Shannon Rose sent this in:

WWE Hall of Famer Afa “The Wild Samoan” presents

World X-treme Wrestling (WXW)

Friday, March 6, 2009


800 N. US. HWY 27 – Minneola, FL


More info call 813-960-8412


WXW Heavyweight Championship Match:

Champion SUGAA vs. Puerto Rican Hound Dogg

Tag Team Turmoil Match #1:

Heartbreak Express vs. Afro Boy & PATE

Tag Team Turmoil Match #2:

East Street Elite vs. Hatchet City All-Stars

FINALS of the Tag Team Tournament!

WXW Cruiserweight Championship:

Champion Jerrelle Clarke vs. Taino

WXW Ladies Match:

Betsy Ruth vs. Valentina

WXW Hardcore Championship:

Champion Sgt. Hardcore w/RICO MOON vs. Aaron Epic

David Mercury vs. John Kermon

Also in action: WXW Hardcore Champion Sgt. Hardcore!, BIFF w/Simon Sez, “7 foot Giant” Lou Cypher, Rico Moon and more!

Special Guest Ring Announcer: Shannon Rose

Minneola is still buzzing about the events of WXW’s February 7th event. In front of a STANDING ROOM ONLY packed house at the Minneola Recreation Center, Former WWE Superstar Gene Snisky teamed with WXW Heavyweight Champion Sugaa to defeat “Perfect Creation” Richard J. Criado and the Puerto Rican Hound Dogg! The heated rivalry between Sugaa and Criado has rocked WXW for the past six months. The self professed “Perfect Creation” has failed to capture the WXW Title from Sugaa despite numerous cowardly attacks. Sugaa decided to exact a measure of revenge by attacking Criado’s knee on February 7th. Gene Snisky continued to do damage to Criado’s knee during the Feb. 7th Main Event in Minneola! As a result, Criado required arthroscopic surgery on his right knee! Criado’s lawyers have contacted WXW Management and purchased time on the March 6th event to address this serious situation! What will he say? Be there Friday March 6th to find out!

WXW Heavyweight Champion SUGAA will be in action Friday March 6th defending his title against the Puerto Rican Hound Dog. The vicious Hound Dog will no doubt be looking to exact revenge on Sugaa for injuring Criado and avenging his loss at the hand of Gene Snisky at the February WXW event!

Fans attending WXW’s February event were treated to one of the best matches in WXW history when Jerrelle Clarke captured the WXW Cruiserweight Title. Clarke, a former TNA superstar, outlasted 5 other men in a scramble type match, pinning Gus Money to win the title. The match contained non-stop action the likes of which you will not see anywhere else except WXW! Jerrelle Clarke will defend his newly won WXW Cruiserweight Friday March 6th in Minneola against challenger Taino!

The vacant WXW Tag Team Titles will be decided in a “Tag Team Turmoil” Tournament. The semi-finals are set. In one semi-final, veteran Florida tag team the Heartbreak Express will battle the team of Afro Boy and Son of Tonga PATE. In the other semi-final match, The East Street Elite will take on the Hatchet City All-Stars. These four teams will be pulling out all the stops to win the coveted WXW World Tag Team Championship!

See these matches and all of your favorite WXW Superstars Friday March 6th at the Minneola Recreation Center!

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

To say there was a lot going on at NWA Charlotte’s third event would be an understatement. Not everything they tried worked, but the great majority of it did to where it was another very entertaining evening.

As different as the second show was from the first, this was even more different. There were times when I felt like more like a 90s ECW show than an NWA product. While it may not have been what the creative forces at NWA Charlotte envisioned, I have to say that it worked great with the crowd.

They drew over 500 to the NWA Coliseum for the third consecutive time. They had to be pleased considering the lousy weather.

Pre-show Truitt Fields was interviewed by Eddie Rich. Your basic gee whiz babyface promo but he looked great doing it.

The show opened with J.D. Costello and Executive Director of the NWA Bob Trobich in the ring. Trobich announced an NWA World Heavyweight Title Match for Charlotte in late May or early June – Champion Blue Demon vs. Adam Pearce. Costello said it would be the first NWA world title match to take place in Charlotte in 19 years and potentially, the first ever NWA title change in Charlotte. (Not so. Naoya Ogawa lost the title to Gary Steele at the NWA Convention show in Charlotte in 1999). Costello also announced a working relationship with Greg Price and his NWA Legend’s Convention that will involve shows on August 8 and 9 at the NWA Charlotte Coliseum. Costello said it would be a tribute to NWA Mid-Atlantic to give an indication of the caliber of legends.

(1) Josh Magnum beat Zack Salvation in 11:57. This was a superb match with spot on timing and execution. They were popping the crowd with all kinds of wild spots. It just wasn?t the right match to do as an opener because it so totally overshadowed the rest of undercard. Magnum looks a bit like Heath Ledger. The first crazy spot saw Magnum block a vertical suplex with a knee to the head and then gave Magnum a vertical suplex to the floor. Salvation hit a springboard twisting somersault dive to the outside. These guys were taking awesome bumps. Magnum took one from the top rope to the floor, bonking his head on the announcer’s table. Crowd chanted ?you suck? at Salvation. Salvation hit a quebradora for a near fall and focused his attack on Magnum’s back. Magnum escaped from a ropes-mounted crucifix powerbomb and hit a top rope sunset flip, but Salvation rolled through and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles. Salvation used a grounded cobra clutch. Magnum came back with a reverse Canadian backbreaker drop, then a superkick. Magnum went for a 450, but Malachi came out and pulled Salvation out of the ring. Salvation went for that psychotic crucifix powerbomb again, and in midair, Magnum hooked Salvation’s head with a huracanrana like a trapeze artist. A breathtaking finish.

Larry Zbysko was interviewed by Lodi. He got a much bigger pop that I expected. Zbysko said that after over 20 years, Baby Doll finally showed him the pictures of Dusty Rhodes in the envelope. Rather than bailing out the banks, Zbysko’s version of the proper stimulus package was to give every American 25 grand. Zbysko said he wasn?t sweating Phil Shatter’s physique. He had seen crumbled a lot big arms in his 35 years. Zbysko said he had the Western States Heritage belt in his attic since 1989 and he was still the undefeated champion.

(2) Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) beat Caleb Conley & Chris Mayne in 7:20. An Ok match. The crowd couldn?t really get into it after that amazing opener. Mayne doesn’t have a babyface look at all. The babyfaces went to work on Snapp early. Ego then beat up on Conley. The highlight was this double team flapjack variation. Snapp pinned Mayne with his version of the Black Hole Slam.

Daffney was interviewed by Eddie Rich. She got a great pop coming out. She said it was an honor to accompany MsChif’s at the last show. Krissy Vaine interrupted. She couldn?t get why MsChif would want Daffney when she could have had the most beautiful woman in pro wrestling in her corner. Vaine said Daffney was a has been and a never will be. Daffney said she had been in wrestling a lot longer than Vaine and was one of only two women to hold a man’s cruiserweight title (NWA Wrestle Birmingham). Vaine started running her egotistical mouth again. Daffney turned her back and started mocking Vaine. When she did so, Vaine pulled her down by the hair and slid out of the ring. Rich said this wasn?t the time or the place but the match would take place on March 14. Really good stuff. The crowd was into this angle.

(3) Kimo (Jeff G. Bailey) beat Gluteus Maximus via submission in 3:04. A decent squash. Maximus was a big schlub. Kimo makes a more effective as a monster against a babyface that generate sympathy. Fans were all for Maxiumus getting his gluteus kicked. Maximus ate a big chop as he came off the second rope. Kimo unleashed his martial arts attack. He grabbed Gluteus by the throat, delivered the kill shot the neck, and locked in the Information Extractor.

The postmatch was great as Kimo laid Tommy Young’s family tree of referees to waste. He choked out Young’s grandson, Ace and tossed son Tim Smith out of the ring. Then he left a security guard laying. Young came out to check on Ace.

Chaotic Agony joined Costello in the ring. Costello said he brought them up from that pits of Hendersonville to NWA Charlotte. Costello said they were young and hungry and reminded him of the Mod Squad. They showed clips from the early 80’s of Costello managing Spike & Basher in Memphis. Costello said he was going manage Chaotic Agony. Jeff Lewis came out with two new guys. Lewis said Agony didn?t look hungry. They looked like they were full of crap. Lewis said they were going to keep getting their rear ends handed to them every show. Lewis said the cameras loved him and the fans loved him. Costello said his own mama didn?t love him. Lewis said he was going to manage his guys against Costello and Chaotic Agony.

(4) Chaotic Agony (Ryan Chaos & Joey Agony with J.D. Costello) vs. T.K. Cross & Tim Thomas (with Jeff Lewis) ended as a no contest in 3:35 when Mikael Judas & Ryan O?Reilly interfered.

O?Reilly and Judas came out on the ramp. O?Reilly said every action deserves a reaction. This was some kind of reaction. The two monsters destroyed Chaotic Agony. Judas tossed Agony halfway across the ring with El Crucifijo with Agony taking a sick bump right on his neck. But that was just for openers. O?Reilly and Judas carted the gibronis to the back. Next thing you know, the spotlight hits the roof of the stage. Judas and O?Reilly tossed Agony and Chaos off the stage onto a pallet of cardboard boxes below. This was completely nuts. It was about an 8 foot drop to the top of the boxes. Agony’s landing was not good. In fact, it had to suck. Chaos did a flip bump into the boxes and appeared to make a safe landing, or at least as safe as such a thing can be. Fans were chanting ?one more time.?

During the intermission, the announcers served as judges for the best poster contest with $100 going to the winner.

(5) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) beat Malachi & Vordell (Walker) in 8:09. Smoking hot match here. You couldn?t ask for much better match with the time they were given. They all got a chance to shine. New Wave are improving by leaps and bounds. They?re working with a lot more confidence. Vordell was impressive. He’s explosive and his wrestling is smooth as silk. Vordell gave himself two points for a takedown. New Wave made him pay, as Vordell ate a double dropkick and took a powder. New Wave followed with tope con hilos in stereo. Walker about killed Walters with a wheelbarrow suplex. The heels beat on Driver. Vordell took a huge crotch bump off the middle rope for a double down. They did a great hot tag with Ace Armstrong’s count reaching nine and both men dove for tags. New Wave was really crisp with their combo moves. They hit a giant swing/dropkick and Walker saved. Walker went for a german suplex. Walters landed on his feet and Malachi immediately caught him with another german for a near fall. Walker called for the brainbuster. Not happening as New Wave took him out with a double superkick and finished Malachi with the Unskinny Bop.

Postmatch: Team Ego hit the ring. Snapp gave Walters the Black Hole Slam and Adam speared Driver to leave them laying.

Next up we had Lodi in the ring talking about Raven not being happy with him serving as a commentator with NWA Charlotte. Lodi said part of him still wanted to wrestle. Out came Sick Boy. I didn?t realize just how large a man he is, and pretty jacked up at that. Sick Boy said Raven had sent him to keep an eye on Lodi. He asked Lodi if had lost his mind for giving up wrestling. He asked Lodi if he had decided to reinvent himself as Johnny Polo. That line got a reaction. Sick Boy talked well, but this angle doesn?t appear to be resonating with a majority of the fan base.

Somebody pounded on the garage door. It opened and a hearse backed into the building. Getting this done was not exactly smooth sailing. Miss Tress (Melissa Coates) emerged from the hearse with an unnamed evil dude in black. He looked like a gothic version of Ivan Koloff. Turns out his name is Synn. Synn walked around trying to look menacing while Coates read a short poem. She ended it by repeating the mantra ?the time has come.? This segment bombed. The hearse was cool, but what a lame payoff. Who needs this guy when you already have Judas?

Zbysko came out to a big ?Larry? chant accompanied by Baby Doll with her newly won Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title. His opponent was NWA National Champion Phil Shatter. The deal was Shatter had to win to get back into the competition for the US Title. Shatter said if Baby Doll was so confident in Zbysko, why not put the Heritage title on the line? Baby Doll agreed.

(6) Phil Shatter beat Larry Zbysko (with Baby Doll) to win the Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title in 5:42. Not much of match but did it ever have heat. Zbysko looked to be in great shape for his age. Shatter looks like an NWA World Champion from back in the day. Shatter worked on Zbysko’s arm for a bit. When Shatter missed an elbow drop, Zbysko slapped him into a sleeper hold. Shatter made the ropes. Shatter raked Zbysko’s eyes and threatened to slug Baby Doll. Referee Tommy Young intervened. Shatter capitalized on the distraction with a low blow for the 1-2-3. Postmatch, Shatter punched Baby Doll in the face. A mark was ready to jump the rail after that one.

Lewis entered the ring with briefcase and a proposition for Shatter. He said Shatter had the NWA National Title and was back in the hunt for the US Title, so why did he need the Heritage belt? Lewis offered Shatter the contents of the briefcase for the belt. Lewis told the crowd he was worth more than all of their lives combined. Shatter thought about it and made the swap. Lewis introduced himself as the new NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Champion.

Brad Anderson appeared on the ramp carrying the style of wrestling boots worn by his father, Gene. Anderson said he couldn?t do a lot of fancy stuff, but what he could do was wrestle. Anderson said he was hanging around with Nature Boy Ric and David last weekend. Anderson said he and David were going to team up to crack heads. Anderson told Lewis he better be dressed to wrestle the next time.

As Lewis started to leave, ?2001: A Space Odyssey? started to play. Lewis looked like he was going to have a stroke. The music stopped. This was an awesome tease.

(7) Truitt Fields and Ryan O?Reilly went to a 10 minute (actually 9 minute) draw. Both men advanced in the competition for the US Title. Fields got the biggest pop of the night. Really strong back and forth match. O?Reilly is a monster, and they did a great job playing off the size difference. O?Reilly’s bumping was right on the money. He made Fields look like gold without exaggerating. Fields hit a rolling senton off the apron. O?Reilly took over with a shot into the rail. O?Reilly used a very convincing bear hug. Fields clapped O?Reilly’s ears and hit a satellite Russian leg sweep for a near fall. O?Reilly did a whip reversal that liked to have crippled Fields. O?Reilly pounded Fields on the outside, but Fields caught him with a DDT as he came through the ropes. They each blocked the other man’s finisher. O?Reilly missed with a massive top rope splash that drained every last drop of water out of the pool. Fields hit a flying bodypress and the bell rang at the count of two.

(8) Timber pinned Judas in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to eliminate him from the running for the US Title. Judas was flicking his bright red tongue in and out of his mouth. Sweet. Prior to the bell, Costello said the powers that be had agreed to make it falls count anywhere. It worked as an all-over-the-building brawl, because it had that air of danger. These were two huge men in tight quarters, and fans were keeping their distance. The action quickly spilled to the outside with some high impact spots on the ramp. Great sound effects there. They brawled onto the stage where Timber creamed Judas with a giant metal tub. They fought all over the building, into the concession stand and up to the top row of the bleachers. They really needed to turn the house lights on for this. Judas got two near falls. The first one came after slinging Timber through a section of seats and beating on him with a chair. For the second one, he sent Timber tumbling down the bleachers. Timber did a back suplex on the ramp, and Judas kicked out of his delayed one-armed cover. Back inside the ring, Timber missed on an insane skytwister leg drop. Judas went for Timber’s barbed wire ax. Timber ducked and hit a spinebuster. Judas reached up and grabbed Timber by the throat. Sick Boy ran down to distract. Timber clobbered Judas with the barbed wire ax, drawing a small amount of hardway blood. Timber then pinned Judas with a moonsault.

NOTES: Last night’s show was another television taping with Lodi and Tim Dixon doing commentary. The company is looking at running a 30 minute weekly television show in Charlotte when they are able to obtain a suitable sponsor?J.T. Talent (NWA Anarchy), B.J Hancock (APW) and Brett Wolverton (announcer for UCW Greenville and APW) and Dan Masters (announcer for SAW and World-1 South) were in the house?Timber, Shatter, Fields, O?Reilly and Raven, who received a bye last night, are all still in the running for the US Title.