ROH on HDNet Recap – 2/15/10

ROH on HDNet Recap
February 15, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Reported by: Anthony J. Valvo of

We began the show with a clip of Erick Stevens turning on Necro Butcher and joining Prince Nana and The Embassy. Stevens cut a taped promo stating that he did not care about the fans. He wanted to be a winner and The Embassy was the place to become a winner. We then got a clip of Necro’s taped promo and he was upset with the fact that Stevens listened to Nana. He does not understand as to why The Embassy attacks him. Stevens said in the promo that it was business and he knows that Necro has a family to feed?but he does not give a ?damn? about his family. Necro continued on about his family. Necro mentioned his family and how he liked to spend time with them. But now Necro’s family is a little tense because of the situation in front of him. Stevens said all he cared about are wins. Necro said his kids are his life, and hated when he can?t watch a show with them because he is injured. Necro mentioned that The Embassy tried to take him out with Bison Smith and Jimmy Rave, but they failed to do the job and he was still standing. Stevens concluded his portion of the taped promo when he said that nothing will stop him of achieving his goals. Necro ended his by saying ?be careful what you wish for.?

Kidd Russell’s Music plays??It’s Showtime!

Mike Hogewood welcomed us to the show and had Breaking News! Tyler Black is your NEW Ring of Honor World Champion! Prazak thought that Austin Aries would have continued his reign, but Black shocked the world (and Prazak himself) as the ROH Champ. Hogewood then told us the main event was going to be a good one, as Kevin Steen will take on Delirious in a Pick 6 Contenders Match. But now, let the viewer watch the action!

Match #1: Erick Stevens and Joey Ryan (w/Mr. Ernesto Osiris and Prince Nana) vs. The Necro Butcher and Eddie Kingston

No Code of Honor here as Team Embassy began to stomp away on Kingston and Necro. Stevens punched away on Necro, but was dumped out over a corner. While that occurred, Kingston dumped Ryan over the top rope and now all four are brawling from outside the ring! Kingston whipped Ryan into the barricade and Necro was gouging the eyes of Stevens. Kingston whipped Ryan once again onto the barricade while Necro was clubbing away on Stevens. Necro then rammed Stevens? head on the barricade , while Kingston continued the advantage on Ryan. Stevens did get a few shots in, but Necro then fought that off and entered the ring.

Necro then went back outside the ring (because he wanted to break the 20-count by the referee) and he just flat out punched Stevens in the head! Kingston now worked on Stevens outside the ring and Necro focused on Ryan. While Kingston continued to maul Stevens, Necro got out a handy plastic bag and started to suffocate Joey Ryan! Necro then picked up Ryan and launched him into Row 2. Kingston was still brawling Stevens successfully. Necro pulled the protective mat and placed it over Ryan. Necro then hit a backsplash on the mat.

Stevens finally entered the ring and Kingston tried to follow suit, but he was held back by Prince Nana. Kingston then focused on Nana and Stevens shoved Kingston from behind and onto the barricade. Necro went to Kingston to see if he was alright. Ryan then got back up and attacked Necro while pushing Kingston into the ring. Stevens then worked the back of Kingston with some knee strikes. Stevens then applied a chinlock while his knee was pressed on Kingston’s back, but Kingston grabbed the ropes and the hold was broken. Stevens showed good awareness, and started to choke the life of Kingston. Ryan then moved to the corner and Ryan was tagged in. Ryan attacked at the corner with some knees and then distracted the referee by ?bringing sleazy back?. Stevens took advantage by choking Kingston from behind. Ryan then stomped on Kingston a bit and then applied a chinlock. Ryan then did a sit down abdominal stretch while raking his elbow to Kingston’s ribs. Kingston hip tossed Ryan to break the hold, but walked right into a right hand by Stevens. Ryan with a big kick to the head and then he tagged in Stevens. Stevens then kicked Kingston and then focused briefly on Necro. While Necro was being pushed away to his corner by the referee both Ryan and Stevens assault Kingston. Stevens then scooped up Kingston, rammed him to a corner, and then did a powerslam. After a cover, Stevens started to attack Kingston with elbows to the trap muscles. Kingston tried to come back with some chops, but Steven kneed Kingston in the chest and tagged in Ryan.

After Ryan attempted to win by pinfall, Kingston fought back with some chops and the landed a belly-to-belly suplex on Ryan. Kingston then gained enough energy to tag in Necro. Necro then just wailed on both opponents, as Necro was punching and chopping Stevens at a corner while punching Ryan away from the action. Necro then pushed Stevens into Ryan and then clotheslined Stevens over the top rope. Kingston then held both men up and Necro attempted something high risk. However, Ernesto Osiris grabbed a chair and tried to hit Necro with the chair. Necro grabbed the chair away from Osiris and chased him off. The Embassy were outside the ring looking at Necro (with a chair) and Kingston. After a brief conversation, the match was over.

Finish: The Embassy walked back to the entrance ramp and Erick Stevens was none too happy. The referee in charge counted to 20 and the ending was a countout.

Winners by Countout: The Necro Butcher and Eddie Kingston

Grade: C+.

Kyle Durden is now backstage with Steven Corino and Kevin Steen. Durden asked about El Generico and Steen shushed Durden. Steen told Durden for the sake of his career, he would never utter Generico’s name again. Steen asked Durden if he ever looked in the mirror and felt sick. Steen felt it. And at Final Battle, Steen got clarity and thanks to Corino he took out El Generico. Steen said things are clearer, and he wanted Durden to imagine what he will do to another masked man in Delirious. Steen said that things are just getting started, kissed Durden’s forehead, and left with Corino.

Match #2: ?Skullkrusher? Rasche Brown vs. Christian Moreno

No code here again, as Moreno just started punching away on Brown. Brown no-sold the attack while Shane Hagadorn scouted Brown. Brown then destroyed this young man’s career with an open palm to the throat of Moreno, a horrifying clothesline, and with Mike Hogewood slapping his porpoise.

Finish: The Skullkrusher laid the Burning Hammer on Moreno and got the pinfall victory in Goldbergesque time.

Winner by Pinfall: ?Skullkrusher? Rasche Brown

Grade: D-.

After the match, Shane Hagadorn looked pleased about this potential free agent.

The viewer was then shown a highlights package of the main even from last week between The Young Bucks and The American Wolves. For those who did not see it, I really think that you should take a look at this match. Easily the best tag team match of 2010 so far. Also during the match, The Briscoes announced that the winner would get a title shot.

So, in the end Matt Jackson jackknife pinned Davey Richards and?

NEXT WEEK: The Briscoes will defend their ROH Tag Titles against The Young Bucks.

We then got a Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) promo. It would have been cool, but we saw the same package from two weeks ago. I am not impressed.

Jim Cornette then spoke for a few moments about the upcoming changes in Ring of Honor. He has been reading a lot of e-mails and he actually got one from ?Jim? stating that the old (CENSORED) should get out of the way! Cornette said that ?Jim? is right and that ROH has the youngest most talented wrestlers today. He also announced some dates for upcoming shows. On March 8, HDNet will be seeing a TV Title Tournament to determine who will be the first ever ROH TV Champion. On March 26 and 27, ROH will be in Phoenix, AZ for a couple of shows. And finally on April 3, ROH will invade Charlotte, NC. Cornette, have you suggested Pittsburgh, PA? It would be awesome if you can get ROH in the Golden Dome in Monaca, PA.

Back to the action?

Match #3: Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) vs. Sonjay Dutt and Andy ?Right Leg? Ridge

Before the match, Sonjay Dutt cut a promo. He addressed after months later after his return to ROH, the roster lacked swagger. Dutt sarcastically agreed with the crowd and said that he was ‘swag-tastic?. The crowd told him to shut the ?f? up. Dutt silenced them and told the crowd that he had something to say. Dutt built up Ridge and said that Ridge will bring some swagger back to ROH. Ridge then did the ?Flair Strut?. Now, Dutt wanted the bell run and the match to start.

After the Code of Honor, Ridge and Cloudy began the match. Ridge began the match with a headlock takedown, but Cloudy was able to turn it into a head scissors hold. Both men escaped. After the same move set, Cloudy gained the advantage with a nice dropkick. Ridge then with a kick to Cloudy and a tag was made to Dutt. Cloudy came back with an armdrag takedown. Dutt got back up and elbowed Cloudy. However, Dutt did too much showboating and Cloudy got a boot to Dutt’s face. Cheech with the tag and now Up In Smoke do a couple of body splashes to the corner. Cloudy then hit the suplex and Cheech nailed a nice slingshot back senton on Dutt. Cheech then does the ?Flair strut?. Cheech then placed Dutt at the corner and delivered a punch, but Dutt caught him in transition and shoved him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Dutt then punched and stomped the chest of Cheech and whipped him to another corner for a backsplash. Ridge is tagged in and he did a snap mare/victim kick combination. Dutt is then tagged and Dutt punched away on Cheech. Dutt then placed a perfect dropkick on Cheech and attempted the pinfall victory.

After not getting the pinfall set on Cheech, Dutt tagged in Ridge. After a couple of punches, Ridge placed Cheech up on the top. Ridge then hit punches on Cheech from the top, but Cheech punched Ridge off of the corner and did a cartwheel off the turnbuckle. Cheech kicked Ridge in the gut, but Dutt hit Ridge with a clothesline from the side of the ring and momentum was stopped. Dutt is tagged in and while Ridge was running off the ropes, he collided with Dutt. Cloudy now got tagged in and pushed Ridge into Dutt. Ridge is then dumped out of the ring. Cloudy executed the cutter on Dutt and attempted the cover. Dutt walked to the corner and as Cloudy attempted a corner move, Dutt countered it with the Bombay Boom. Dutt then hit a perfect springboard dropkick. Ridge is now tagged in and he kicked Cloudy around a bit. After an punch by Ridge, Dutt grabbed hold of Cloudy. Ridge then attempted a move on Cloudy, but Cloudy ducked out of the way and hit Dutt instead! Cheech is not tagged in and Up In Smoke hit the 619/kick to the back combination on Ridge. Then we get what I consider a minor upset

Finish: Cloudy stood on Cheech’s shoulders and hit the Tidal Wave (flipping senton off of Cheech’s shoulders). Cloudy pinned Ridge for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: Up In Smoke

Grade: C+.

After the match, Dutt helped Ridge up and said he did alright. However, he proved to the viewers that he does ?not? have swagger. Dutt then clotheslined Ridge and put him in the Camel Clutch.

Next Week: The Young Bucks vs. The Briscoes for the Tag Team Championship

We then got the Briscoes in a taped promo. Jay said they are the six-time ROH Tag Team Champs and no one comes close. They admit that The Bucks surprised them last time, but this match is for the titles and they will be ready. The guns will be blazing in that match.

And now, the moment I have been waiting for?THE MAIN EVENT!!

Pick 6 Contenders Series Match

Match #4: Kevin Steen vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)

No Code of Honor here, as Steen refused the handshake.

The bell run and Delirious goes crazy, however Steen did not move. Delirious then stared at Steen. Steen with a knee, but failed to hit the package piledriver. Delirious countered with some knees and chops. Steen got momentum back with a kick and a club to the back. Delirious came back with some elbows, but Steen grounded Delirious and attempted the Sharpshooter, but Delirious fought off and hit the hip toss on Steen. Steen left the ring and started playing mind games with the crowd and Delirious. He then entered the ring for a second, but left the ring to break the outside count. Then for a while Delirious went out of the ring, and then Steen went back in the ring and vice versa. Finally, Steen exited the ring, but Delirious did not get fooled again and started to punch and chop away from the outside.

Steen then dropped an elbow on Delirious and attempted a Package Piledriver from the outside, but Delirious countered this with a whip to the barricade. Delirious grabbed a hat and covered Steen’s face with it. Delirious attempted high-risk, but Steen grabbed hold of Delirious? arm and snapped it on the ropes! Both men then are out of the ring and Steen wrapped his arm around the ring post. Steen then rammed Delirious shoulder-first to the post. Steen continued the attack by ramming Delirious face first into the barricade. Steen then stood on the chair and soaked in the fans reactions to this.

Delirious fought back, but Steen took his arm out. Delirious then held a whip, but Steen continued to attack the bad arm. Steen then went off the rope and hit an enzugiri on Delirious. Steen then grounded Delirious some more by ramming his head on the injured arm. Steen the twisted the arm and executed the hammerlock. Then Steen hit a good looking Canadian Leg Sweep. Steen the posed and licked his bicep a bit for some reason. Delirious gained a bit of a breather and tried to punch and headbutt his way out of danger. However, Steen lifted him up and hit a devastating shoulderbreaker. Steen with the cover, but only got a two count from the ref in charge.

Delirious with a kick, but Steen grounded him more. Steen then taunted the crowd, in which Delirious took advantage of that with a roll-up, but only got a two count. Steen then attempted a vertical suplex, but Delirious fought that off and hit the snap suplex. Steen was back on his feet and continued to work on the injured arm of Delirious. Delirious tried to fight off Steen, but Steen continued the beat down. Delirious is on the ropes now and was able to escape further punishment when he held on to the bottom rope, which caused a running Steen to fall and land outside the ring. Delirious then went up top and did a Top Rope Somersault onto Steen (looked very well). Delirious placed Steen back in the ring and went high-risk again, but he missed. However, Delirious followed through and delivered a DDT on Steen. After a failed Cobra Stretch hold, both men exchanged blows. Delirious ended that sequence with a Leaping Lariat. After a cover, Steen then punched away and then destroyed Delirious with a Powerbomb. Steen then applied the Sharpshooter on Delirious, but there was a rope break.

Delirious countered out of a Package Piledriver (very original counter, check it out) and punched Steen. But Steen grabbed hold of Delirious? injury and hit Divorce Court! Steen then went up top for the Swanton Bomb, but Delirious got his knees up and Steen’s back was temporarily injured. Delirious then grabbed hold of Steen and hit a clutch-like Suplex and covered Steen for a two count.

Steve Corino then entered the ring area. Delirious started to yell at Corino. Steen took advantage of this by kicking Delirious. Steen then set up and delivered the Steen Breaker. Steen attempted the cover, but still Delirious kicked out at two! Delirious is now at the corner and Steen attempted (but failed) the cannonball. Delirious went up top to hit Shadows over Hell, but?

Finish: Kevin Steen grabbed hold of Delirious? injured arm and executed the Crossface. Delirious tapped out very easily. ROH, give Mr. Steen $2500!

Winner by Submission: Kevin Steen

Grade: B (but leaning toward B+).

After the match, Corino and Steen shook hands.

Next Week (other than the Tag Title match): More on Tyler Black winning his first Ring of Honor World Championship.

Quick Results:
The Necro Butcher and Eddie Kingston def. Joey Ryan and Erick Stevens via countout
?Skullkrusher? Rasche Brown def. Christian Moreno via pinfall
Up In Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) def. Sonjay Dutt and Andy Ridge via pinfall
Kevin Steen def. Delirious via submission to earn a spot in the Pick 6 Contenders Series
Rasche Brown’s Burning Hammer on Christian Moreno slapped Mike Hogewood’s Porpoise

Overall Results

Well, since I do have another column to work on I will keep this short, but effective.

The opening segment with the taped promos of Necro Butcher and Erick Stevens were done well. It really got my attention and I could not wait for the match between their teams. As for the match, it was decent. However, it told a heck of a story as The Embassy ran off to fight another day. I for one liked the ending to this match. It is usually not the way it ends for ROH matches, but it was done well. Overall, that was a great chapter in this story.

Steen and Corino’s promo with Durden was great. Steen is still unbalanced in his character, but it is a good thing to see. He does have a great thing going with Corino and I look forward to seeing more of this in the future. I will get to their match in a bit.

Rasche Brown killed a jobber, end of story. On a side note, Brown has some real power and I would love to see what he can do in the future. Is this a stepping stone of things to come for Brown (now that he is signed to a deal with ROH), or will be this be a Vladimir Kozlov-like push (remember Kozlov destroyed jobbers and now is not really doing much in the WWE).

Up In Smoke really impressed today. They have come a long way on television and I knew it was a matter of time before they may get a win after a good showing against The Briscoes. However, getting a victory over Sonjay Dutt may be a good sign and could keep Up In Smoke on HDNet for a while. I would not mind seeing that. However, the grade was a bit on the low side because of the lack of storytelling with this match. Dutt was the best here, as he took out the young Ridge after the defeat.

The main event I thought was really good. It showed us something that we have not seen in a couple weeks, a good story inside the ring. Steen picking a part of Delirious? body and working on it was great. I noticed at first that Delirious would get right back up, but then I realized that it was not the legs that were injured on Delirious. By the way, Delirious really sold the injured left arm. I loved the finish of their match, as it was the best I have seen from ROH in a while. Both men overall came a long way since they debuted on television and I for one am not worried about either of them.

Overall, the segments were mainly taped except for Dutt’s promo and the matches were pretty solid. So tonight, I give the overall show a?

Overall Grade: B-

-Mr. V’s pick three of the evening-

Wrestler of the Night: Kevin Steen

Steen was the all-around best wrestler of the night. He was able to pick a part of Delirious? body and attack it nicely. He told a story in every aspect today.

Disappointment of the Night: The Embassy

Though I enjoyed the match and it had a great finish, I guess I can sarcastically state that I am disappointed because they fled from the match. However, the storyline continues and I have no problem with that.

Surprise of the Night: Delirious

He is proof that you can be outstanding in all aspects in the ring and now have to say a word. Plus, I for one saw improvements in all aspects of his game plan. If he would have scored the win, he would easily have been Wrestler of the Night.

Well, that does it for me tonight. I wish you all a pleasant week and I thank you for reading this recap. I will provide another one for you sometime over the weekend. Take care everyone!!


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Thanks for reading and I will be back with another ?From the Desk of Mr. V? on Thursday.