Reno Scum

Reno Scum departs Impact Wrestling

Adam Thornstowe of the Reno Scum tag team announced on Twitter that they have officially parted ways with Impact Wrestling.

Reno Scum, also featuring Luster the Legend, were best known for their run with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion and were brought in after the Anthem purchase. Thornstowe suffered a torn bicep injury in April and the team was never used again.

The release was a cost cutting move, something Anthem will more than likely continue doing in the coming months. The departure of Jeff Jarrett earlier this week was said to be the start of many changes internally regarding current deals.

Videos after 10/26 Impact on Pop TV

Impact Wrestling posted these videos after this past week’s Impact on Pop TV.


  1. Cost cutting? I don’t even know who these guys are, they couldn’t possibly be getting paid that much. They have reached the point of not even being able to afford these no-name indy guys. Guess their roster will now consist of volunteers they grab off the street. The end draws ever closer, as the viewership continues to decline.

  2. I’m not sure where you even go to “tryout” for Impact. Do you have to make your way into the Impact tapings in Orlando and buy up all the EC3 merchandise and look halfway in shape, they might offer you a dark match before the taping.

  3. Here’s hoping there’s still even an Impact Wrestling left down the road for them to go back to. Oi!

  4. Anthem is more interested in having content than putting on a high quality show – could keep the show around longer but everything else suffers.

  5. Why is there still a Grado, and Kongo Kong. Total waste of space. Yet they misuse a good tag team and let them go. Where’s the VOW? Should have been added to; and had a program with LAX.

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