Steven Ashe sent this in:

Independent Pro Wrestling proudly presents:
Our first annual: “March Mayhem”
Sunday March 22nd, 2009
J’s Place
7 Erie Ave.
Brantford, Ontario
2:45 p.m. bell time, doors open at 2 p.m.
Adults: $10, children under 12: $5

Main Event:
IPW Heavyweight Title:
“Go Time” Chris LaPlante (Champion) v. Nick Paradise

Grudge Match:
Ron Falco v. “The Big Rig” Brodie Lee

Challenge Match:
“The Unholy” Ryot v. “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang

Troy Buchannan & Rex Atkins have another open challenge issued to any tag team in Ontario and beyond.

Women’s 3-way:
Brantford’s own: “Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diemond. v. Amy Victory v. Jody D’Milo

More to be announced soon…


IWS sent this in:

ig Sexy Kevin Nash confirmed for IWS Xth Anniversary. May 23, 2009

Tons of big news about the International Wrestling Syndicate and it is hard to say what is the most important.

Let’s begin with the IWS 10th Anniversary. It is confirmed for the Medley on May 23rd and it will be an all-ages show. Our special guest is WWE/WCW champion, Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

You can watch Kevin Nash talking smack about Pierre Carl Ouellet on the new IWS web-site (video courtesy of RF Video from their shoot interview). I will have more to say about Kevin Nash’s comments next week.

So, if you wanted to get tickets to see Kevin Nash in the IWS, how would you go about doing that?

Tickets for the Medley will eventually be available on but that is the most expensive way to buy them. You will be able to buy them from the Medley box office. You can write to me at and I will hook you up.


Here is the best way to do it!

If you come to IWS Know Your Enemies, Saturday, April 11th at Le Skratch, 965 Cure Labelle, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec and buy a VIP ticket for the Medley ($35 Taxes in) you get into Know Your Enemies for absolutely, completely FREE!

Let me repeat that:
Free! Gratis! Gratuit! Nothing! Nada! Zero! Zip to get into Know Your Enemies when you buy a VIP ticket to our Tenth Anniversary show.


All of which means that this spring is shaping up to be one of the biggest in Quebec indy wrestling history. Just to run down some of the bigger events:
NCW will be holding their 500th show on March 28th
NCW will also host what is being advertised as Abdullah the Butcher’s last match on April 4th
IWS Know Your Enemieson April 11th
ISW WHAM! BAM! Thank You Ma?am! The day after IWS on April 12th at Foufounes Electriques
ROH returns to Montreal on April 17th
NCW’s biggest show of the year is usually ChallengeMania on May 16th
Followed by the IWS Tenth Anniversary show at the Medley on May 23rd.

And all of this kicks off with Marc Blondin and Sylvan Grenier’s Top Of the World .promotion who are having their third show this Saturday.

Saturday, March 21st
Centre Pierre Charbonneau
3000 Viau, Montreal, Quebec
Show starts at 7PM

Card Quick and Dirty

Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway vs. mystery opponents

Samoa Joe vs. Franky the Mobster

?Black Machismo? Jay Lethal vs. Samson

EXesS vs. Van Hawk

Don Paysan vs. D-Generate vs. James Kraven vs. Stupefied

Ten Team Battle Royale to crown ToW Tag Team Champions
Pretty in Pink
The Wrecking Crew
The Mansours Bros.
Les Mastodontes du Ring
King & Queer
Les Titans
Slice ‘N Dice
Les Machines de Destructions
The Highlight Experience
Above Standards

Special Guests: JJ Crooke, Manager of the Stars and Joel Th?riault, the Animal (Hockey goon for those outside of Quebec.

There will also be a special tribute to Rick Martel.


Unlike the IWS, I can?t speak to all the matches because I do not know the ins and outs of all the personalities involved, but let me speak to what I know about and to what I am excited about. For instance, I can?t really speak to the Battle Royale except to say that it looks to be a glorious fun train-wreck.

Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway

Rob and Sylvan together won the WWE Tag Team Titles three teams. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Marc Blondin has up his sleeve as opponents for Quebec’s best current tag team.

Rick Martel

Former AWA World Champion (beating Bockwinkel, losing to Hansen), twice WWF World Tag Team Champion (once with Tony Garea, once with Tito Santana in StrikeForce), Rick Martel is not just a great wrestler and a great champion, he is also an incredibly classy guy and fantastically generous of his time.

To this day, one of my favourite wrestling angles of all time involves Rick Martel as The Model, blinding Jake the Snake Roberts with his ?Arrogance? perfume spritzer. And one of my favourite heel vs. heel feuds ever is the one between Rick Martel and Shawn Michaels with the late Sherri Martel as the slightly bemused prize.

I like the guy so much I can?t even hold it against him that he cheated to prevent my hero Leo Burke from winning the AWA World Title during their famous-in-the-Maritimes 60 minute draw. I don?t know how TOW are planning to honour Rick Martel, but whatever it is, it is long overdue and good on TOW for reminding us of our great Quebec champions and heroes.

EXesS vs. Van Hawk

EXesS loves nothing so much as completely destroying and abusing younger wrestlers. Add to this the fact that EXesS just recovered from an incredible beating that he suffered from Shayne Hawke and I very much expect that Shayne’s ?brother from another mother? Van Hawk is going to finish the match missing more than just an ?E? from the end of his name.

Don Paysan vs. D-Generate vs. James Kraven vs. Stupefied

I am not really familiar with D-Generate. Don Paysan, Stupefied and James Kraven are all brilliant high flyers any one of whom on any given night have the potential to steal the entire show. Put those three guys into a match, turn on the spotlight and ring the bell, it doesn?t really matter if how good D-Generate, the match will still be great.

The good news is that judging from the scouting reports that I get from Jonquiere, D-Generate is a pretty good base for the three high-flyers to bounce off of and has been known to get a little frisky off the top rope himself.

?Black Machismo? Jay Lethal vs. Samson

Samson has very quietly been having a run of amazing matches. We talk about guys making a leap. At some point very soon, people are going to wake up and realize that Samson has made that leap. He is not quite at the point where I could automatically pencil this match in as an automatic match of the night, but we are that far away from that. I could very easily see jay Lethal strutting into this match and realizing within about thirty seconds that he is fighting for his life.

Samoa Joe vs. Franky the Mobster

The secret ingredient to this match is Kevin Steen. No, he won?t be there, but one of Kevin Steen’s first breakout matches was the night where he fought Samoa Joe, then ROH Champion in the middle of a nearly two year unbeaten streak. Joe thought that he could push Kevin Steen around and he was right to a certain extent. What Joe was not expecting was Kevin Steen pushing him back. Kevin didn?t beat the ROH champion, but he did battle him to a hard-fought twenty minute draw. Ironically, after twenty minutes the match was interrupted by Chakal? and Franky the Mobster who challenged Kevin Steen and Samoa Joe to a tag team match.

So, Franky has seen first hand how to avoid getting beaten by Samoa Joe. Franky has already been in the ring with Samoa Joe. Franky is stronger than Kevin Steen and Franky’s charisma masks a highly underrated old school technical wrestler. Add to the list of advantages that Franky has no fear, far from it, in fact it might be better to describe Franky as bat-shit crazy.

Expect this match to start with Franky spitting in Samoa Joe’s eyes and for the violence meter to go straight to eleven.

Many French commentators in Quebec are getting excited about this match because they see it as an audition match for Franky the Mobster. Now, I am not going to try and convince you as some of my French colleagues would that Franky the Mobster belongs in TNA.

Here is what you should care about: Franky the Mobster believes that he belongs in the TNA. Franky the Mobster believes that his path to the TNA runs straight through Samoa Joe. And Franky is bat-shit crazy. And that means that anything can and will happen.

For more information about TOW write to


The International Wrestling Syndicate’s next show is Know Your Enemies Saturday, April 11th at Le Skratch 965 Cure Labelle, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec, CANADA. Doors Open at 7:30, Show Starts at 8:30. Entrance is FREE with purchase of a VIP ticket for the IWS Tenth Anniversay show ($35) scheduled for May 23rd at the Medley.. $18+. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to or write to No Easter eggs jokes this month.

Inter Species Wrestling is scheduled to shed their straight-jackets and escape the loony bin to present WHAM! Bam Thank You Ma?am! on Sunday, April 12th, 2009 at Foufounes Electriques, 87 Ste-Catherine Est, (near the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Laurent, near the St-Laurent metro) Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:00 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm, tickets are $15. 18+, card and times subject to change (we should be so lucky). For more information go to or write to

The IWS proudly presents: X, Our Tenth Anniversary Show. Special guest is Big Sexy Kevin Nash! X takes place Saturday, May 23rd, at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $35, Regular tickets are $25. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Medley box office. This is an all ages show. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to or write to