Austin Aries

During Thursday night’s edition of Impact on Pop TV, Austin Aries made his return to Impact Wrestling and pinned Eli Drake to become the new Impact World Champion.

Thursday was described by the company as a “new era” for Impact going forward, especially with the title no longer being referred to as the Global Championship.

You can check out a clip of the title change below courtesy of Impact Wrestling.


  1. I know wrestling is scripted, but title changes like this devalues the championship. How does someone walk on to your promotion and win the title without even being ranked or the idea of a “contract” signing. Dumb TNA just dumb!!

  2. austin aries wrestled for tna for years for and won multiple championships there in the past including the tna world title. so it’s not like he’s some new guy that just walked in there and became the new champ on for the very first time. i don’t have a problem with this.

  3. You are an idiot- it only exposed wrestling to how really fake and over the top it is- Oscar De La Hoya has won many championships but he can’t just fight a champion tomorrow for the title b/c they have something called rankings.
    It’s stupid booking when you have a wrestler who days before was even in your promotion and winning the title on his first day back- only an idiot like you would think that’s good booking.
    That’s why I stated that Rousey showing up and stealing Aska’s spotlight was pointless- why have Rousey show up and point to the wrestlemania logo and she hasn’t even had her first match?

  4. ok idiot you’re the one that’s complaing about something sctipted and someone winning a scripted match for a prop item. lol ok you’re talking about something real like as in an actual sport vs something that’s a tv show that’s scripted for entertainment big diff. i never said it was a good idea i said i have no problem with it but even if i didn’t care for it i’m not going to get butt hurt like some idiot like you over something that’s not real and i wouldn’t act like some child over someone that has a diff view about it like you. it’s called entertainment. besides no one is forcing you to watch it, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.

  5. and if that’s how you feel then great you’re entitled to your view. i don’t know why they made aries the new champ soo soon, but the reason why i have no problem with it is because alot of the old talent that were world champs there are leaving. so i figure they needed someone quickly who has a lot of name recognition to become the new face of tna because so that they can start to get the ball rolling by developing storylines and matches around him sooner by making him the champ tonight.

  6. I don’t have any problem with Aries as champ, however, Impact still has issues such as;

    1. Dead crowd who seem not to care

    2. EC3 still appearing on these tapings, when he was shown on camera at Takeover LAST WEEK!! Impact needs to stop taping so far in advance.

    3. Decide once and for all what kind of ring you are going to use, and stick with it.

  7. 1. dead crowds are a pretty common occurrence when your in a place where you have non wrestling fans from a theme park attend a wrestling event and have no idea what’s going on. that’s the only down side of taping at a place like universal studio’s. 2. is done for cost saving purposes and since anthem has taken on the debt on tna since they bought it they are limited to what they can spend right now on the product. which has made them tape 4 weeks of shows over 2 nights. which is another reason why i think they went back to universal, because it’s much cheaper to do events there than it was in canada. 3. well they did for 4 years.

  8. Yeah the theme park thing bothers me. And they went from four sides 2002-2005, six sides 2005-2010, four sides 2010-2013, six sides 2013-2018, four sides 2018

  9. Sorry pal that’s what’s wrong with you new generation of wrestling fans. I call it a SPORT not entertainment know the difference buddy!!!

  10. my generation. i’m prob older than you. it’s not a sport because you don’t compete, it’s scripted. you want to call soap operas reality tv next? lol

  11. From the 1981 in your handle which probably reflects the year you were born thereby you are younger than me and wrestlers are athletes and it is a sport you moron !!

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