MWF Insider sent this in:

Through March 31st, order the legendary Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview I DVD (2004, as heard on the Howard Stern Show) or the classic II (2008, called “the best Sheik interview ever” by Black Machismo Jay Lethal) and get a FREE autographed color photo of The Iron Sheik himself. Order both and save $5 along with the free photo!

* * * * *

Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation – It’s On!
Friday, March 27th, 2009

* * * * *
Meet The WWE Hall of Famer LIVE In Sin City At The CAC Reunion
Autographs – Posed Studio Photos – Iron Sheik Merchandise Galore!
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 only! – Gold Coast Casino – Las Vegas, NV – 12PM-5PM
Presented by JBL’s Layfield Energy

NOTE: there is no charge to enter the Cauliflower Alley Club convention – visit the link above for different pricing packages for The Iron Sheik. The CAC is a non-profit organization and this appearance is part of their annual reunion. For more info on the CAC, visit

* * * * *

Check out the all new look to MWF President John Cena Sr.’s official web-site now! Videos, columns, news, booking information and more! Mr. Cena has a lot to say about his violent altercation with JBL and The Uprising, check out the video and his thoughts now!

Houston, Texas hotels required the Pepin’s to have a credit card to book a hotel room for their WrestleMania trip we’ve been raising money for. However, thanks to Billy Graham, WWE, John Cena Sr. and Dan Mirade, we’ve come up with a plan to get the Pepin’s to WWE Backlash in Providence, RI April 26th! Click the link below to get the scoop and get raffle tickets to win an autographed WWE Magazine by Batista & JBL, along with a personal phone call from MWF President John Cena Sr. himself!

* * * * *

The MWF’s Dan Mirade has been taking JBL’s Layfield Energy drink for over a month now and has written a detailed column on the effects on the energy drink that’s revolutionizing the genre:

Check out the first video footage from the March MWF Xtra program where John Bradshaw Layfield & his Uprising members “Slyck” Wagner Brown and “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa confront and attack President Cena on the loading dock at MWF Headquarters:

March 1st, 2009 will go down as one of the wildest days in the history of the Millennium Wrestling Federation. WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield called for a meeting with the MWF Board of Directors prior to our television tapings, where “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa was reinstated from his suspension last fall, two athletes were release from their Uprising contracts, JBL bought the naming rights to the Franklin D. Churchill Cup tournament and more!

Later in the night, JBL joined Dan Mirade for a 50+ minute interview in studio on the March MWF ULTRA program, discussing the origins of Layfield Energy, JBL’s WWE and WrestleMania history, his plans for the MWF, even an Iron Sheik story! Cameras were waiting for John Cena Sr. to get his reaction to the board meeting prior to taping MWF Xtra, but he was met by JBL, “Slyck” Wagner Brown and Tommaso Ciampa. Things got violent in a hurry:

Check out the final episode of MWF television of 2008 when WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield joins MWF Xtra: The John Cena Sr. Show live from the WWE Raw event at Madison Square Garden December 28th! Get the lowdown on JBL’s new Layfield Energy Drink and a behind the scenes look at the annual Tributes To The Troops event. Then, a cordial conversation gets out of control as Dan Mirade talks about a business meeting the two had at Survivor Series in Boston when Cena Sr. attempted to invest in Layfield Energy. JBL unleashes on Cena, saying he’s going to buy both Sr. and Jr., and that his Layfield Energy company had purchased the contractual rights to Mr. Cena’s rivals in The Uprising faction (“Slyck” Wagner Brown, Tommaso Ciampa, “Future Legend” Luke Robinson, J-Busta, etc.). All this and more in 30 minutes you don’t want to miss, available 24/7 on-line!

WWE superstar JBL’s new Layfield Energy drink is taking the energy drink world by storm! Layfield Energy is in a class by itself and ready to hit retail stores nationally very soon. But, if you act now you can get six FREE bottles of the drink at – check out the commercial at the link below:

Last month at Survivor Series in Boston, WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield met with MWF President John Cena Sr. about Cena investing in JBL’s Layfield Energy company. Last night on MWF Xtra, live from Madison Square Garden at the Raw live event, JBL joined Cena Sr. and Dan Mirade via telephone where a cordial talk about pro wrestling turned into a verbal beating on Cena, with JBL declaring that he has purchased The Uprising group in the Millennium Wrestling Federation. That’s right, “Slyck” Wagner Brown, Tommaso Ciampa, “Future Legend” Luke Robinson, J-Busta, etc. are now under contract to JBL and Layfield Energy. Check out this big interview on-line this week!

* * * * *

“Sudden Impact” Dylan Kage is back with another video for Valentine’s Day, talking about how he helped cause “Hollywood” Ron Robinson’s second stroke:

The late Franklin D. Churchill was inducted into the Hall of Fame this past November, but now the psychotic Dylan Kage has released a tape that he and Paul Bearer uncovered from the Churchill Estate. Kage’s deranged “home videos” continue here:

The psychotic “MWF stalker” Dylan Kage is back with another video describing how he and his evil mentor Paul Bearer hired a drunk driver that nearly killed The Iron Sheik, Dan Mirade and Commissioner Von Johnson in August 2005. You have to hear this to believe how sick Kage is.

Take a look at “Sudden Impact” Dylan Kage’s shocking video admission that he and the legendary Paul Bearer masterminded the MWF “Stalker” plot. . .and what surprises do they have in store for the fans and superstars of the Millennium Wrestling Federation next??

* * * * *

This past Friday, featured an article on the Millennium Wrestling Federation’s Call To Action Campaign, the first time the MWF has been featured on World Wrestling Entertainment’s official web-site:

The Millennium Wrestling Federation rocked Salem, MA with the Special Olympics and is looking to team up with other non-profit organizations in 2009 to bring live professional wrestling to your town! For more, check out:

* * * * *

Visit The BOSTONWRESTLING.COM Supersite Today! – the official on-line home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation & the history of wrestling in Boston / New England web-site – the official web-site of John Cena Sr. – the official web-site of WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik – the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling – the official web-site of Dan Mirade

Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Sunday, Mar 22 2009

Independent Pro Wrestling – IPW
“March Mayhem”

Brantford, Ontario
J’s Place
Ring Announcer: Greg “The Hammer” Boddam
Referees: Pistol Pete, Bryan Renda
Results credit:

1) Amy Victory def “Anti Diva” Kaitlyn Diemond and Jodi D’Milo in a 3-way match. [4 min]

2) 6 Man Elimination Tag Match:
Primo Scordino, Zakk Atticus & Ice def James Masterson, “Every Ladies Dream” Marc Kreiger & Maximo [14 min]
00:00:55 – Krieger eliminates himself by countout
00:06:30 – Atticus pinned by Maximo
00:06:40 – Maximo pinned by Ice
00:11:10 – Ice pinned by Masterson
00:14:00 – Masterson pinned by Primo

-Last Call With Jay Moore
“Infamous” Jay Moore & Troy Buchanan came to the ring and after going on about partying and living the high life they eventually got around to insulting Brantford and then reigning Pier 6 Wrestling heavyweight champion Sick Rik Matrix. At that point Matrix showed up and basically said he was going to kick the crap out of Buchanan later in the show. Matrix was noticeably favoring an injured leg.

3) “Big Rig” Brodie Lee def Unknown [3 min]
Brodie came to the ring and started getting into it with fans. One fan challenged Brodie and the “Big Rig” invited him into the ring and beat the crap out of him. The guy did get some offense in and while a fan at this show is not a total novice to the ring as he is a student of Ron Falco and Colin Delany in Upstate New York. Falco was Brodie’s scheduled opponent and he showed up and attacked Lee after this ‘match’ had ended.

4) Ron Falco def “Big Rig” Brodie Lee in a Street Fight [6 min]

5) IPW Heavyweight Championship:
“Every Ladies Dream” Marc Kreiger def “Go Time” Chris Laplante to win the title [13 min]
Laplante’s scheduled opponent Nick Paradise was a no-show due to injury and Krieger was given the match. He pinned Laplante after “Infamous” Jay Moore ran to the ring, grabbed the title belt and waffled Laplante with it.

6) “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang def Rip Impact [10 min]

7) Pier 6 Wrestling Heavyweight Championship:
Sick Rik Matrix def Troy Buchanan w/ “Infamous” Jay Moore to retain the title [22 min]

8) Title vs Title:
Pier 6 Wrestling champion Sick Rik Matrix def “Every Ladies Dream” Marc Krieger to win the IPW heavyweight Championship [5 sec]
Krieger came out right after the Matrix, Buchanan match and challenged Sick Rik to a title vs title match. Matrix agreed and as soon as Krieger entered the ring he snared him in an STF and forced the submission in 5 seconds.

Saturday, Mar 21 2009

Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling – FSPW

Wellend, Ontario
Club Social
Results credit:

1) FSPW Internet Championship:
Crazy Steve def Tyler Tirva w/ Jessy Jones to win the title. [12 min]
Match began after a promo by Jessy about the disease ridden populace of Wellend. Lots of stalling by Tirva at the start. Jones was sent to the back after blatantly interfering in the match. Lots of great back and forth once Tirva and Steve got down to it in earnest. End came when the ref got bumped during Steve’s attempted DVD on Tirva, who escaped the move and grabbed Steve. Jones ran back to the ring and from the apron, threw a handful of powder toward Steve but he ducked and Tirva took it in the face instead. Steve bit Jessy in the face and the rotund manager fell to the floor. By the time he stood up his boy Tirva was an ex champion.

-Fans were told in a special announcement that the one judged loudest during the show would win the chance to go backstage and meet all the FSPW wrestlers

2) Primo Scordino w/ Krazy Chris Kramer def Jeremy Elliott w/ Gary Gambino [2 min]
Prior to the bout Kramer and Primo came to the ring and Kramer said that he’d tried to make ammends with his father Gary Gambino after the last show but his dad threw him through a window. Primo said it just showed the character of Gambino that he would do such a thing to his own son after sending a bald headed loser like Elliott do do a man’s job. Elliott and Gambino showed up and Primo attacked Elliott before the bell. Jeremy did get some offense in but Primo cut him off with a big knee to the gut and grabbed Elliott’s kendo stick. The ref and Primo argued as Gambino snuck into the ring behind the Italian. Scordino pushed the ref aside and went to hit Elliott with the kendo but Gambino grabbed it and yanked it away from him. Gambino then surprised eveyone by cracking Elliott in the head with the stick. Primo covered him and the ref counted 3. Kramer, Gambino and Scordino all left together while fans and a pissed Jeremy Elliott wondered just what the hell happened.

3) Kono def “Whitey” Kris White [1 min]
White and the All Japan star began in a striking stance with Kris landing the first blow, a jab to the chest of his much taller opponent. Kono responded with a straight right to the eye that dropped White to the canvas and sent him rolling to the outside to clear his head. (The punch gave White an ugly black eye) When Kris climbed back in the ring Kono met him with knee stikes to the gut and chest before taking him to the mat and forcing a tapout to an armbar.

4) 6-Person Intergender Tag Match:
Krystal Banks & The Davis Brothers (Andrew & Bruno) def Holly Hilton & The Warriors (Josh Alexander & Mike Rollins) [11 min]
Crazy brawl started as Davis Brothers and Krystal entered ring while the ref was outside putting the Warriors’ tag belts on the timekeeper’s table. (The starting bell never actually rang) All 6 fought with the women quickly being smashed. Krystal was brutally powerbombed by Josh Alexander and Bruno carried her to the back. That left Andrew to fend for himself against Rollins and Alexander while Hilton recuperated on the apron. When Bruno returned it was 2 against 3 but most of Holly’s attempts at offense against them was laughable enough to make her a non-factor. Despite that, Rollins and Alexander were able to isolate and beat down Andrew for much of the match. Bruno finally got the tag and cleaned house. Rollins was spilled over the ropes and Alexander knocked down and outside as well. Andrew gave Holly and airplane spin then bulldogged his brother onto her after she fell to the mat. Alexander and Rollins both returned to the ring, Josh with one of the tag title belts. He swung at Andrew but missed and hit Rollins instead. After the pinfall Hilton and the Warriors attacked again and managed to tape Andrew’s wrists to the turnbuckle. They then beat Bruno into a sickingly bloody mess while fans screamed for help that never arrived. When the Warriors and Hilton finally left the ring Andrew was freed by officials and challenged the Warriors to a Street Fight at the next show on Apr 18th.

-During Intermission Crazy Steve was out with other stars signing autographs and meeting fans when Jessy Jones and Tyler Tirva entered the ring. Jones got on the mic and began screaming at Steve that Tirva wanted a rematch. Steve wasn’t interested until Jones said that if he managed to beat Tirva, not only would he retain the title but he would get 5 minutes alone with Jones in the ring to do (or bite) whatever he wanted. Steve agreed to those terms.

5) Tyson Dux def Sebastian Suave [13 min]
Lots of stalling from Suave before and after the bell.Good match and while Dux seemed to delight in frustrating and countering Suave’s offense for much of the bout he still very much had a fight on his hands and Sebastian held his own against the veteran. Suave went for his pedigree a number of times before finally hitting it but Dux kicked out. The end came shortly after after Tyson blocked Suave’s attempt to launch an assault from the ropes, won an exchange of strikes and nailed his Brain Buster for the win.

6) The Piss Beaters (Jake O’Reilly & Anthony Darko) def JT Playa & Brent Banks [14 min]
Great back and forth action and tons of crowd pops in this one as Playa and the debuting Banks used a number of high flying moves to counter the Piss Beaters’ brawling cheating ways… the biggest of which was for Banks’ Playa-launched top-rope ‘rana on O’Reilly in mid-match. When they tried that move again later Jake blocked the ‘rana and Darko flattened Playa before dropkicking Banks in the chest as Jake held him upside down against the buckles. Fans gave Playa and Banks a rousing ovation after the match despite their winding up on the losing end.

7) 12 Man Battle Royal For #1 Contendership to FSPW Championship:
Winner: Kono [7 min]
Other participants: Kris White, Reck, Atlantis, Jeremy Elliott, Tyler Tirva w/ Jessy Jones, Primo Scordino w/ Gary Gambino, JT Playa, Josh Alexander, Mike Rollins, Kajida, Andrew Davis.
Final 4 were Davis, Playa, Scordino and Kono (who had spent much of the bout just avoiding any action unless it came to him.) Playa and Scordino eliminated each other in a hard spill leaving Davis and Kono to fight it out. Andrew managed to airplane spin Kono but when he tried to drop him over the top he also tumbled out. Kono grabbed the ropes and avoided hitting the floor to win the match and the #1 Contender spot.

8) FSPW Championship:
Brad Martin def Phil Atlas w/ Jessy Jones & Tyler Tirva to win the title [20 min]
Great match that saw Jones and Tirva sent to the back quickly by the ref leaving Atlas and Martin to handle things alone. Good back and forth with both guys giving and receiving tons of punishment. Martin was in control late in the match and up on the corner ropes when Jones ran out to interfere by grabbing his foot. Martin kicked Jones to the floor then superplexed Atlas off the top. Tirva ran out and pulled the ref from the ring and knocked him cold during the pinfall. Martin grabbed him and nailed him with a TKO but was then crunched by Atlas. Jones tossed Atlas his title belt and although he missed with his first swing he connected with the next and Martin went down. Jones and Tirva grabbed Martin as Atlas stood ready to hit him again but Brad fought free, knocked Tirva and Jones flying and planted a surprised Atlas as another ref ran into the ring and counted the 3 awarding the match and the title to Martin.

Steven Ashe also sent these notes in:

Friday, April 24th, 2009
Bell Time 7pm
East Shore Community Centre
910 Liverpool Rd South
Pickering, ON

..::Match Listing::..

Cody 45 vs. Tyler Tirva vs. Corey Mason

Masayuki Kono vs. Mike Rollins

“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde vs. “Textbook” Tyson Dux

The Flatliners vs. Checkmate

Cat Power vs. TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde

Kris Chambers vs. James Champagne

Plus, a new segment called “The Champagne Room” with James Champagne

BSE Pro Wrestling Presents A Night of “KRYME”
Sunday, May 10th
Scugog Arena, Port Perry, ON

3:00pm bell time


Suicide Six Pack Championship ELEIMINATION Match
Xtremo (c) vs Ash vs Marcus “The Great” Marquez
vs Kris Chambers vs Don Paysan vs Pierre Protege

Big Brian Youngblood vs Joe Doering vs All Japan’s KONO

“TNA Superstar and American Gladiator” MATT MORGAN

Returning to BSE Pro after a long hiatus, one half of Beer Money Inc. ROBERT ROODE


And… the in-ring return of the man who had the name
“Kryme Time” BEFORE the WWE Tag Team!

Listen to KrymeeTime talk about this show on 94.9 The Rock!

We are proud to support Cancer research with this event.

Featuring a live performance by Starsik

Keep checking for ticket information, as well as more names to be announced!

BSE Pro and Porcupine Big Brothers and Big Sisters Present: RUPTURE
May 2nd, 2009
Bell Time 6pm
Theriault High School Gym
341 Theriault Blvd.
Timmins, Ontario

..::Match Listing::..

Main Event:
Tyson Dux vs El Tornado in a Timmins first, Bull Rope Match

Petey Williams vs Xtremo

Marcus “The Great” Marquez vs (Making his Timmins Return) Ash

Josh “One Take” Taylor vs Kris Chambers

Franky The Mobster and Don Payson vs Assault & Battery

Tracy Brooks vs “Au Naturelle” Kely Couture

“The Vanilla Killa” James Champagne vs Pierre Protege

“Battle of the Titans”
All Japan’s Kono vs BSE’s Big Brian Youngblood

$20 VIP
$15 GA
New for this event!
Family Package (2 adults, 2 children) 4 GA tickets for $50

Ticket Sale Locations:

* The Book Bin
* Wicked Stuff
* The Daily Press
* Inferno Bar and Lounge
* The Windsor Tavern

BSE Pro Wrestling visits Lively, ON
Sunday, May 3rd
Tom Davies Community Centre

3:00pm bell time

**Matches Announced**

Triple Threat Championship Tag Match
The All-Starters (c) vs. Assault & Battery vs. The Suicide Kidz

Lumber Jack Match
Sudbury’s own El Tornado vs. Pierre Protege

International Superstar Tyson Dux vs. The Crafty James Champagne

Jake O’Reilly & Otis Idol vs. Franky the Mobster & Don Paysan

Sebastian Suave vs. Big Brian Youngblood

Kobra Kai vs. Crazy Steve

All Proceeds to the Lively Hawks Football and Athletic Association

Ring side tickets – $15.00
Stands – $10.00

Ticket info and sponsors to follow

BSE Pro Xtreme Threat
Saturday, May 9th, 2009
Bell Time 3pm
Terry Miller Rec Centre, Brampton, ON

Triple Threat Match
Xtremo vs Ash vs Don Paysan

All Starters (c) vs Assault and Battery

Big Brian Youngblood vs Joe Doering vs TNA’s Matt Morgan

Cody 45 vs Josh Taylor vs Marcus “The Great” Marquez