Devin Cutting sent this in:

Gene Snitsky, Orlando Jordan, Joe E. Legend (aka Just Joe) and Big Vito will be touring France with the Nu-Wrestling Evolution promotion in late March and early April. Here are the dates and locations:

March 25th – Zenith Omega Hall in Toulon
March 29th – Tys Hall in Reims
April 2nd – Zenith Metropolis Hall in St. Etienne
April 3rd – Zenith Sud Hall in Montpellier

Go to for info about NWE and for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling – The 2nd Anniversary Show – “Hometown Heroes”

Saturday 14th March 2009 – Houghton Regis Memorial Hall – Bedfordshire.

RESULTS (an approximate 120 attendance, it was announced over ?300 raised for Comic Relief on the night, with a final amount to be confirmed soon)

* Petey Staniforth opened the show, admitted he had been distracted/drunk/hungover/forgetful recently due to Luton Town FC’s victory that will be taking them to Wembley on April 5th; and demanded El Ligero and Marcus Brash to the ring to sign the contracts for the main event. After this, Staniforth demanded them out of the ring, and went on an anti-red rant where he stated how he hates everything to do with the colour red (insulting Manchester United, Liverpool, and of course Watford FC), stated how he ‘bleeds Hatters colours’, and flat out refused to wear a red nose. He was interrupted by ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes. Shockingly, Staniforth got physical with Hayes, pushing him twice, and was knocked out with one punch by the ‘Cowboy’; and whilst unconscious, had a red nose and wig placed on him.

* G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’ w/100 Percent’ Dan Edge defeated ‘The Celtic Hammer’ Eoin O’Neil

* Diavolo & Chris Midas & Martin Kirby defeated Robbie Sincaide & James Dahmer & Cameron Kraze

* Tiffany Wantsmore defeated Miss Vicky w/Petey Staniforth, by disqualification, after a vicious steel Clipboard shot to the head of Tiffany Wantsmore by Petey Staniforth. This match also saw possibly the crowd’s favourite moment of the night, where Staniforth’s interference caused him to receive a stiff forearm to the jaw from Tiffany, and also a moment where Miss Vicky fell onto a fallen Petey, and headbutted him quite literally below the belt!

* (PTW Tag Team Titles) : ‘The Golden Storm’ Francesco & Marcus Phayer became the first ever PTW Tag Team Champions, by defeating ‘Bourne Heartless’ Nick Bourne & Rudi

* (PTW Cruiserweight Title) : Scott Annette (c) defeated Richard Parliment to retain the title

* Team PTW (Sean Midnight, Liam ‘Leapfrog’ Dunne, Big Tom Baines, Mark Cross, ‘The Golden Storm’ Francesco) defeated Team LPW (Ronin, Reno, Dan Williams, The Enforcer, Kid Glory), in a battle royal match, when PTW’s Sean Midnight was the last man in the ring

* (No Disqualification match) : Captain T.N.T defeated ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy

* In a huge shock, ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes & Electric Kev defeated Shabazz & American AllStar w/Petey Staniforth & Miss Vicky. Adam Hayes’s tag team partner had been released from PTW prior to the show, and we can only quote Staniforth’s controversial and pointed statement word for word, of how ‘the guy that was meant to be tagging with Adam Hayes took his bucket and spade, and ran back to Milton Keynes’. This lead Hayes to decide to pick a crowd member as his partner, but he hadn’t counted on a friend being there to support him; who was introduced as Electric Kev. Hayes managed to shock Shabazz, despite the bad guys dominating the match, with a roll up pinfall from behind; but was beaten down after the match and left with a very bloodied nose, and a challenge was made and accepted for a match with Hayes and Shabazz facing off against each other on the next PTW show.

* (PTW World Title) : El Ligero defeated Marcus Brash to become the NEW PTW WORLD CHAMPION!!!

An amazing night, a good amount raised for a great cause, and PTW are now officially two years old. Visit for the latest news, gossip, and where our next shows will be!

Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling sent this in:

MCPW ?Chainsaw Cup 2009? Results
3/14/09 – Roscommon, MI

Opening Round Match
Christin Able def. Jonny Lawless

Opening Round Match
Vin Gerard def. “Old Timer” Jeff King after Adam Renolds caused a Distraction.

Opening Round Match
“Mr. No Limits” Bryan Skyline def. Frightmare

Opening Round Match
Hydra def. “All Nite” Adam Renolds
*After the match Mild Mannered Matt came out interviewed Adam Renolds, Renolds trash talked “Old Timer” Jeff King and started to attack Mild Mannered Matt, until King made the save and challenged Renolds to a match May 16th at Battle Ground!

Grudge Match
MCPW Commissioner Mikey Zeroe def. Gary the Freak via DQ when James Dillinger ran in and attacked Zeroe.
Both members of “The Freakin’ Family” assulted Mikey Zeroe outside the ring until they took the fight outside and locked Zeroe in the trunk of a car and drove off.

Tag Team Attraction Match
Main Street Youth (Scotty Young & Jake Omen) def. The CHIKARA Tag Team Champions, The Orisian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) in a Special Attraction Tag Team Match.

Main Event – Chainsaw Cup Championship
Christin Able def. Vin Gerard, Hydra, and “Mr. No Limits” Bryan Skyline to become the 1st Ever Chainsaw Cup Champion!

Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling & Concerts
Traverse City, MI Pro-Wrestling