ball, the horizon would be CURVED, DUH!

  10. What I meant was exactly what you were saying but added.

    WCW, ECW, AWA etc were worthless except from their video library when they were on their dying days.

    We’re supposed to believe that TNA is still going strong when their worthless aside from the video library. So, basically, what i was saying is TNA is on its last legs. And Id say for the past year, that statement has become more and more true. People used to always say TNA wouldn’t last another year but id say it was 2013 that started seeing the decline really take off.

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