PWR wrestler who lit himself on fire during match suspended by the promotion

James "IDOL" Martinez

Philippine Wrestling Revolution(PWR) announced on Wednesday on their official Facebook page, that they have suspended James “Idol” Martinez from active competition, following injuries he sustained during their “Wrevolution X 2018” event on May 20th.

During the match, Martinez would set his back on fire for a high spot outside of the ring from the turnbuckle, but as he came down, he remained on fire, as opposed to the flames going out as expected.

He ran to the back, and later came back out to complete the match, with noticeable burn marks on his back. The injuries were described as being largely minor, but he is still not cleared to return to the ring by PWR.

There was quite a few videos of the incident on YouTube for a few days following the event, but most of those videos have now been pulled.

The full text of their announcement from their Facebook Page:

“Philippine Wrestling Revolution (“PWR”) would like to officially announce the suspension of James “Idol” Martinez from active competition due to events that transpired during his match at Wrevolution X 2018 last 20 May 2018, which resulted in injuries to Mr. Martinez.

PWR is committed to providing the safest possible environment for its performers, personnel, and audience members. Any factor that could endanger them will be treated with the utmost seriousness and importance.

PWR wishes Mr. Martinez a speedy recovery.”