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PRESS RELEASE: EvoLucha! Luck of the Draw 03.14.2009

Los Angeles, CA 03.01.09 ? ?Keep the Dream Alive? After another succesful show in February, Evolucha is once again bringing the pain on March 14, 2009 to Newhall, CA as it presents the ?Luck of the Draw?

It seems the creative minds of the Evolucha booking committee decided to add a little bit of the irish luck this show in honor of St Patricks Day. They have added a twist to each bout. These are not to be just your everyday run of the mill matches. There will be a drawing to determine what type of match these men will fight! The matches already announced are:

Raunchy Rico Dynamite & Famous B w/ Jezabel ?vs- Damien Arsenick & Loucha Machine

(Possible stipulations: 2/3 fall, Tag anyone or Elimination)

Will DamienArsenick & Loucha Machine prove that they have what it takes to takedown the oh so cocky & arrogant Famous B? Or will Raunchy Rico Dynamite really have B’s back?

Steve Pain ?vs- Playboy Clay Motley

(Possible stipulations: Lumber-Jack, Brass Knuckle or Last Man Standing Match)

Teacher versus student, friend versus friend, who will prevail?

The Nobodies ?vs- the Poor Horseman

(Possible stipulations: First Blood, Chairs or Tornado Tag Match)

The ever so popular Poor Horseman will go toe to toe with the frustrated bitter pack of Nobodies. Who will conquer all?

As for the other contenders, they will draw to determine who fights whom? Everyone is eligible, whether friend or foe? Who will have the luck of the draw? Anything can happen!

Live in Action! ?The Human Horror Show? Supreme, ?The Exotic One? Angel, ?Brawlin?? Bo Cooper, ?Whit Trash? Johnny Webb, BC Killer, ?The Rookie? ?88 and many more!

Check out all the action:

Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy Presents:
EvoLucha Entertainment Wrestling in

Luck of the Draw
Saturday Night March 14, 2009
American Legion Hall
24527 Spruce St.
Newhall, CA. 91321
Doors open @ 7:00pm Bell time @ 7:30pm
TICKETS $10 – Full Bar for 21+

For more info: www.SantinoBros.com or call the hotline: (323) 960-5012

Check out our youtube videos!

Supreme talks about the economy ?.er maybe not

Famous B w/ Jezabel talk about the big Tag Match!

Damien Arsenick & Loucha Machine get ready for their BIG match!

Rico Dynamite is Raunchy!

Clay Motley has words for Steve Pain!

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WSU Returns on 3/7 with our “2nd Anniversary Show” & “WSU Womens Hall of Fame” Ceremony

What: WSU, the northeast leader in womens wrestling returns with our biggest show ever!
When: Saturday March 7th, 2009
Where: The Darress Theatre in Boonton, NJ
Address: 615 Main Street, Boonton, NJ
Hall of Fame Ceremony: 4PM
WSU 2nd Anniversary Show Bell Time: 5PM
Meet & Greet: During Intermission & at the POST SHOW PARTY
Post Show Party: The Boonton Ave Grille, 108 Boonton Ave (Many WSU stars will be appearing and you can meet/greet & dine/wine with the WSU roster. There will be giveaways during this party.)


$20 Stage Seating (Limited tickets will be released the day of the show, all internet tix are sold out)
$15 General Admission

WSU returns on March 7th with our second year anniversary. To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, WSU will be presenting two special events, as WSU will be inducting three special women as the first members of the WSU Womens Wrestling Hall of Fame! Following the HOF ceremony, WSU will present our 2nd Anniversary show, a show that is gearing up to be the biggest show ever in WSU History!

Hall of Fame Ceremony Details:
WSU will be honoring and inducting Missy Hyatt, Malia Hosaka & Sherri Martel. These three special women make up the first ever class to be inducted into the WSU Womens Wrestling Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will be hosted by WSU Commentator Sean Hanson.

Former WSU Tag Team Champion & 2008 WSU Uncensored Rumble Winner “Pryme-Tyme” Amy Lee will be inducting Sherri Martel. Lee & Martel shared locker rooms and stories throughout each others careers, and even the very outspoken Amy Lee is humbled to be the one to talk about Sherri on 3/7. Accepting on behalf of Mar tel is Martel’s long-time friend Kathy Fitzpatrick.

Missy Sampson, who has been with WSU from day one, and is currently 1/2 of Team Wigwam, will be inducting someone who shares her first name, as Sampson will be inducting “The First Lady of Wrestling” Missy Hyatt. Ironically Sampson took care of someone at one of WSU’s earlier shows who didn’t respect Missy Hyatt’s name in the wrestling business. Sampson has tons of respect for Missy Hyatt and feels honored to enshrine Hyatt on this day.

Lastly, the other member of Team Wigwam, Alere Little Feather, will be inducting her mentor, Malia Hosaka into the WSU HOF. Hosaka has been very influential in the career of Alere Little Feather and ALF looks to give back to someone who helped pave the way for her.

The WSU Hall of Fame will be emceed by WSU commentator Sean Hanson.

WSU 2nd Anniversary Show Match Line-Up

(Participants Must Touch All Four Corners Before Attempting a Pinfall or Submission. MUST BE A WINNER!!!)
Special Referee: Alicia
Title Vs Hair – If Orsini retains, Mercedes Martinez must shave her head
(c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez

“Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee vs Awesome Kong

Rain vs Malia Hosaka

Latasha vs Jana

Cindy Rogers vs Jetta

Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison vs Team Wigwam (Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson)

Mickie Knuckles vs Roxxie Cotton

(c) Brooke Carter & Miss April vs Melissa Coates & Trixxie Lynn

All this & much more! You never know what will happen or who will show up next!!!

For more information, visit WSUWrestling.com


WSU Championship Match
Bullrope Match< br>Mercedes Martinez vs (c) Angel Orsini
Special Guest Referee: Alicia
If Mercedes Martinez loses, she will have her head shaved by Orsini


Awesome Kong vs Amy Lee


Special Challenge Match
Malia Hosaka vs Rain


International Incident Match
The Returning Cindy Rogers vs UK’s Jetta


Tag Team Warfare!
Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson vs Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison


First Time Ever
Battle of the Soul Sisters
Jana vs Latasha



Roxxie Cotton vs Mickie Knuckles




Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini have had the most storied feud ever in WSU. From classic technical wrestling matches, to knock-em down drag out brawls to insane steel cage matches, these two have done it all. It seems that time after time Martinez has had Orsini’s number, only for Orsini to escape with the WSU cham pionship every time. Orsini has outsmarted Martinez in the past. Orsini has taken advantage of referee miscues and interference in the past. However, there will not be a chance for any outside factors to influence this match.

In this upcoming epic encounter, everything is on the line, from the WSU Championship to Martinez’s pride. With WSU referees not being able to control the action during the last Orsini/Martinez bout, Jackie Moore acting on behalf of the WSU Commissioner named former 2-time WSU Champion Alicia as special referee!

However, the stakes are even higher. To make sure Orsini can’t escape or get away from Martinez, the two will battle in a bullrope match! The rules of this bullrope match are that both women will be tied to a bullrope. Both participants must touch all four corners of the ring before being allowed to go for a pinfall or submission. Martinez has stated she’s looking forward to this match because there will be no fluke pins and Martinez can enjoy beating down and getting her revenge on Orsini.

But Orsini has plans of her own. After defeating Martinez in a steel cage, Orsini believes she has nothing to prove, despite beating Martinez in the past by hook and crook. Orsini only accepted this match under the condition that if Orsini wins, Orsini gets the pleasure of shaving Martinez’s head! In previous interviews that aired on WSU Online TV (available at WSUWrestling.com) Orsini has stated that the way to emasculate a female is to cut her hair off at the roots.

It will be title vs hair this Saturday. Either WSU will have a new champion or a bald as a cueball former #1 contender. And one must wonder, what role will Alicia exactly play in this match?

In WSU’s two year history, there has never been another star like Amy Lee. What once started as the most formidable big women team in all of womens wrestling, Amy Lee & Awesome Kong found themselves at opposite ends of the ring at WSU’s first anniversary show last year. The match was one of the most brutal and barbaric matches in WSU history that ended when Kong had Lee in a submission hold and Lee passed out from a mix of blood loss & pain. Lee never gave up but the ref stopped the match.

On June 21st, 2008, the two battled again, this time with Lee coming up on top as the victor of the match. The two were supposed to team up on 1/10/09 but due to injury Kong didn’t make the event. Lee felt snubbed that Kong didnt’ even tell her about the injury ahead of time. Lee challenged Kong on WSU TV to a Last Woman Standing match and Kong has accepted. It’s signed sealed and delivered, as it will be Kong vs Lee III, and the only way to win is by leaving your opponent motionless for a long 10 seconds.


The Soul Sisters were one of WSU’s most exciting and colorful teams. They brought pride, fun and enthusiasm to every match they had. However, in recent months, a split seemed like it was coming between the two, as Jana & Latasha lost several tag matches. On 1/10, the final straw was placed on the camel’s back, as Jana flipped out on what she thought was a pregnant Latasha. Jana destroyed Latasha. However, we found out that Latasha was never really pregnant and Latasha is looking for revenge on the girl who used to be her best friend and who was her “Soul Sister”. This is going to be a very emotional and heated match. Who will strike first blood?


Mickie Knuckles, who debuted at WSU’s First Anniversary show, returns at WSU’s second anniversary show as she takes on Beatdown Betty and former 2-time tag team champion Roxxie Cotton. Knuckles who was injured a year ago, will be making her return to the northeast in WSU. Cotton has had a busy few months in WSU. Together with Annie Social, the two won the WSU Tag Team Title tournament to become the first ever WSU Tag Team champions. However, their running mate, Rick Cataldo found himself suspended from WSU for a while. During this time Roxxie & Annie grew closer as a team and their losing streak was a thing of the past.

On 1/10/09, the unpredictable team of Taylor Wilde & Amy Lee were able to defeat the Betties, much to Rick Cataldo’s chagrin, as Rick felt like the black sheep of the Beatdown Betty family. However, during an ensuing rematch, Cataldo got himself involved in the match, and actually pinned then-champion Amy Lee, with his Betty running matches. All three members were named tag team champions under the Freebird rule.

During this time, a huge wedge was placed between Social and Cataldo as neither sees eye-to-eye. Both want the other member out of The Betties. Roxxie Cotton is left in the middle. Both Social & Cataldo want Roxxie to take their side. But where does Roxxie’s loyalty lie?

On 2/7/09, The Betties were shockingly defeated for the WSU Tag Belts by Brooke Carter & Miss April. Social & Cotton took the loss for the Betties, as Roxxie flipped a coin about which member of the Betties would defend the belts with her that day. Social unfortunately took the pin in the match. It would only get worse, as on WSU online tv we saw that Social was attacked after the match leaving her injured and unable to compete on 3/7 at the Anniversary show. Cataldo is the main suspect in this attack, but there is no proof linking him to the crime.

Cataldo will back Roxxie Cotton in this match, as he looks to win her over to his side. With Annie out of the building, will Rick & Roxxie become the formidable duo that they once were only less than 2 years ago? A win over Mickie Knuckles would be huge for Roxxie Cotton and with Rick in her corner it is possible. We’ll see what Mickie has to say on 3/7!

Team Wigwam will battle the mentor/student team of Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison on 3/7. This feud has been brewing since June 21st, 2008, when Kylie Pierce viciously kicked Alere Little Feather in the back of the neck, sending ALF straight to the hospital. Alere made her return on 1/10/09, but Pierce & Morrison were able t o sneak a win, as Pierced announced Morrison as her new protege before the match. Now that Team Wigwam knows both wrestlers in the ring, you can bet that fireworks will go off when these two rival teams square off. One must not forget how Orsini paid Pierce & Morrison to help her in her steel cage match on 1/10, only for Team Wigwam to avenge a loss earlier in the night by taking Pierce & Morrison out.

In a world where the WSU Tag Team championships are looking for stability, this is a major match that should give us more insight into the WSU Tag Team pecking order.


Cindy Rogers, one of WSU’s originals, finally makes her return to the ring after injuries & medical conditions. With the backing of Molly Holly (As seen on the WSU 10/11/08 DVD), Cindy returns to the ring stronger and better than ever before. However, she will have to take on UK’s Jetta! Jetta has been making quite a name for herself all over the world. Jetta contacted WSU and requested one of the best that WSU has to offer. With Rogers ready to return, Rogers wanted this match as she wants to prove herself against someone with considerable talent. This match will be like a chess match as both women have similar styles. Who will outlast who in what should be a technical masterpiece?


Rain has only been part of WSU since January, and already she’s one of WSU’s most hated. After defeating Rachel Summerlyn in back-to-back matches, Rain got herself involved in the WSU Championship picture, as it was her interference that led to Orsini’s defeat over Martinez in the steel cage match on 1/10. Now Rain looks to spoil another fan favorite’s night on 3/7, as Rain will challenge the soon-to-be WSU Hall of Famer Malia Hosaka. Rain has no respect for Malia and specifically wanted this match to “RAIN” on Malia’s parade. It won’t be easy, as the classy and talented Malia Hosaka looks to make sure it’s all clear sailing on 3/7. Two very talented women will square off in this match as both want to prove to the wrestling world their superiority over each other.


The WSU Tag Team Titles have been like hot potatoes in 2009. The new WSU Tag Team Champions, Miss April & Brooke Carter look to change all that, as they face the undefeated duo of the Bad Ass Beauties, Melissa Coates & Trixxie Lynn. Coates & Lynn have victories in matches over April & Carter in the past and this time they look to make it a golden victory on 3/7. The champs give up size, experience & knowledge to the challengers, but the champs look more confident ever since winning the championship, particularly Miss April. April has been on a role in WSU, even called “WSU’s Rookie of the Year” by industry experts. After winning the WSU tag team titles with Carter, April pushed WSU Champion Angel Orsini to the limit in a match that aired on WSU Online TV. With Carter dumping dead weight and teaming with the talented and skyrocketing Miss April, the WSU Tag Belts might not be going anywhere away from this dynamic duo.


Make sure to check out WSUWrestling.com for all the newest WSU DVDs. Also on WSUWrestling.com is exclusive WSU TV that you can watch online. The TV includes full-length matches. Don’t miss out!

Join us live and celebrate WSU’s 2nd birthday with all of the WSU stars. WSU is going all out for this event and hopes to see you there!

WSU Returns on 3/7 with our “2nd Anniversary Show” & “WSU Womens Hall of Fame” Ceremony

What: WSU, the northeast leader in womens wrestling returns with our biggest show ever!
When: Saturday March 7th, 2009
Where: The Darress Theatre in Boonton, NJ
Address: 615 Main Street, Boonton, NJ
Hall of Fame Ceremony: 4PM
WSU 2nd Anniversary Show Bell Time: 5PM
Meet & Greet: During Intermission & at the POST SHOW PARTY
Post Show Party: The Boonton Ave Grille, 108 Boonton Ave (Many WSU stars will be appearing and you can meet/greet & dine/wine with the WSU roster. There will be giveaways during this party.)