Mike Petkovich sent this in:

AAW’s 5th Anniversary is in the books and a sold out, capacity crowd was treated to one of the most exciting nights in AAW history.

– Show starts with a promo backstage with Krotch and his sister Nikki smoothing things over after Krotch mistakenly hit Nikki two months ago. Danny Daniels barges in and promises victory in the battle royal and the final four. Marek Brave interrupts and tells Daniels he is only here tonight to visit friends and Daniels is not one of them. Daniels convinces Brave to enter the battle royal as well.

– Jim Lynam hits the ring and thanks the fans for 5 great years. Dave Prazak and Keith Walker come out demanding to know who Walker’s opponent will be in the Final Four qualifier. Jim introduces AAW alumni Jay Bradley and he and Walker have a stare down.

– Egotistico Fantastico d. Trik Davis, CJ Esparza, Nick Brubaker, Brett Gakiya, Knight Wagner to qualify for the Final Four

Very Exciting match to kick off the show that featured bodies flying everywhere. Ego got the win on Trik with an “Ego Driver”.

– Chandler McClure won a 20 man Battle Royal to qualify for the Final Four

It came down to McClure and Krotch with Nikki seemingly trying to help her brother pull Chandler out of the ring only to pull Krotch off the apron giving Chandler the win.

*Promo from the Phoenix Twins backstage saying they respected Shane and Mdogg but tonight they were going to prove why they are the top tag team in indy wrestling.

– Jay Bradley d. Keith Walker w/ Dave Prazak via a lariat

These two picked up right where they left off in 2005 going right at each other nose to nose. In the final moments Walker hit Bradley with a top rope hurricanrana but Bradley recovered and hit a huge lariat to hold the Human Massacre down for the three count. An unreal big man match. Bradley advanced to the Final Four.

The Phoenix Twins and Shane Hollister/Mdogg20 wrestled to a 25 minute time limit draw. The Twins retain the AAW Tag Titles

Unbelievable tag team match. Four guys laying it all on the line for 20 minutes and then a five minute overtime. A must see match. The fans gave all four men a standing ovation as the overtime period expired and they all shook hands in the center of the ring.

– Silas Young/Dan Lawrence d. American History Next (Stone/Blaze) w/ Truth Martini

Martini came out saying he paid AHN to take out Young and Lawrence. The “Party Danimal” had a successful return to in ring
action and Silas pinned Blaze with a springboard moonsault.


Tyler Black d. Chandler McClure in 30 seconds after McClure took the mic claiming tonight was his night. Black hit a superkick for the quick pinfall.

Jay Bradley then injured his knee minutes into the match and had to be escorted from ringside leaving Tyler vs Ego.

Tyler Black d. Ego Fantastico with “Gods Last Gift”.

A back and forth contest as the first ever AAW champ took on the current champ. Black took a beating but hit the small package driver to seemingly retain the title.


As soon as Black pinned Ego, Bradley returned with Dave Prazak showing his knee injury was a hoax and he hit Tyler with a big lariat to become the seventh man to hold the AAW Heavyweight Title. Bradley and Prazak celebrated as the fans were in shock.

* After the match McClure returned crying about not getting a fair shake. ERIC PRIEST came out and disposed of McClure as the crowd erupted. Priest told the fans there was no way he was missing the AAW 5th year Anniversary party and he proposed a toast to all the fans.

Jimmy Jacobs d. Ryan Boz in an “I Quit” Match

Another wild, bloody brawl between these two. The end saw Jacobs duct tape Boz’s hands and feet to the ropes and attack his groin with a metal spike causing Boz to give up.

What a wild night and what a great celebration of AAW past, present and future. Thanks to all who came out tonight.

AAW returns to Berwyn, IL on Friday May 1st, kicking off a triple shot weekend of wrestling with Shimmer.

AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined

Friday May 1st
Berwyn Eagles Club
6309 W. 26th St.
Berwyn, IL

Doors Open at 7:15pm
$15.00 Front Row
$15.00 Owner’s Box
$10.00 General Admission
$1.00 Beers at the bar




AAW Heavyweight Championship Match
“The Asskicker” Jay Bradley w/Dave Prazak
“Classic” Colt Cabana

Non-Title Match
Arik Cannon vs. Tyler Black

The AAW Debut of Johnny Gargano


AAW Tag Team Champions: The Phoenix Twins
Jimmy Jacobs
Silas Young
Danny Daniels
Shane Hollister
Ryan Boz
The Northstar Express

More to be announced….


Aaron Patton sent this in:

World Class Extreme Wrestling
and Harvest Ministries Presents…
“When They Fall”
Saturday Night, March 28th
@ The Harvest Ministries Outreach Center
Wadesboro North Carolina (1134 East Caswell St.)

The office of WCEW would first like to thank all the fans that came out and packed the HMOC. A special thanks goes out to the Webb Family for catering the lockerroom with some GREAT BarBQ. Also, we would like to apologize to the fans for the many cancelations due to Injuries, Family emergencies and honestly just some unprofessionalism….

* In a match of WCEW Newcomers, “The Modern Day Legend” Kronik Defeated “Momma’s Boy” Ken Shirt…

* WCEW Heavyweight Champion “The One and Only” Tracy Gilbert came out and told the fans that his schedule opponent, Dr Love was unable to make the event due to unknown reasons and that he was giving himself the night off. Former WCEW Heavyweight Champion, Aaron Devil then came ringside and instructed Gilbert that Commissioner Knight was also unable to attend the event but to assure law and order at the event called and made him, Aaron Devil the Interm Commissioner for the night and that he would find a suitable replacement before the nights main event…

* The Dynamite Diva Defeated Kristin Flake…

* “The Texas Marshall’s” Cowboy Cletus Bass & Cory Duncum Defeated Jay Steele & Skull…

* WCEW ThunderGirls Champion Fantasia Defeated Constance by Submission to a Torture Rack, After the match Fantasia continued the beatdown on Constance until Dynamite Diva made the save…

* Team A.T.& T.’s Akeem Knox Defeated Shaq Knox in the first ever meeting of the two feuding brothers…

* Cade Sydal Defeated Justin Duke in a thrilling Cruiserweight Battle. After the match, Team A.T.& T.’s T Roy Jones viciously attacked Sydal until security sent Jones to the lockerroom…

* Stephen B Esquire and J Prep then came out to the ring and The Extreme Champion Esquire said he had a Doctor’s note stating he was unable to wrestle therefore could not defend his championship. JackHammer then came out and said he wanted a match and he wanted it now. Interm Commissioner Devil then made his second ruling of the night stating that if Jackhammer Defeated J Prep he would receive a Extreme Title match in 2 weeks at WCEW’s return to HMOC. Much to the delight of the fans Jackhammer Defeated Prep with a frog splash and will now go on to April 11th for a title match with Esquire…

* Hangtime won the 6 Pack Challenge (Featuring Hangtime, Anthony, Eric Adams, DZ Hyde, Sweet Steven Stifler and T Roy Jones) last Defeating “The Rising Star” Brice Anthony and will receive a WCEW Heavyweight Title match on April 11th. (T Roy was eliminated after Cade Sydal came out and attacked him and they fought to the lockerroom resulting in T Roy being counted out)…

* In The LAST CHANCE MATCH, Styxx Defeated “The Michigan Assassin” Bobby Wohlfert in a Ladder Match to win the WCEW New Class Title. This match was a PERFECT way to end the feud between these two warriors as they both gave it their bodies and blood to be the match of the night…

* WCEW Heavyweight Champion “The One and Only” Tracy Gilbert Defeated “SuperStar” Johnny Atlas in another exciting title defense by Gilbert, which of course was tainted by interference from his Money Clip team mates Juang Lo, J Prep and Stephen B Esquire. After the match, The Money Clip attacked Atlas until Hangtime made the save and told the crowd on April 11th there will be a new WCEW Champion!

***** Notes: Return date to HMOC is April 11th.. Already Signed: WCEW Heavyweight Title Match Gilbert VS Hangtime, Extreme Title Match Esquire VS Jackhammer…