Brian Fritz of The Orlando Sentinel has an interview up with Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin at this link where he talks about the company making its debut on HDNet tonight. Silken added, “We?re really excited. When we did the tapings a few weekends ago in Philadelphia, it was very impressive. It was a six or seven camera shoot. I spent a lot of time in the (production) truck which was extremely impressive. You?re getting to see it on HD and it’s really unique. They shot it like they would shoot MMA which I really didn?t understand at first but when you see it you?ll understand what I mean. It just looks different than any of the current wrestling shows. The other wrestling shows on TV have ? needless to say ? excellent production. This just has a different look. I think our fans as well as anyone else who checks us out for the first time is going to be really impressed not only with the production but with the wrestling itself. There are some really good matches and good Ring of Honor 101 in the first six weeks as well as some hard-hitting action.”