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On 3/14/09 Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was in Gastonia, N.C at the National Guard Armory in front of a capacity crowd! Once again MACW rocked the house !! The weather was nasty but the crowd and the match’s were “hot”…The Nature Boy Ric Flair once again received standing ovation’s from the crowd !!

Here are your result’s :

1. “High Flying” Chris Hamrick defeated Donnie Dollar$ to retain his Hardcore Title.

2. Amber O’Neal defeated Persephone.

3. Andru Bane defeated JW Boss.

4. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton defeated Trooper Jeff Justice.

5. Ricky Morton & Reid Flair, with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in their corner, defeated Buff Bagwell & Rikki Nelson.

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Head trainer Joey Kaos Munoz was mentioned in L.A. times article. Along with a slide-show featuring students of Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy.
Photography and audio
By Francine Orr
Los Angeles Times
March 16, 2009

Round 3: Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy
Click link below to view L.A. Times slide-show featuring SBWA.
Stars in the ring — and outside it
http://www. latimes. com/news/local/la-sp-lucha_ss,0,4820921. htmlstory
For more info on Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy goto

EvoLucha Entertainmnet Wrestling
Luck of the Draw
March 14, 2009
Newhall, CA.
Attendance: 166

March 15.2009, Newhall, CA: Once again Evolucha Entertainment presented a night to remember as it kept its promise and brought the pain to Newhall, CA. This night truly proved to be a Luck of the Draw as not only match stipulations, but matchups as well were pulled from a hat. Here is how it went down?..

First match drawn was a Triple Threat match between Robby Phoenix ?vs- Oso Loco-vs-BC Killer. Robby Phoenix won by a Flying Guillotine Leg Drop off the top rope to BC Killer and took the win.

Winner: Robby Phoenix 10:14

Next to be pulled from the hat, was Johnny Neumonic ?vs-Rookie ?88. The robot dancing rookie looked like he danced in straight outta the 80’s wearing pink and black polka dot tights and a mask sporting a Rubik’s cube on it. Unfortunately the high flying action did not prove to be enough to beat the Hacker Extradonaire Johnny Neumonic who calculated his victory over ?88 by countering the quesadora & conveniently holding ?88 tights to a pin. (After the match he coincidently deleted ?88 from his MySpace friends list)

Winner: Johnny Neumonic 7:56

This match between the Stepfather ?vs- Frank ?the Tank? Alvarez proved to be an old school stiff brawl. These two fighters shared vicious punches, forearms, kicks and head butts back and forth to include the Tank getting busted open above the eye. With the help of the cohorts, the Stepfather took the win by a Belly to Back Suplex

Winner: Stepfather 8:29

From the drawing to determine this match, The Nobodies (Pinky & May) were out of their league, trying to hang with the big dogs, if you will. First it was determined they were to face the seasoned veterans The Poor Horseman, (White Trash Johnny Webb & the Redheaded Stepchild). Then the match drawn for them was a First Blood Match. That was like being the the Horseman’s own trailer park!! Unfortunately inexperience proved to be the case as Pinky drew first blood after taking a Kendo Stick beating by Webb.

Winner: The Poor Horseman 9:14

Next drawn was quite a shocker as the Exotic One Angel drew his own BFF Amanda as his opponent for the night!! He got quite a surprise as Amanda proved she is not only his cute lil sidekick, but she can wrestle too!! Unfortunately, in walks Johnny Neumonic to disrupt this comedic bout. He challenges Angel and Amanda to a match and states he brought his own Facebook friend. From the crowd emerges Nikki the NY Knockout who attacks Amanda, as Johnny hits Angel with his weapon of choice, a keyboard, demanding the ref make the count and were off on an impromptu Tornado Tag Match. Angel beats Johnny Neumonic with Prop 8 DDT.

Winner: The Exotic One Angel & BFF Amanda 11:44

As previously announced Raunchy Rico Dynamite & Famous B w/ Jezabel ?vs- Loucha Machine & Damien Arsenick entered the ring with a match stipulation draw of 2 Out of 3 Falls. The team of Rico & Famous B proved quickly that they know how to work together as they won the the first fall by count out. Second fall went to Loucha Machine and Damien Arsenick when Rico proved his raunchiness and disrespect to Lucha Libre tradition and ruthlessly pulled off Loucha Machines mask. Third & final fall went to the team of Loucha Machine and Damien Arsenick, who took the victory by handing out a beat down and giving Famous B a brutal Quesadora Code Red. This match was in my opinion the match of the night. These four contenders are worthy of rising star status not only in So Cal but in professional wrestling. These are tomorrow’s superstars.

Winner: LOUcha Machine & Damien Arsenick 18:03

In this ongoing bout of student against teacher, The Under- Rated Superstar Steve Pain ?vs- Playboy Clay Motley went to the next level in a Last Man Standing Match. As Playboy Clayboy has repeatedly proven that he has learned all he can from his mentor Steve Pain, this was a bout that no one could predetermine as they both brought all they had to the ring. Taken nothing away from Playboy Clay Motley, Steve Pain finally got the upper hand like a scene straight out of a Rocky movie and took the hard earned victory proving old dogs still can learn new tricks.

Winner: The Under-Rated Superstar Steve Pain 10:39

In the Main Event and final draw of the evening, in what can only be describe as the ?Clash of the Titans? we had The Human Horror Show Supreme ?vs- Brawlin Bo Cooper. Fans cheered both men from Bo Coopers infamous Bronco Buster to Supremes Top Rope Senton. The question of the night was who would have reign victorious; unfortunately we were not destined to find out as the match was rudely interrupted by the cockiness of the Under-Rated Superstar Steve Pain. Fresh off his own victory, he arrogantly stated that he was main event material and deserved to reach this status. If that wasn?t enough, in walks Raunchy Rico Dynamite, still smarting over his loss earlier in the evening, stating that he is also main event worthy. The true main eventers double team the youngsters and hand out a main event beat down that can only be dealt in true Evolucha style??once again Keepin the Dream Alive.

Winner: No Contest 9:50