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Impact could be headed to new markets

According to a report by, Anthem and Impact Wrestling are said to be exploring running new markets to tape Impact television for Pop TV and other international markets in the year. The company will be running tapings in the Ottawa market following Bound for Glory and reportedly have interest in running TV tapings in other markets next year including Toronto, New York City and Chicago.

Under the previous TNA Wrestling/Panda Energy regime, the company mainly remained in Orlando at Universal Studios taping both television and Pay Per View events. In early 2013, the company embarked on an aggressive move to begin taping Impact nationwide, first hitting the Chicago market. That move was eventually abandoned later that year.

Videos after 9/28 Impact

The following videos were posted after last night’s Impact episode on Pop TV.


  1. But why with Anthem do that when they want to drop the brand? 😉 I mean internet reports (I.e. recent SI one) are always accurate aren’t they??

  2. It must be nice to be able to lose upwards of a million dollars by just “testing” certain markets. Like you say, they are going out of business, and their show rarely breaks the top 150, so there’s no way they actually make money on tapings/house shows. They would conceivably have to get WWE numbers at their house shows to even show a slight profit, and they have never done that. Lockdown 2013 had 7,200 in attendance I believe, but since then, attendance numbers have been in the hundreds. Not to mention, people in Orlando go for FREE!!! So Anthem might want to stop pumping a dry well here. I don’t see this huge resurgence of interest in TNA or Impact. After BFG, I would liquidate all assets, pay the debtors, and see if I could get a decent price for the video library from WWE. There will always be a chance for another wrestling company to evolve (NPI) down the road.

  3. I think they would keep the video library and use it on The Fight Network, etc. and earn advertiser revenue for years to come (they have a lot of content) before they would sell it to WWE for 1 – 2 million, and Ed recently said as much. That’s the one thing I feel certain about – they’ll keep the content before selling even if they close the doors. I’m sure they’ll make more in ad revenue than 1-2 million in lifetime revenue where they have their own network – just my take!

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