SPOILERS: 1/13 Impact TV taping results from Orlando for future airing on Pop TV

Impact TV taping results

The following Impact TV tapings took place on Saturday night in Orlando.

1/13 Impact TV taping results:

* GWN Exclusive: Fantasma def. Braxton Sutter.

* Eddie Edwards def. Sami Callihan. After the match, Callihan puts a steel chair over the head of Edwards and smacks it with a baseball bat. Apparently the bat caught part of Eddie’s head and he immediately started bleeding.

* Feast or Fired Battle Royal took place. Petey Williams, Moose, EC3 and Eli Drake all won briefcases.

* Taya Valkryie vs. Rosemary went to a double count out.

* Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong come out for a promo. Jacobs said innocent people will get hurt because Joseph Park won’t produce Abyss. James Mitchell returns entering to the old New Church music. Mitchell says Jacobs has “woken up” Abyss and they announce Kong vs. Abyss.

* Impact Grand and X Division Champion Matt Sydal comes out. Josh Mathews then comes out. Mathews gives Sydal a gift: a mask of his spirit animal. Sydal then gives Mathews the Impact Grand Championship (they appear to be getting rid of this title for good).

* Tyrus def. EC3.

* Allie def. Sienna to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship. Su Yung debuts attacking Allie.

* GWN Exclusive: Caleb Konley def. Fallah Baah.

* Matt Sydal def. Rohit Raju.

* Impact Global Champion Austin Aries has a contract signing for a title match with Alberto El Patron. Patron walks out and signs the contract. They hype up a title match at Redemption, which will be replacing the Lockdown PPV on April 22.

* Feast or Fired Briefcase reveal segment is taped. Eli Drake reveals a shot at the Impact Tag Team Titles. Petey Williams earns a shot at the X Division Title. Moose earns a shot at the Impact Global Championship. EC3 is fired.

* Brian Cage attacks EC3. Afterwards, EC3 says his goodbyes to the Impact Zone.

* Kongo Kong def. Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match.

Source: @MrJacobCohen