Matt Hardy appears to squash any past issues with Anthem’s Ed Nordholm this week

Matt Hardy

WWE star Matt Hardy tweeted out a photo with Anthem and Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm shaking hands and smiling this week, seeming to indicate any issues Hardy had with Nordholm in the past year is now officially over.

For those keeping tabs, Hardy had a very public ongoing intellectual property dispute with Anthem and Impact over the use of the “Broken” Matt Hardy character when he initially parted ways with Impact Wrestling earlier last year.

Nordholm and former Impact executive Jeff Jarrett both contended in media interviews that Anthem and Impact Wrestling owned the intellectual property rights to the “Broken” characters and would fight the use of the characters in WWE. Nordholm claimed at one point WWE had no interest in using the “Broken” term, while Hardy contended he owned the trademark and rights to the use of the name going forward.

Hardy has since introduced another version of the character on WWE television, using the term “Woken” Matt Hardy instead. Nordholm also publicly stated that Anthem was re-working contracts with existing talent to allow them to use characters in other wrestling companies, a huge move for the company given it isn’t something WWE allows and wasn’t something even former TNA Wrestling management allowed in contracts.

You can check out the tweet Hardy sent out below.

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