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Note: they recently had TNA’s Showtime Eric Young and Beautiful Eaton. An interesting note: Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Golden Boy Greg Anthony w/ Brian Thompson formed the new tag team of Midnight Gold on March 28th event.

Also a newspaper clip that didn’t mention the promotion for doing a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Cape Girardeau, MO which was sponsored by the Army Nation Guard.


For the WWCW Wrestling Academy tryouts:

WWCW Open Academy tryouts on May 3rd in Kennett, MO
WWCW Wrestling will return to Kennett, MO on May 3rd at 2PM at the American Legion Building. Open tryouts to attend the WWCW Wrestling training academy will begin at 12PM until 1:30PM.

You must be 18 years old or older with proof of ID. You will need to come dressed for physical testing. You will want to wear comfortable clothing because this testing will be strenuous.

All positions will be viewed from Wrestler, Referee, Ring Announcers, Valet, Managers and WWCW Company staffing positions.

Company positions will be from strong knowledge of Marketing, Audio and Video editing, and various other oppertunities within WWCW. For more information email to talentrelations@wwcwwrestling.com .

WWCW will be adding street teams, and is accepting all volunteer work as well. There is great advantages of volunteering for WWCW. For more info email to info@wwcwwrestling.com.