adrian sent this in:

For the first time Lucha Libre comes to an Illinois University.

GALLI Lucha Libre Presents:

International Lucha Libre

Mexico Super Stars Huracan Ramirez & Huracan Jr. take on current enemies Black Slayer & Amenaza. The promoter has forced these guys to work together to take on the Mexican Super Stars.

In the Semi:

High Flying “SAMURAY” & “KAMIKAZE” Take on their foes from Underground Project Bryce Benjamin & Tony Scarpone

Puerto Rican Super Stars: Noriega, “450” Hammet & Tony Rican take on The “Super Star” Steve Boz along with Underground Project Young Guns Chilango & Mason Conrad

Chicago State Alumni “Dymond” The Urban Jewel take on The “Huntress” Juliette

Plus 2 more matches.