Oliver Newman sent this in:

A straight up fight between ?Human Hate Machine? Moralez & ?Vigilante? Johnny Moss is the highlight of a good IPW:UK Show in Swanley, Kent this past Saturday!

IPW:UK Wrestling LIVE from Seven Oaks Leisure Centre in Swanley, Kent By Oliver Newman

Venue: Seven Oaks Leisure Centre

Time: 6:30pm

Date: Saturday 28th February 2009

Attendance: Standing Room Only

MC: ?Hardcore? John Atkins

Referees Chris Hatch & Chris Roberts

Commentators: Dave ?Stats? Bradshaw, and former Big Brother competitor and all around bad-guy Billi Lightning!

Current card for IPW:UK’s ?Extreme Measures 4? is:

?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match!
– Winners From The Four 1st Round Extreme Measures Bouts Collide!

Extreme Measures 4 ? First Round Match
– Dave Moralez vs. ?Vigilante? Johnny Moss

Extreme Measures 4 ? First Round Match
– Lince Dorado vs. ?The Star Attraction? Mark Haskins

Plus Matches From the Other Extreme Measures Tournament 2009 Participants:-
– Leroy Kincaide
– Marty Scurll
– Luke ?Dragon? Phoenix – Phoenix wasn?t there, no explanation was given. But he was questionable before the show because of injuries.

– Jon Ryan

British Tag Title Match
– The Thrillers (Hype/Redman) (c) [3 defences] vs. The Kartel

Singles Bout
– The undefeated Nick ?Oblivion? Aldis vs. Spud

Singles Pre-Show Bout
– ?Mr. IPW? Ashley Reed vs. Matthew Campbell


?MR. IPW? Ashley Reed vs. Adam De Souza

Pretty Dominant from the Bryan Danielson looking Ashley Reed finished off with a Brutal Turnbuckle Powerbomb for the win.

Match Time: 7 Minutes

Winner: ?MR. IPW? Ashley Reed

Main Show:

Hardcore John Atkins announces that Chikara Star Lince Dorado didn?t make his flight. He then outlines the Extreme Measures Tournament:

– 8 Men, wrestling in 4 separate matches.

– Winners go into a ?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match.

– Eliminations occur via Pinfall, Submission and Being thrown over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor.

1st Round Non-Title Match of Extreme Measures Tournament

?The Star Attraction? Mark Haskins vs. IPW:UK All England Champion Terry Frazier ?

Haskins takes a leaf out of WWE Star Mr. Kennedy’s playbook by introducing himself to the packed house. Pretty even back and forth match, with both guys looking impressive. Haskins takes advantage of a Frazier mistake, with that he becomes a Shark who smells blood by constantly working on Frazier’s (now) injured leg. ?MR. IPW? makes his way down to ringside (I had no idea why, as this is my 3rd ever IPW show), I was later informed that he helped Frazier become All England Champion. So when Reed constantly interfered on behalf of Haskins, I was very confused! Frazier fights back against both men but it is too much and when he is captured in the Figure Four Leglock (in the centre of the ring) although he fights valiantly he has no choice but to tap out and Haskins advances.

Match Time: 9 Minutes

Winner and advancing to the ?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match: ?The Star Attraction? Mark Haskins.

Non-Title match

IPW: UK Heavyweight Champion ?Irresistible? Isyten Rees ? vs. Adam De Souza

Rees looked Dominant against the IPW:UK Trainee, finishing the match in quick fashion with a Brutal PowerBomb.

Match Time: 4 Minutes

Winner: IPW: UK Heavyweight Champion ?Irresistible? Isyten Rees ?

The Thrillers then decide to take over the show with a promo, before some entrance music starts up ?Steal the show in 5 seconds, steal the show in 4 seconds? OH MY!! It’s the ?Showstealer? ALEX SHANE! Shane receives a rousing ovation and bitchslaps Rees with his follow up promo including stating that the rest of The Thrillers were ?balls? to Rees ?cock?! Shane says he has a opponent lined up to take Dorado’s place in the Extreme Measures Tournament.

IPW:UK Commentators Dave ?Stats? Bradshaw and Big Brother’s Billi take over the proceedings to loud boring chants (especially when Billi tried to talk).

1st Round Match of Extreme Measures Tournament

First Time Ever Meeting

?Human Hate Machine? Moralez vs. ?The Vigilante? Johnny Moss

This was a straight up fight as both competitors just wailed on each other with blows! The fans were enthralled at this First Time Ever meeting between two of the best the UK has to offer. This match was even more back and forth then the aforementioned Haskins vs. Frazier one, Moss and Moralez traded forearms, wrestled, it was pretty much mirror image as the match progressed, Moss made a slight mistake in the latter stages of the match and Moralez made him pay via a Lariat for the win to Advance into the 4 Way No Dq Main Event.

Match Time: 13 Minutes

Winner and advancing to the ?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match: ?Human Hate Machine? Moralez.

1st Round Match of Extreme Measures Tournament

Leroy Kincaide vs. Jon Ryan

I had not seen Kincaide before so I was an extra observant spectator whilst watching this match. When he was pumping himself up he looked like Former WWE Wrestler Brock Lesnar (back in 2002), he had other Lesnar like tendencies including a vast array of power moves. Ryan I have seen on numerous occasions and he has become one of the best the UK has to offer also. Unfortunately this match was too short for either man to make a lasting impression on the fans, Kincaide is able to hit Ryan with his signature Spear (his finishing move) and with that a somewhat upset takes place as Kincaide advances to the Final 4 Main Event.

Match Time: 7 Minutes

Winner and advancing to the ?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match: Leroy Kincaide

Final 1st Round Match of Extreme Measures Tournament

The Leaders Marty Scrull vs. ?

Scrull forces IPW:UK Commentator Dave ?Stats? Bradshaw to wear The Leaders T-Shirt! Scrull anxiously awaits his opponent for the evening, when that familiar music cues up again ?Steal the show in 5 seconds? ?Showstealer? Alex Shane makes his way to the ring, he hasn?t got an opponent for Scrull he IS the opponent for Scrull (much to the fans and my surprise). Shane looked Dominant, Scrull barely got in any offence (which annoyed me greatly, I will talk more about this in my upcoming DEBUT Article Uncensored Thoughts on Pro Wrestling – February, watch this space). The Thrillers then interfere to cause the DQ, putting Shane out with a Wrench attack.

Match Time: 4 Minutes

Winner and advancing to the ?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match: ?Showstealer? Alex Shane


Rematch from Last Friday’s AWW/IPW:UK Show

Gladiator Oblivion vs. Spud

This was somewhat like the match last Friday but with some comedy elements thrown in. Oblivion warns the Referee (Chris Roberts) not to lay a hand on him, but when he attempts to attack a downed Spud, Roberts rightfully gets involved. Oblivion isn?t happy with this and pushes the Ref down, the Ref has had enough and takes off his Ref Shirt and challenges Oblivion to a fight! Spud puts the Referee shirt on and Roberts vs. Oblivion is on!! Comedy ensues as Spud plays Ref, after a couple of minutes of hilarity the match switches back to serious and with Oblivion caught off guard Spud once again gains a clear advantage (hitting his signature moves) much like last Friday but once again Oblivion after underhanded tactics (pushing Ref into Turnbuckle Spud was at) wins the match with his Twisting DVD.

Match Time: 8 Minutes

Winner: Gladiator Oblivion

British Tag Title Match

The Thrillers (Ricky Hype/?Physical Specimen? Joel Redman) ? [3 defences] vs. The Kartel (IPW:UK All England Champion Terry Frazier/Sha Samuels)

Interviewing The Thrillers prior to the show (my First Live Interview to be released on DVD watch this space for more on that), they had some choice words for the Kartel! Having not seen Ricky Hype before I was looking forward to this match. The story of this match was will the Kartel break up? Frazier had numerous opportunities to tag in his partner Samuels but refused stating he could win the match on his own. He even tagged himself in late on in the match when Samuels had control, Frazier’s ?glory hog? like attitude ending up costing The Kartel in the end as Redman and Hype dominated his already injured leg. With Redman making Frazier tap out (in the centre of the ring) to a one legged Boston Crab. Unfortunately this match suffered from lack of time, I didn?t see enough of Hype to know whether he was a good wrestler (which disappointed me). Just when the match looked like it was about to get going, it stopped dead. All 4 competitors did the best with what they had and produced a fine storyline within the match.

Match Time: 10 minutes

Winners: The Thrillers (Ricky Hype/?Physical Specimen? Joel Redman) ? {Now 4 Defences)


Samuels is rightfully angry at Frazier’s ?glory hog? attitude and pulls him up for it. Fortunately Samuels forgives Frazier and The Kartel continue to be a unit, but I have to wonder is there still dissension in the ranks!?

?Final Four? Main Event ? No DQ Elimination Match

?The Star Attraction? Mark Haskins vs. ?Human Hate Machine? Moralez vs. Leroy Kincaide vs. ?Showstealer? Alex Shane?

Haskins attempts to make allies with both Moralez and Kincaide with no luck, he then smartly pushes Moralez into Kincaid (both men think it was on purpose) and fight as Haskins watches on laughing and taking a breather! For the first time on this evening the match left the ring and continued in the crowd. The highlights of this interaction was the loud chops given to Haskins by Moralez and Kincaide. After a few minutes the match returns to the ring and after a quick fire set of moves Haskins is able to eliminate the previously UNBEATEN (in IPW:UK) Moralez with a Superkick.

1st Elimination: ?Human Hate Machine? Moralez after 11 minutes.

With Shane still nowhere to be seen the match continues??it goes back and forth until Kincaide misses an attempted Spear Haskins nips up and hits his sweet RKO (landing Kincaide on his head) for the three count.

2nd Elimination: Leory Kincaide after 14 minutes.

The Winner and NEW #1 Contender ?Star Attraction? Mark???Steal the show in 5 seconds? before Atkins can say Haskins. The ?Showstealer? Alex Shane groggily makes his way to the ring. Haskins can?t believe it!! Shane and Haskins square off with Shane dominating with his strength and height advantage. Haskins attempts a Superkick once more but Shane blocks and pushes him off quickly following up with a Big Boot sending Haskins over the top rope (you can be eliminated that way), to become the NEW #1 Contender to Rees IPW:UK Heavyweight Champion.

Final Elimination: ?Star Attraction? Mark Haskins after 17 minutes.

Match Time: 17 Minutes

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the IPW:UK Heavyweight Championship: ?Showstealer? Alex Shane

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Devin Cutting sent this in:

Yoshi Kwan will be appearing at the New Focus Wrestling events in Selvin, Indiana on April 4th, 2009 and Evansville, Indiana on May 30th, 2009. Go to http://newfocusnewweb.bravehost.com for info about NFW and http://prowrestlingevents.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.