PTW sent this in:

RESULTS: Power Trip Wrestling, Sun 12th April 2009, Isle of Sheppey!

What an afternoon! As loud as only Power Trip Wrestling can be….that’s
the only way to sum it up. Here’s the results from the show, in front of a
very rowdy and enthusiastic approximate 200 fans in attendance.

* The show started with the now seemingly customary egotistical rant of
one PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth, who clearly as ever, was not too
thrilled to be back at the seaside. After asking how many people in the
crowd were supporters of Premiership football teams, he took it on himself
to start criticising all of those who put their hands up, pointing out
that a week prior he was at Wembley with his beloved Luton Town FC; and
how they’d won the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. Clearly in the mood for
controversy, and quite possibly provoked by a small chant of “Seaside”, he
said that the wrestler to whom they were referring to by nickname would
never in this lifetime be seen back in Power Trip Wrestling; and that he
was easily replaced by a higher level of talent anyway, and was not even
remotely missed as there is no room for any other ego in PTW bar his own.
Petey followed this by stating that whilst he got the football result he
wanted last week, the fans at the campsite wouldn’t see any results that
they wanted to see; as he and Dan Edge were running the show. Petey
introduced Dan Edge to a chorus of booing, and they stated how they were
in charge, and no fans or any “of the boys in the back” could do anything
about it. This brought out Tiffany Wantsmore, and a shocking display of
sexism from Staniforth and Edge. Petey made reference to the fact he
believes Tiffany should be “in front of a kitchen sink, and should be a
good girl and go get him a drink”, and many other comments we do not
consider suitable to print here. This lead Tiffany to challenge, believe
it or not, Petey Staniforth, to a MATCH. Of course, Petey wouldn’t accept
this, and offered her a match with Dan Edge instead; and the challenge was
made for later on the show.

* Tommy Stevens w/Petey Staniforth defeated ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes

* Jay ‘The Dragon’ Wyles & Prevelance defeated Rabbi Wolvie & Harry Pocalypse

* Chris Midas defeated Sean Midnight in a very heated match up, which
included serious crowd heat towards Midas; and a rousing ovation after his
loss for Sean Midnight from the crowd.

* In a major contender for match of the afternoon, Exodus defeated Jimmy
Havoc, which shockingly even saw Havoc taking flight from the top of the
wood beams above the gentlemans toilets!

* Dan Edge w/Petey Staniforth defeated Tiffany Wantsmore. Rather
atypically, the win was not clean, Tiffany gained some measure of revenge
for Petey’s sexist remarks (which are most certainly not approved of by
Power Trip Wrestling as a company), when for the second show in a row, she
hit him with a forearm blow to the jaw, and also whipped him into Dan Edge
in the corner; leading Edge to fall forwards and headbutt Staniforth in
what he later termed in a high pitched voice as “his favourite body part”.
As you’d imagine, the crowd found this hilarious, and one of the best
moments of the show to see Petey get some comeuppance for once. A vicious
steel Clipboard shot to Tiffany Wantsmore’s head was a deciding factor in
Edge’s victory, as sadly, a lack of morals and ethics prevailed.

* Diavolo defeated James Dahmer in what was a fast paced and exciting
match up.

* With the PTW World Tag Team Titles on the line, The F N’P – Francesco &
Marcus Phayer (c) defeated G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’ & Del Rico w/ their
managers Petey Staniforth & Dan Edge. Heated words were traded before and
after the match between Petey and Marcus Phayer, as tempers were at a
boiling point. With the champions retaining their titles, this reached a
literal shouting match afterwards, leading to Phayer conducting a chant of
“na, na, na, na…goodbye”, as Petey Staniforth threw nothing less than a
tantrum, screaming of how Power Trip Wrestling was “his business, his
company, his promotion”, and that one thing to be sure was that he would
be doing everything within his power and means to be getting the PTW World
Tag Team Titles away from The F N’P.

Power Trip Wrestling’s next show is Friday April 24th, at Icknield Primary
School, in Luton; and it is a fundraising show for the school. Visit for more details.