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Changed Date for IWS Xth Anniversary!
IWS and ISW Results, plus ROH Preview

On Monday, TNA announced that they were rescheduling their May Pay-per-View to May 24th and scheduled a new TV taping on May 23rd. If you heard a strange howl coming from the direction of Montreal it was probably coming from the International Wrestling Syndicate’s offices as we saw our Main Event of PCO vs. Kevin Nash hitting the crapper.

But then a surprising thing began to happen. It wasn?t easy. It took hard work. It took money. We had to change plane, hotel, and equipment reservations. It kept IWS management on the phone non-stop for basically four days, but we promised the IWS Hardcore soldiers Kevin Nash vs. PCO and everyone involved wanted to see that happen. So the Medley shuffled dates for us, PCO changed his schedule, Kevin Nash reached out to us and independently e-mailed us as soon as the news broke to try and make the match happen.

And it will, just not on May 23rd, but a week later on May 30th.

For anyone who has already purchased their tickets for May 23rd who can?t make it for May 30th, get in touch with me, Llakor at Llakor@hotmail.com and we will make it right.


IWS Know Your Enemies
Results Quick and Dirty
Saturday, April 11th, 2009
Bar Le Skratch, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec, CANADA

Lionel Knight and Nick Watts vs. Mike ?Speedball? Bailey and Brian Corcoran
Mike Bailey and Brian Corcoran beat Lionel Knight and Nick Watts

EXesS vs. Alex Silvs
EXesS forced Alex Silva to tap

EXesS vs. ?Heavy? Maxx Fury
Maxx Fury pinned EXesS

Dan Paysan vs. Shane Matthews
Dan Paysan beat Shane Matthews

Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Stupefied) vs. Shayne Hawke and Twiggy
Twiggy pinned Stupefied for the win.

Jagged vs. James Stone
James Stone beat Jagged

Green Phantom vs. NovaCain
Green Phantom and Nova Cain fought to a no-contest.

IWS Title Match: IWS Champion Beef Wellington vs. Franky the Mobster
Beef Wellington beat Franky the Mobster to retain his IWS Title.


Inter Species Wrestling WHAM! BAM! Thank You Ma?am!
Results Quick and Dirty
Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

ISW Other Champion Stinky the Homeless Guy vs. Flip
Former best friends Stinky and Flip fought to a no-contest.

Badd Boys (Chad Badd and Brad Badd) vs. 2.0 (Shane Matthews and Stupefied)
The Badd Boys double-pinned Shane Matthews in 2:04.

Beef Wellington vs. Twiggy
Beef pinned Twiggy after 11:06 with an assisted roll-up.

Alco-Brawl: Sexxxy Eddy vs. Giant Tiger
Sexxxy Eddy pinned Giant Tiger after 8:22 with a naked moonsault.

Moohammad, the Terrorist Cow vs. Steve
Steve forced Moohammad to tap in 7:20.

Moostafa vs. Maximus Preimal
Maximus pinned Moostafa with a power bomp after 4:30

Bamboo vs. M.V.P.
Bamboo won in 7:08.

Viking vs. Eddy Deadyet
Izzy won in 8:06.

ISW Title Match: ISW Champion Player Uno vs. ?Mr. Wrestling ? Kevin Steen
Player Uno defended his title forcing Kevin Steen to tap to the Sharpshooter in 12:21.

I will have full detailed ISW results ready to send out hopefully by tomorrow with the ROH results.


ROH Montreal
Card Quick and Dirty
Friday, April 17th, 2009
Centre Jean-Claude Mal?part, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Daizee Haze vs. LuFisto

Singles Action
Chris Hero vs. Franky The Mobster

Tag Team Action
The Necro Butcher & Delirious vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus

Four Corner Survival Match
Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong vs. Kenny Omega vs. Jay Briscoe

Grudge Tag Team Match
Colt Cabana & Brent Albright vs. Jimmy Rave & Claudio Castagnoli with Prince Nana

Grudge Match
Tyler Black vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Six Man Tag Team Main Event- Special Challenge Match
Kevin Steen & El Generico and Bryan Danielson vs. ROH World Tag Team Champions The American Wolves & Sylvain Grenier


ROH Montreal Preview

Ring of Honor had a great reception when they came to Montreal last fall and their return to Montreal looks to be no less exciting. Especially for local fans as Kevin Steen has been embroiled in a war of words and a battle of inflated egos with the colour commentator for the French weekly broadcast of TNA, Sylvain Grenier leading to a massive six man clash. The two men neither of them known for being shrinking violets clashed over which of the two was the better and the more popular wrestler in Quebec.

For his team, Kevin Steen chose another Montreal favourite son, El Generico along with ?The Best in the World? Brian Danielson.

On the other side of the ring, Sylvain Grenier has chosen to ally himself with the American Wolves, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. A good strategic move for Sylvain since the American Wolves just beat Steenerico for the ROH Tag Team titles.

On the other hand, Sylvain Grenier may not be prepared for how hated he is about to become for allying himself with two men who (from the perspective of most Quebec wrestling fans) stole the ROH Tag Team Titles from their hometown heroes. And on the gripping hand, Sylvain my also not be prepared for how heated the match may get as an enraged Kevin Steen leads a team with blood in their eyes against three men that they may respect, but definitely don?t like.

Other Montreal heroes will also be getting a chance to shine. The Super Smash Brothers, Player Uno and Stupefied will get another chance to impress ROH brass. Last fall, Stupefied so impressed ROH management in a four-way match in Montreal that he was immediately invited to bring his regular tag-team partner Player Uno to wrestle together the next night in Toronto where the two men did very well.

Many Quebec wrestling fans are of the opinion that Franky the Mobster is the one Quebec wrestler that could wrestle in any federation in the world. He will have his chance to prove that on Friday against ROH veteran Chris Hero. Hero is no stranger to Montreal, having fought Beef Wellington and the Green Phantom here and he will be a real challenge for Franky, but if the Mobster is known for anything it is raising his game to match that of his opponents. This match has every chance of being a real barn-burner.

The final Montreal hero getting her chance to shine is Lufisto facing off against Daizee Haze. Lufisto’s biggest disadvantage in this match might just be that Lufisto is so good that in many promotions she frequently wrestles against men. In fact, Lufisto has not only fought and beaten men, she has won title belts normally reserved for men including the CZW Ironman Title. Of course, this ?disadvantage? just means that Daizee Haze, one of the best female wrestlers in the world will be facing one of the best wrestlers in Canada.

Kenny Omega may hail from Winnipeg, but he was adopted by the fans from Montreal last fall. He will have the support of the local fans in his four-way match, but he will have his work cut out for him as he faces off against three of the best that ROH has to offer: Jay Briscoe, Roderick String and Austin Aries. Each of the men in this match has their own specialty: Kenny is the best high-flyer, Jay is the best brawler, Roderick has the best offence and all other things being equal, Austin Aries is probably the best wrestler one-on-one, which unfortunately for Austin this match most assuredly is not.

Also in action, Colt Cabana and Brent Albright will be facing off against the newly returned to ROH Prince Nana and his team of Jimmy Rave and Claudio Castagnoli. Both Colt and Brent have solid reasons to crush Nana’s new kingdom before he has a chance to replant his flag in ROH.

Of the entire ROH roster, the non-Canadian who most closely matches what Montreal fans want to see in the ring is Necro Butcher. They are looking forward to greeting the star of ?The Wrestler? as he teams with Delirious against two of the most annoying men in ROH, Rhett Titus and Kenny King.

Montreal has always been a wrestling Mecca with a taste for blood, making the grudge match between Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs perfect for this city. Montreal took an instant dislike to Jimmy Jacobs last fall and will be looking forward to watching Tyler Black kick his ass and the bloodier the better.

Ring of Honor comes to Montreal tomorrow, April 17th. 2633 Ontario East, by M?tro Frontenac starting at 8PM.


IWS Know Your Enemies Detailed Results

Please keep in mind that when this show happened we had no idea that TNA would reschedule their PPV and TV taping on the following Monday so some of the matches that were announced may end up changing or being postponed.

Know Your Enemies started with Lionel Knight and Kevin Watts bringing heavy-hitting brawling to bear in an attempt to ground the high-flying new warriors Mike ?Speedball? Bailey and Brian Corcoran. Originally, Lionel Knight was supposed to team with his long-time teammate Chris Bishop, but the hard-luck and injury-prone Chris Bishop was forced to cancel leading Lionel to recruit Nick Watts. Speedball and Corcoran while no match for Knight and Watts? strength and experience were able to use their greater cohesion as a team to get the win.

Alex Silva looks better and better every time I see him wrestle. He is built like a balding gorilla and he stood his ground against EXesS giving as good as he got. Unfortunately, what makes EXesS most dangerous especially to younger wrestlers is that if he can?t beat you with strikes, he switches straight to submission wresting, trapping Silva in a legal choke-hold.

With EXesS gloating over his latest victory, ?Heavy? Maxx Fury came out to accept EXesS? open challenge. The ensuing match was short but sweet as the two men traded both strikes and holds with the crowd chanting ?GSP? to cheer them on. The end was quick but brutal as Maxx escaped from a submission on the mat, got his arms free and was able to grab EXesS by the back of his head, drive EXesS’s head into the mat and get the quick pin on a stunned EXesS.

After the match, chronic poor sport EXesS attacked Maxx from behind, trapping him in a submission match and refusing to let go as IWS officials swarmed the ring. After being forced to relinquish his hold, EXesS prompted by the crowd chanting ?GSP? and ?Matt Sierra? challenged Maxx to an MMA match at the Medley.

IWS newest champion, Shayne Hawke joined with fan favourite Twiggy to take on the Super Smash Brothers. Give credit to the win both to Twiggy and Hawke’s hearts and their heads as they rallied from Stupefied and Player Uno’s team attack and then showed that they had done their advance scouting as Shayne Hawke took out Uno as Stupefied was prepping Twiggy for their double-team finisher. Hawke’s ambush on Uno gave Twiggy the chance to counter Stupefied into a flipping leveraged roll-up for the win.

After celebrating their victory, Twiggy challenged his own partner to a match at the Medley with Shayne Hawke’s Canadian Title on the line. Hawke accepted the challenge but reminded Twiggy that to win the belt, he had cracked EXesS? ribs and put the former champion in the hospital. ?If I was ready to do that to win this belt, are you ready for what I am prepared to do tokeep it?? asked Shayne Hawke to an undeterred Twiggy.

The IWS tag team champs, the Untouchables offered 2.0 a chance to place themselves at the front of the line to win back the IWS Tag Team Titles and go back to the Promised Land. All Shane Matthews and Stupefied had to do was win one of their two singles matches against the Untouchables and they would win a title match at the Medley. Unfortunately for fans of 2.0, Dan Paysan beat Shane Matthews while James Stone completed the sweep by beating Jagged.

In more revolting news, I lost a bet to James Stone that if he could beat Jagged that I would no longer refer to him as ?Jimmy? Stone. This makes two names changes forced on me at the IWS as Shane Matthews and I were served with papers restraining us from calling Brian Corcoran ?Cocknocker?.

PCO, to the delight of the crowd, made an appearance reminding fans that Kevin Nash cost PCO his job with the WWF after their last match in Montreal in 1995. Their match at the Medley will be PCO’s first chance to get his revenge, a match literally 14 years in the making.

With the Evil Ninja ducking the Green Phantom, our Hardcore Hero issued an open challenge answered by NCW Champion NovaCain. After a spirited brawl, NovaCain took out the IWS referee for what Nova saw as a slow count, leading to the replacement ref Yan to throw out the match.

Beef Wellington’s run at the IWS title and his reign as champion have been marked by two common themes: Beef wins and he wins with tactics that infuriate the fans including winning Fans Bring the Weapons by pinning Viking with ether and beating Manny in a Triple Hell Death Match with a sleeper hold.

Franky dominated their hardcore brawl that saw Beef destroyed with multiple chairs and a ladder. With a battered ladder in the corner and a ring filled with chairs, Beef just barely wriggled out of Franky’s grasp before Franky took his title with a match-ending choke power-bomb/ Instead. Beef escaped with a victory after ten consecutive low blows, ?One to match every year of the IWS. I am the IWS champion and I will stay the IWS Champion by any means necessary.?

This brought out a returning Manny to one side of the ring and the Green Phantom to the other as each man made their case to face Beef Wellington at the Medley. IWS President Nic Paterson put the kibosh on both of their challenges announcing that at the Medley, Beef Wellington would defend his title against Franky the Mobster, Kevin Steen and El Generico while PCP Crazy F?N many and the Green Phantom would face each other in an IWS Death Match.

The IWS proudly presents: X, Our Tenth Anniversary Show. Special guest is Big Sexy Kevin Nash! X takes place Saturday, May 30th, at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $35, Regular tickets are $25. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.ticketpro.ca or in person at the Medley box office. This is an all ages show. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to www.iwswrestling.com or write to Llakor@hotmail.com

PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling – Latest News and Gossip from the UK’s LOUDEST
wrestling promotion!!!


Power Trip Wrestling’s very own Sean Midnight has been drawing a lot of
media attention recently, both locally and nationally. An interview with
Sean, and PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth (with clips of Sean’s match on
March 14th in Houghton Regis); is going to be shown on Sky Digital Channel
539 – The Community Channel, and here are the details. It will be first
shown Monday 20 April at 8am (and it will be repeated from 2pm, 8pm, 2am
and 8am for throughout the week). ?Wicked!? is a documentary show for the
deaf, from the Community Channel. The Community Channel can be found on:
Sky 539 ? Virgin Media 233 ? Freeview 87. To visit the offical Wicked
website, go to www.bslbt.co.uk/wicked today! Here at PTW, we are very
proud of Sean, and of the example he gives; and the role model he proudly
is for the deaf community of the United Kingdom.


There’s now a solemn silence in the Power Trip Wrestling Offices. The man
in charge of Power Trip Wrestling, Petey Staniforth, is currently not in
the right frame of mind at all, and has actually just thrown down his
Clipboard and quite simply walked away. Why? When asked for a quote, we
can only give you word for emotional angry word; what he said. “What you
need to realise, is I sat in public at Kenilworth Road and cried my eyes
out alongside Dave-O when Luton were relegated. The Mad Hatters Clique sat
as ever, Block D, Row A, in the Kenny End….and my heart quite simply
broke. I saw a fairytale ending, but I guess that was the win at Wembley,
our last defiant stand; a day that will be in my heart forever. The FA got
their own way, they get their last laugh, as do the rest of the country.
And we’re now in the Blue Square Premier? BSP, huh? Well, it’s now time to
meet Blue Square Petey. And Power Trip Wrestling are just like Luton Town
FC. You might get your punch in, and you might get to knock us down. But
to keep us down, you’ll have to kill us. You can call us brave or stupid,
but our kind keep getting back up. Right now, I can’t promise you I’ll be
there on April 24th in Luton. Right now, unless I can find myself in the
next few days, I think someone else might have to take charge. Because at
the moment, my temper…isn’t in a good place at all”. What worries us at
the famous PTW Office, is that Petey hasn’t been seen for days and all
attempts to contact him have failed. It’s even got to the point that even
PTW’s good guys, who Petey has made the profesional life miserable of,
have tried to contact him. We saw the cracks appearing at the end of April
12th on the Isle of Sheppey, when he literally had nothing short of a
shouting down incident with one half of the PTW World Tag Team Champions,
Marcus Phayer, at the end of the show. Would he really miss a PTW show in
his hometown of Luton? What can possibly happen next….?!


PTW’s trip to the Isle of Sheppey on April 12th, was a successful one,
with all the fans loving the show; and everyone from the PTW wrestlers and
staff, to the fans there; are on a high for the return in July and August
on PTW’s Second Summer Tour. Of particular note, was the very impressive
PTW debut of Jimmy Havoc! The campsite shows are one of the factors that
makes Power Trip Wrestling just that little bit different from the rest,
and it’s something we at PTW are deeply appreciative and blessed to have
going on in our lives.


One match announced for April 24th at Icknield Primary School, in Luton;
is the mouthwatering clash between the former PTW World Champion, Marcus
Brash; and the former PTW Cruiserweight Champion, G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’
and his manager ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge. This has had the PTW fans,
wrestlers, and even the neutrals talking. Both are incredibly talented
wrestlers, with charisma, personality, and a high level of sheer
determination to win. Brash has recently embraced the support of the fans,
whilst late last year, G decided he no longer cared about them and felt
they were holding him back from greater things. In a match where it’s so
hard to pick a winner, could that perhaps be the deciding factor?


You can now join PTW on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ptwwrestling today!
And of course, there’s the PTW Official Website at
www.powertripwrestling.co.uk, and the PTW MySpace account at
www.myspace.com/power_trip_wrestling, and right now it’s never been easier
to keep up with ‘The Pride of Bedfordshire’ – Power Trip Wrestling!!