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Next deals expiring for top Impact stars

With the recent departure of James Storm a few weeks ago, other top Impact stars could be leaving the company soon based on the current budget cuts and restructuring.

Bobby Lashley and current Impact Grand Champion EC3 were described as the “next people to watch out for” according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Storm had re-signed with then TNA Wrestling two years ago after a short stint in NXT for what was described as a high guaranteed money deal. Anthem reportedly had no interest in renewing that deal and Storm gave his farewell at the last set of tapings in Ottawa.

Angle vs. Joe from 2006

Impact Wrestling has been posted a series of clips from the past, co-promoting with the launch of the Global Wrestling Network and the Impact channel on Pluto TV.

You can check out the clip below including highlights of Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe from Genesis 2006 in what was Angle’s first in-ring match with the company after leaving WWE.


  1. That was said on here before – and I can’t say I disagree. literally the person said (a month or so ago) if Lashley and EC3 leave, they’ll be out of business the next day. I think it’ll still take them time to finally succumb to the issues ‘unless’ they make the decision to pull the plug themselves as they get more tired of the way things are headed. The situation here is it seems Anthem see’s value in having the content for advertising that they can even use on their own Fight Network and this is something Dixie didn’t have. They just seem to want to create that content for a few pennies rather than having a high quality product for dollars. That may hold them over and perhaps their goal is to get the costs down to nothing while still putting on a show and figuring if they can keep their costs low and turn a healthy profit (mostly by releasing talent who are getting any pay at all), they can rebuild BUT I think the issue is they don’t understand the industry and don’t realize the long term cost of having nobody that has experience or some name recognition.

    All it would take is for POP to cancel them and then them lose another deal and they would immediately, go, “this is foolish, let’s cut ties with this industry” – that’s my take.

    They are taking the approach a company does when they buy out another company, let everyone go who makes any money and then replaces them with lower cost, but also lower skilled, team members. It helps with short term profit and then typically collapses. I think if nothing, all that has happened since Anthem took over makes one realize that Dixie (other than the debt built up) wasn’t as bad as she could have been – especially considering this (Anthem) is a company with tons of production experience, working with advertisers, talent, and their own network is.

  2. It’s about time! Those 2 guys need to get the hell out of that backyard indy promotion. WWE needs to grab Lashley! Imagine Lesnar vs Lashley, the battle between 2 legit MMA guys. Lashley actually looks like a main event star also.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Storm and EC3 head over to ROH. That company is on the right track, and this would give them an even greater boost!

  3. The NWA-TNA/TNA/IMPACT/GFW saga continues…

    Also, Bobby Roode was best as a heel, and the WWE has ruined him, so I can’t imagine EC3 or Storm there. Lashley possibly, but he is still scarred from December To Dismember.

  4. They already had Lashley, and they drove him to quit over their BS politics and cult like atmosphere. . WWE, wrestlers have to sell their souls to go there!

  5. You are so spot on. I feel the only hope for them is a merger of some sorts. I posted years ago that they should merge with ROH. Think of the talent pool; and cross promotion. Too bad they burned bridges with Billy Corrigan. Looks like he’s putting NWA back on it’s feet.

  6. Really? That funny because they have to sell everything else to be in impact….. Don’t pay them well but take all their indy earnings. Yeah sounds great!

  7. It’s WAY too early to say WWE has ruined Bobby Roode. He had a great run in NXT, is getting over on SD, and could easily be flipped back to playing the cocky heel with one decent promo.

  8. Would love to see Storm, Lashley and EC3 make the jump to WWE.

    Lashley has just continued to improve in TNA. He has gotten better on the mic by leaps and bounds and has improved a ton in the ring too.

    EC3 proved he has what it takes to be a superstar. He has the look, the attitude, the ring skill, plays both face and heel very well, and has shown he can perform pretty much anywhere on the card.

    Storm’s best days are likely behind him IMO. Still, he could be great to partner with some up-and-comer in a tag team, to serve in a leadership sort of role in a stable, or just putting over younger guys in the mid/upper-mid card

  9. He’s had bad opponents honestly. The Ziggler thing fizzled when it started. He needs to “turn” on a big name. And not HHH please…

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