Impact Results – 5/3/18 (Rosemary vs. Su Yung headlines, Sydal vs. Ishimori)

Impact Results

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IMPACT Wrestling Results May 3rd, 2018

The fallout from Redemption continues on an action-packed episode of IMPACT!

One half of the IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions, Eli Drake, is in the ring. His partner, Scott Steiner isn’t with him because he’s busy with the freaks. Drake talks about cashing in his Feast or Fired case for a shot at the new IMPACT World Champion, Pentagon Jr and reveals that he’s doing so on next week’s episode! Speaking of the champ, Pentagon interrupts and stares down Drake in the middle of the ring!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Kiera Hogan ahead of her match with Taya Valkyrie tonight. This is a rematch from Redemption when Kiera made her pay-per-view debut in a loss against Taya. Kiera says her redemption will come tonight when she defeats Taya in their rematch. Newcomer to IMPACT Wrestling, Tessa Blanchard interrupts and says girls like Kiera will always take a backseat to women like her. Kiera admits that Tessa is better than her – better at sitting and watching!

Joseph Park and Grado reunite in the backstage area after feuding with each other late last year. Grado says he has a girlfriend now but when Park asks where she is, Grado says she’s at the dentist. Austin Aries interrupts and reassures them that even with the changing landscape in IMPACT Wrestling, everything is going to be okay when he reclaims the IMPACT World Championship. Grado offers Aries a jelly bean but Aries swats them away and gives Grado a banana to eat instead.

oVe (Jake and Dave Crist) def. KM and Fallah Bahh

This match came about when KM approached Fallah Bahh last week and apologized for fat shaming him. KM is looking to earn Fallah’s trust in this tag team match. KM charges at Jake in the corner but he moves and Dave connects with a kick from the apron! Jake and Dave double team KM on their side of the ring, preventing him from tagging in Fallah. KM counters a double team suplex attempt into a double suplex of his own, allowing him to tag in Fallah! Fallah takes out both members of oVe with a big running crossbody. Fallah and KM take turns steamrolling on top of Jake and Dave Crist! Dave dropkicks KM through the ropes to the outside. Jake connects with two superkicks to the jaw of Fallah and rolls him up to win.

After the match, KM extends his hand to Fallah. At first, Fallah doesn’t want to shake hands but KM eventually forces it on him.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Moose. She asks what his plans are for becoming the IMPACT World Champion. Moose says he was a top player in the NFL but never won the world championship and he’s been a top player in IMPACT Wrestling but hasn’t won the world title here either. Jimmy Jacobs interrupts and questions why Moose calls himself Mr. Impact because the last guy with the last name Impact, Johnny Impact, got taken out by his monster Kongo Kong. Moose picks up Jacobs by the neck and asks what he wants. Jacobs says he wants Moose to meet Kongo Kong in a match next week. Moose accepts and it’s on!

Kiera Hogan def. Taya Valkyrie via DQ

Taya charges at Kiera and takes her down to the mat to gain the early advantage. Kiera begins to build some momentum with numerous running clotheslines. Kiera connects with a Hurricanrana, sending Taya to the outside. Kiera stomps Taya’s head into the steel ringsteps!

After their earlier altercation in the backstage area, Tessa Blanchard comes down to ringside and attacks Kiera, causing the disqualification! Tessa drives Kiera spine first into the steel ring post! Tessa tosses Kiera into the ring and lays her out with a hammer lock DDT to stand tall.

We see a video feature on the dominant Brian Cage!

Brian Cage def. Slex, Nick Moretti and Brodie Marshall

We head to Australia at a World Series Wrestling event for the Global Wrestling Network exclusive match of the week! Moretti hits a unique springboard fallaway handstand slam on Marshall. Cage connects with a big Hurricanrana on Moretti! Slex hits Cage with a slingshot suplex. Moretti connects with an F5 on Cage but he gets right back up! Cage hits Moretti and Slex with a double fallaway slam! Cage launches himself over the top rope, taking out everyone on the outside! Cage hits Slex with a sit out Alabama Slam. Marshall attempts to pick up the pieces by throwing Cage to the outside and going for the pin but Slex kicks out! Cage hits Slex with the Tornado Claw, followed by the Drill Claw to pick up another win.

DJZ, Andrew Everett and Dezmond Xavier def. Drago, Aerostar and El Hijo del Fantasma in a Lucha Libre Rules Six Man Tag Team Match

Lucha Libre rules means if someone exits the ring, they can be replaced by anyone on their team without a tag! Dezmond gets sent to the outside so DJZ enters the match with a springboard dropkick to Fantasma! Drago goes for a springboard but DJZ cuts him off with a mid-air side Russian leg sweep! Aerostar hits a rolling cutter on DJZ. Dezmond holds Aerostar on the ropes, allowing DJZ and Everett to hit him with in-sync top rope dropkicks! Everett and DJZ hit Drago and Fantasma with codebreakers. Xavier launches himself over the top , crashing into Aerostar and even his own partner, Everett, on the outside! DJZ is next to take flight as he hits a springboard flip dive from the second rope onto Drago and Xavier! Fantasma follows up with the Arrow from the Depths of Hell suicide dive to DJZ! DJZ, Xavier and Everett all climb the same turnbuckle. DJZ hits Drago with a frog splash, Xavier hits Aerostar with a corkscrew and Everett hits Fantasma with a Moonsault, all for near falls! Everett takes out everyone on the outside with a springboard twisting corkscrew! Aerostar is perched on the top rope but DJZ meets him on top and connects with a top rope ZDT to win!

After the match, both teams shake hands.

Eli Drake runs into Austin Aries backstage. Aries wishes Drake good luck in his IMPACT World Championship match against Pentagon Jr next week. Aries says he hopes Drake wins because he knows he can beat him.

Backstage, KM tells Fallah Bahh not to worry about their loss earlier tonight. KM tells Fallah that he can help him become more successful by changing the way he works out and eats. In the background, someone appears to be passed out with another black and red X on their chest.

We see footage of Eddie Edwards getting released from jail after he brutally attacked Sami Callihan at the hospital last week. Eddie tries to make a phone call but whoever it is he’s trying to call isn’t picking up. Tommy Dreamer rolls up in a car and demands that Eddie gets in.

Matt Sydal def. Taiji Ishimori to retain the Impact X-Division Championship

Sydal targets the knee of Ishimori in the early going. Ishimori hits a handspring elbow to start building momentum. Ishimori connects with running double knees in the corner, followed by the delayed double foot stomp for a near fall. Ishimori attempts the 450 splash but Sydal moves out of the way. Sydal hits two big kicks but Ishimori kicks out at two! Sydal misses a Shooting Star Press attempt, allowing Ishimori to hit the tombstone into the double knees! Ishimori climbs to the top but Sydal meets him there and flips him on his head! Sydal scores the pinfall to retain the X-Division title. It’s revealed that Tommy Dreamer bailed Eddie Edwards out of jail. Dreamer says he threw away three years of his life because he was obsessed with beating somebody, a mistake he doesn’t want Eddie to make in his situation with Sami Callihan. Eddie says Dreamer isn’t his father and walks away.

Backstage, Knockouts champion Allie tells Rosemary that she’s going to be there for her tonight in her match against Su Yung but Rosemary refuses! Rosemary makes Allie promise that she won’t come down to ringside, no matter what happens.

At the clubhouse, Santana and Ortiz are furious and it seems as though LAX is falling apart. They have no titles, no money and Konnan is still missing. Santana says they have to get serious in their match against DJZ and Andrew Everett next week.

Su Yung def. Rosemary

Su charges at Rosemary on the ramp and the fight is on before the opening bell!! They brawl around the ringside area and the match never gets underway! Su hits the Panic Switch on the unprotected floor! Su calls out the undead bridesmaids and they bring a casket with them to ringside. Despite Rosemary telling her not to, Allie comes down and attacks Su from behind! Rosemary argues with Allie for helping her but Allie says Rosemary is her best friend and she’d never leave her to fight alone! Yung instructs the undead bridesmaids to hold Allie and make her watch what she does to Rosemary! Rosemary begins to fight back with a kendo stick but Su spits red mist in her face! Su lays out Rosemary with a Panic Switch off the stage through a table! The undead bridesmaids drag Rosemary back down the ramp, place her in the casket and close the lid as Allie watches on.

Next week, Eli Drake cashes in his Feast or Fired briefcase for a shot at Pentagon Jr and the IMPACT World Championship! Plus, LAX takes on DJZ & Andrew Everett and so much more! Don’t miss it!