Michael Petkovich sent this in:

April 7th, 2009: On Saturday, March 28th, at a convention in Allentown, PA, a major announcement was made concerning the original hardcore superstars of the now-defunct original ECW crew. Unfortunately, as many of you may already know; it has finally been brought to our attention that there is a major scheduling conflict with the November 7th date? of which Shane Douglas was NOT made aware of until a few days after his announcement. All of us here at Team Franchise are working rather diligently to negotiate, reschedule and resolve the entire scheduling conflict as soon as humanly possible. Douglas explained, “I felt in my heart that we needed to get the gang back together, one last time, while we still can, for our fans who have kept all of this alive for each of us.? Shane Douglas, the first talent announced for the event explained that all of the information for the event will eventually be distributed through the official web site:
www.finalchairshot.com. THIS SHOW WILL GO ON!

Shane Douglas was rather candid about the event, ?These wrestlers are immune to anything that isn?t hard-hitting, full-throttle hardcore wrestling.? Douglas said that he accepted the open invitation Nite Owl Productions to help organize the upcoming event. He noted that he had been enticed, to “help out” with the event, because of the numerous prospects made available through Nite Owl Production’s wealth of contacts. “This company can help take this product to places which were never before available to us”, said the former champion. Douglas continued, “Although we had success with Hardcore Homecoming in 2005, this event promises to offer our fans far more edginess as well as hard-hitting, gut-wrenching action, thanks to Nite Owl’s various entertainment industry connections? and there really is no substitute for integrity.?

Originally conceived back in the fall of 2008, N2R was actually slated to be held on, or near, the anniversary date of the first Hardcore Homecoming, June 10th. However, after Francine, Douglas’ beautiful valet during his championship reigns announced that she was going to hold a charity event to raise funds for the American Cancer Society; it was decided to move the event to the fall. When asked about the event, Douglas said, “We wanted to show our full support for Franny’s event and cause by moving our event, so as to not hinder either show’s chances for success”. Douglas also noted that, as Hardcore’s version of a “Wrestlemania”, N2R would better serve to give the legendary hardcore company, a one of a kind finale worthy of the legacy the fans themselves have created. ?Our fans are passionate and uncompromising?, Douglas said. ?They expect more and that’s what we are always prepared to give them.?

“N2R? The Final Chairshot” promises to deliver even more hard-hitting, non-stop and radical action witnessed at “Hardcore Homecoming” back in 2005. It will be the very last time this “band of misfits”, that systematically altered the entire American wrestling scene forever, will be on the same card. Nite Owl Productions? goal in promoting the event is two-fold: Number 1. Provide the fans with the grand finale they deserve for their unbelievably dedicated support, and Number 2. Give the stars of the original ECW one final stage to push all of the boundaries and take their well-deserved bows. In closing, Shane wanted to let all of the fans know that this event, like Hardcore Homecoming ?05, will be professionally filmed for later release and that several of the fans will play a major role in the film itself. ?These fans have been the pulse, the core element of the entire hardcore wrestling genre; they?re a movement, a turbulent force that
feeds/inspires all of us? so this is our gift to each and every last one of them.?