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IMPACT Wrestling Results April 26th, 2018

Last Sunday, Redemption rocked the wrestling world with an unforgettable night of action! What will the fallout be tonight on IMPACT?

After losing the IMPACT World Championship to Pentagon Jr at Redemption, Austin Aries holds a meeting with the roster. Aries makes excuses for why he lost the title, pointing out that he had to defend against not one but two opponents. Aries says that he’s still the Grand Champion so he’s still the locker room leader. Moose calls out Aries for his excuse-making and leaves with the rest of the locker room.

Brian Cage vs. Trevor Lee w/ Caleb Konley

Cage is dominant in the early going but Lee turns the tide when he uses the referee as a shield.

Cage attempts to suplex Lee from the apron but Konley hooks his leg! This allows Lee to hit a double foot stomp on the apron.

Lee connects with a German Suplex but Cage kicks out.

Lee distracts the referee while Konley chokes Cage on the ropes from the outside!

Cage goes for a springboard Moonsault but Konley gets up on the apron. The distraction gives Lee time to move out of the way.

Cage successfully connects with the Drill Claw to pick up another win.

After he accidentally knocked out his wife, Alisha with a kendo stick at Redemption, Eddie Edwards is seen arriving to the arena. He runs into Tommy Dreamer who says Eddie should be with Alisha at the hospital. Eddie refuses because he wants revenge on oVe.

Eddie is in the ring and calls out oVe! Jake and Dave Crist make their way to the ring and Eddie immediately goes on the attack! Eddie grabs another kendo stick when a video starts to play on the big screen. It shows someone visiting his wife, Alisha in the hospital and it turns out to be oVe member, Sami Callihan! Eddie runs to the back and we can assume he’s on his way to check on his wife!

This past Sunday at Redemption, DJZ made his return to IMPACT Wrestling. In a special interview, he reveals what happened the night he realized he was seriously injured in Mexico.

Moose vs. Braxton Sutter

Before Moose makes his way to the ring, Sutter gets on the mic but is immediately interrupted by the big man!

Sutter is perched on the top rope as Moose dropkicks him off, sending him crashing to the floor!

Sutter hits a suplex into the turnbuckles.

Moose connects with the Train to Moose Nation dropkick.

Moose hits the Spear to win.

After the match, Moose congratulates Pentagon Jr on winning the IMPACT World Championship at Redemption. Moose calls himself Mr. IMPACT Wrestling and says he’s going to be the guy to take the title from Pentagon!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews X-Division Matt Sydal about retaining his title against Petey Williams at Redemption, without the help of his spirit guide, Josh Mathews. A referee in the back calls for help and it looks as though a man has been knocked out! He lays there with a red and black X on his chest.

At the clubhouse, Santana and Ortiz are furious after learning that Konnan has gone missing and losing the tag titles to Eli Drake and Scott Steiner at Redemption.

Knockouts Champion Allie vs. Taya Valkyrie – Knockouts Championship Match

Taya attacks Allie before the bell rings to gain the early advantage.

Allie connects with repeated running strikes in the corner.

Allie gets fired up and hits a big Russian leg sweep.

Taya attempts the Road to Valhalla but Allie counters with the Best Superkick Ever! Allie follows up with the Codebreaker to win the match and retain the Knockouts championship!

After the match, it looks as though Su Yung’s undead bridesmaids bring a coffin down to ringside! The lights go out and when they come back on, Su Yung attacks Allie from behind! Yung lays out Allie and the lights go off once again but this time, when they come back on, Rosemary is in the ring! The lights go out for a third time and Su Yung escapes into the darkness!

KM approaches Fallah Bahh in the back and apologizes for fat-shaming him in recent weeks. KM says that he’s going to prove that he means it when they team up in a tag match next week!

Eddie Edwards arrives at the hospital and he’s on the hunt for Sami Callihan! Alisha says he just wanted to talk but Eddie doesn’t believe it. Eddie finds Callihan laying in his hospital bed and assaults him! Doctors pull him off and inform Eddie that the police are there!

Tag Team Champions Eli Drake & Scott Steiner vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) – Tag Team Championship Match

Before the match begins, Steiner gets on the mic and says people should have believed him last week when he said he and Eli would win the tag titles at Redemption! LAX makes their entrance and it becomes apparent that they still don’t know whereabouts of Konnan.

Santana hits an assisted Moonsault on Drake.

Santana kicks Steiner off the apron and goes for a springboard but Drake counters, sending Santana crashing to the floor.

Drake and Steiner double team Santana while the referee is distracted in the corner with Ortiz trying to enter the match illegally.

Steiner hits Santana with an overhead suplex off the second rope.

During the match, Josh Mathews reveals that Eddie Edwards has been arrested for attacking Sami Callihan at the hospital!

Ortiz hits Drake with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

LAX is going for a top rope double team move on Drake but he counters into a powerslam in mid-air and pins Santana to win!

After the match, Drake tells the fans that their victory at Redemption wasn’t a fluke because they’ve now beaten LAX twice! Drake says not only is he one half of the tag team champions, but he will soon become the IMPACT World champion when he cashes in his Feast or Fired briefcase. Steiner looks confused but Drake continues to rant. An injured Austin Aries interrupts and the fans chant his name. Aries says he wishes the fans were behind him at Redemption. Aries says the most important title in IMPACT Wrestling is the Grand Championship because he holds it. Aries says he is going to regain the World title. The new IMPACT World Champion Pentagon Jr joins them in the ring! Drake and Steiner attack Pentagon and Aries but end up getting taken out by the rivals. Aries and Pentagon stare each other down in the middle of the ring with their respective titles held high as IMPACT goes off the air!

Next week, Su Yung battles Rosemary, Drago teams with Fantasma and Aerostar to take on DJZ, Dezmond Xavier and Andrew Everett in six man tag team action plus so much more! Don’t miss it!