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Saturday, Feb 28 2009

Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling – FSPW
“No Remorse”

Wellend, Ontario
Club Social
Attendance: 140-150
Ring Announcer: Josh
Referees: Dopey, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy & Doc
Results credit:

1) The Piss Beaters (Jake O’Reilly & Anthony Darko) def JT Playa & Atlantis [8 min]
Wild opening bout that had the crowd whipped into a frenzy. The Piss Beaters isolated Atlantis for much of the match. Playa did get some offence in on either end of the beatdown but Atlantis was pinned. (Atlantis ate a clothesline in the bout that splattered his nose.)

-Remember folks… throw nothing but insults and do not cross the barricades or touch the wrestlers.
A post-match refresher course by The Piss Beaters

2) FSPW Women’s Championship:
Holly Hilton w/ Josh Alexander def Krystal Banks to win the title [7 min (aprox)]
Banks had to deal not only with Hilton but also Josh who interfered constantly in the match. Banks attacked Hilton after the match and Alexander grabbed her but the Davis Brothers hit the ring before he did any damage.

3) Phil Latio def Zakk Atticus w/ Kris White, Tyler Tirva, Sabrina Kyle & Jessy Jones [7 min]
Jones & entourage showed up before the match and Jessy declared that Tirva wasn’t going to wrestle Phil, one of the Sugar Twins would instead. They played rock-paper-scissors and Atticus got the win. Lots of interference by the bad guys and some great homo gags once White jumped in the ring and Phil Latio put him and Atticus in a number of compromising positions. Phil was able to score the win despite the overwhelming odds and a broken thong.

4) Dog Collar Match:
Jeremy Elliott w/ Gary Gambino def Krazy Chris Kramer [2 min]
Originally scheduled to be Gambino vs Kramer but Gary was not given medical clearance to wrestle (3 of his ribs were broken at the last show) so Elliott took his place. Kramer was squashed like a bug. Elliott tossed him out of the ring and then used the chain to repeatedly pull Kramer into the ring post. Elliott scored an easy pinfall to win the match.
Primo Scordino came to the ring after the match and blasted Gambino in the head with a kendo stick. Primo then pounded on Elliott with the kendo until it shattered. Before they left, Kramer promised that the war with his father is far from finished.

5) FSPW Internet Championship:
Tyler Tirva w/ Jessy Jones, Sabrina Kyle def Crazy Steve to win the title [15 min]
Brad Martin was scheduled to get the title shot and even came down to the ring but Jones, Kyle & the Sugar Twins came out before the bell and swerved Martin out of his spot. Jones apparently had a contract of some sort that forbid Martin being in the match. Jones told Brad to hit the bricks and after punching each of the Sugar Twins Martin went to the back. Lots of interference in this one and it was Jones on the apron distracting Steve and the ref that gave Tirva the opportunity to sneak in a low blow and score the pin to take the belt.

6)Brad Martin def Preston Wyatt Parks [8 min]
Parks came to the ring and told the people of Wellend what he thought of them and their town. He challenged anyone in the back who had the guts to come on down and fight him. Martin came out and accepted the challenge. By the time the match was over Martin was no longer a bad guy to the Wellend fans.

7) FSPW Tag Team Championship:
The Davis Brothers (Andrew & Bruno) def The Warriors (Mike Rollins & Josh Alexander) w/ Holly Hilton by DQ [7 min]
Actually more like 12 minutes long because the Davis Brothers attacked the Warriors as they came through the curtain and a wild brawl out on the floor followed. The bell sounded when they finally got into the ring. Hilton was sent to the back by the ref due to her interference in the bout. Lots of wild smashmouth action (in Rollins’ case, literally smashed mouth) during this rematch as the Davis Brothers tried to regain the belts they lost at the last show. Hilton returned to interfere again and Krystal Banks ran out and attacked her. During the ensuing chaos the Warriors were disqualified so they retained the belts.
Bruno challenged the Warriors and Hilton to face him, Andrew and Banks at the next show (Mar 21)

8) FSPW Heavyweight Championship; No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere:
Phil Atlas def Cody Deaner to retain the title [14 min]
Crazy brawl that raged around the building as much as it did in the ring. Atlas slapped the ref silly then he and Deaner both tried using the belt as a weapon (it was pretty much the only thing left that they hadn’t used.) Suddenly Jessy Jones, Tyler Tirva and the Sugar Twins ran to the ring. The Twins attacked Deaner and at first it looked like Atlas was pissed but then he smiled and embraced the bad guys. Deaner fought valiantly but with the odds stacked so heavily against him, even scoring with his top rope mullet butt wasn’t enough to win the match. Cody was swarmed by Jones’ crew and held while Atlas clobbered him with the belt and covered him for the win. They continued to pound on Deaner until Brad Martin ran out with a chair to make the save

Sunday, Feb 22 2009

Wrestling Supershow

Cornwall, Ontario Results credit: Nwo4LiFe

1) El Santio def Cinder

2) Sexxxy Eddy def Jimmy Jack Spade

3) Oddyssy def “Shooter” Anthony Storm

4) Bruiser def Damian Styles

5) The Hellraisers def The Fabulous French Canadians

6) Hannibal def Jeremy Prophet

7) Honky Tonk Man def Ben McCully w/ Sky

GCW Anarchy in Angus 5 Results
Friday, Mar 06 2009

Great Canadian Wrestling – GCW
“Anarchy In Angus 5”
Angus, Ontario
Attendance: packed
Ring Announcer: Johnny Gimmicks
Referees: Old School, Sean Cassidy
Results credit:

Show featured a 4 man tournament to crown the first ever New Tec Cruiserweight Cup Champion. New Tec Wrestling is an amateur wrestling club in Angus the this event was a fund raiser with a percentage of the gate and a 50/50 draw bringing some cash their way.

1) 1st Round; New Tec Cruiserweight Cup:
Andrew Davis def “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva [7 min]
Tirva acted like a cocky jerk as soon as he arrived and the crowd was solidly behind Davis. Andrew controlled the early action, when he could get his hands on the quick-to-bail rookie. Big pop for his extended airplane spin. Tirva switched things his way by stretching Andrew’s neck over the top rope and then following up with a float over the top legdrop. Fans chanted “Tirva sucks” every time he had the advantage. Davis rallied when Tirva missed an elbow drop after a ridiculous looking cartwheel set-up. Davis got the pin and advance to the finals after hitting… something. I don’t know what it’s called. It starts with Davis holding his opponent (in this case, Tirva) like he’s going to tombstone piledrive him and ends in a released sit-out powerbomb.

2) Asylum def Brent By by submission [8 min]
Great stuff from the hated Asylum before during and after this match. Again the crowd was hot from start to finish. Brent did a good job using his speed to keep Asylum off balance and hit a couple sweet aerial moves like an enziguri and a top-rope missile dropkick but Asylum’s weight and power advantage (not to mention his willingness to cheat at every opportunity) wore Brent down and a vicious armbar on the mat gave Asylum the victory by tapout.

3) 1st Round; New Tec Cruiserweight Cup:
Anthony Darko w/ Jamie Virtue def Scotty The Body [7 min]
HUGE cheers for Angus native Scotty The Body in this one everytime he got any kind of offence in on Darko. Whenever the bad guy had control the crowd chanted Scotty’s name in an effort to help him rally. Pretty even match despite Darko’s cheating and Virtue’s occassional interference. Scotty was in control at the end, gorilla-pressing and dropping Darko to the mat at until he picked Darko up close enough to the ropes that Virtue was able to trip him causing Darko to land on top of him. Virtue held Scotty’s foot during the pin. Darko advanced to the finals and only he and Virtue were happy about it

“Dangerboy” Derek Wilde, “The Perfect 10” Holly Hilton and PJ Tyler came out to the ring. Wilde insisted that the fans shut-up because he had something to say to all the “redneck hillbilly freaks” in Angus. Wilde said the last time he was in Angus was when he broke Cherry Bomb’s neck with a burning hammer. Wilde said he did have one regret about that – he was sorry “the bitch didn’t die.” Wilde said PJ Tyler was going to finish the job he started and he demanded Cherry Bomb come out to the ring. Cherry Bomb did show up but she brought backup in the form of Cody Deaner. Deaner chased Dangerboy and Hilton to the back and Cherry jumped Tyler to start their match.

4) Cherry Bomb def PJ Tyler [4 min]
Short but intense match that saw Tyler try to counter Cherry’s high impact offence with strikes and holds targeting Cherry’s neck. The end came when Cherry slipped Tyler’s burning hammer attempt and nailed her with a face-plant slam.

5) Finals; New Tec Cruiserweight Cup:
Anthony Darko w/ Jamie Virtue def Andrew Davis [10 min]
Blair Gill, captain of the New Tec Wrestling club was introduced as the guest timekeeper and the man who would award the GCW New Tec Cruiserweight Cup Championship belt to the winner prior to the formal match introductions. Most fans were behind Davis but Darko did have some supporters. Both groups had reason to cheer because the advantage switched back and forth throughout the match. Davis had Darko on the run late in the match and Virtue was getting frantic at ringside and the official was continually distracted. This gave Darko the chance to grab the belt from the apron and clobber Davis for it for the win and the Championship. After the bell Darko got on the mic and began insulting amateur wrestlers. He demanded Blair Gill get in the ring and formally present him with the belt. When Gill got in the ring Darko tossed the belt on the mat and demanded Gill pick it up and hand it to him. Instead Blair knelt down and suddenly grabbed Darko and tossed him head first to the canvas. A shaken Darko fled the ring into Virtue’s arm as Davis restrained Gill from pursuing them.

Intermission – After all the autograph signings etc the winning ticket for the 50/50 was drawn. Ontario wrestler Ryan Dennim who was attending as a fan won the $125.00 and donated the money to the New Tec Wrestling club. Classy act.

6) Jake O’Reilly & Crazy Steve def The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (El Tornado & James Champagne) [19 min]
Fantastic tag match equal parts comedy, mat wrestling and wild brawling. Unbelievable crowd support for the hometown boys Jake and Steve (with the exception of one total Champagne mark named Adam). Forget the match description – it was a damn fun time. Tornado’s bumblebee costume alone was worth the price of admission. Steve pinned Champagne after a spiked DDT to win the match and the place became unglued. After the bout James pulled Tornado’s trunks off leaving just the striped singlet and then spooned with his partner at ringside. Wow.

7) Cody Deaner def “Dangerboy” Derek Wilde w/ “The Perfect 10” Holly Hilton [20 min]
FANTASTIC MATCH!!! Deaner and Wilde tore into each other inside the ring, outside the ring and all over the venue. Great action and some incredibly dramatic near falls. Just a ripper of a match. The end came when the ref got crunched. Holly Hilton jumped in the ring with a chair as Wilde held Deaner. Suddenly Cherry Bomb ran out and grabbed the chair from Hilton. Dangerboy grabbed Cherry and hoisted her up for a burning hammer but she fought free and slapped him. Deaner grabbed Wilde and nailed him with a burning hammer to win the bout. Definitely the match of the night and a match of the year contender.