Indy News #1: February 17

OSCW Wrestling sent this in:

Mark your calendars for our next event:

Sunday, March 1 st
Weekend’s Pub
428 Red Bank Rd
Goose Creek, SC
Bell Time 6 pm

Adult Admission $8
Kids 12 & under only $5

Chris Mordetzky, who was formerly known as “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters (former WWE superstar) will be teaming with “The Insane” Asylum and facing off againt “The American Nightmare” Sixx and Bigg Hoss.
This should be quite a match of “monsters”

Universal Title Match: Lodi vs. Juggalo Johnny Blaze.

Plus many more exciting matches scheduled………….Don’t Miss It!
www. oscwonline. com or call (843) 743-4800

Mark your calendars for the April 26 th event while you’re at it! Announcement to be made very soon regarding a special guest for that evening………you won’t want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Card Subject to Change

EvoLucha sent this in:

EvoLucha Entertainment Wrestling
Results for Loves Hurts: 02.14.2009
Newhall, CA. 91321
Attendance: 127

Rico Dynamite defeated Rookie ’88 via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf (9:34)

Damien Arsenick defeated Shane “The Mac” Wells via DQ (10:48)
after Famous B interfered and superkicked Arsenik

Angel w/BFF Amanda defeated Johnny Neumonic via Keyboard Smash (9:05)
after Amanda hit Neumonic with a computer keyboard behind the referee’s back

Team Body Count defeated The Poor Horsemen via Vader Splash by BC Killer (11:52)

Famous B w/ Jezabel defeated Lucha Machine via a devastating Elevated DDT (10:18)

Steve Pain defeated “Playboy” Clay Motley via Top Rope Power Bomb. (18:55 )
Special Guest Referee The Human Tornado

Supreme and Bo Cooper defeated The Nobodies via double chair dropkick on JOK (7:59)

*Pictures coming soon!
Goto for more info!

In-Depth Review
By: Brian Winbush

Candy, cards, flowers, and balloons is how some spent their Valentine’s Day but those in attendance in Newhall, Ca at the American Legion Hall spent there’s with punches, bruises, and chairs. Yes Evolucha was back in full effect last Sat February 14th 2009 as they presented Love Hurts. Here’s the results:

Joey Rico Dynamite vs. ’88

’88 gets the crowd hyped at the start of this one. Feeling upstaged JRD poses and flexes his muscle in response. JRD gets the upper hand over powering ’88 then applying a side headlock. JRD blows kisses to the crowd or maybe just to one lucky lady. ’88 responds with a high flying quesadora from the second rope followed by some lightning quick arm drags. ’88 tries another quesadora only to have it countered into a devastating back breaker. JRD throws ’88 into the turnbuckle from a power bomb position followed by a vertical suplex. ’88 surprises JRD with a quick sunset flip pin attempt only to be clotheslined back down to the mat. JRD perches 88 on the top rope and delivers a superplex for a near fall. Mad he didn’t get the 3 count he pushes the ref on his wallet. Giving 88 time to recover the match spills to the outside 88 mounts the top rope and flys with a super high cross body to the concrete floor. 88 having gave his all came up short to the power of JRD falling to 3 vicious power bombs and tapping out to the Texas Cloverleaf.

Shane “The Mac” Wells vs. Damien Arsenick

The Mac took it upon himself to grab the mike and insult the crowd before the start of this one. The bell rings and Shane takes early control. It wouldn’t be long before Damien would turn things around quickening the pace with a hip toss, body slam, and drop kick. DA takes the arm in a wringer then slams it to the mat. The Mac desperate to protect his arm delivers an eye gouge and takes control. He hits his trademark move The Mac Smack followed by a big elbow drop the pin and a near fall. Ready to finish his opponent he goes to the top and misses a frog splash. Feeling rejuvenated DA hits The Mac with a huge clothesline in the corner, running forearm, and a big drop kick in the corner. DA delivers a couple of suplexes and then ties him in the tree of woe. He mounts the top rope and gives The Mac a double stomp to the chest as he tries to get up. Large and in charge The Mac is launched over the top by a big clothesline. Ready to dive to the outside DA pumps the crowd up as he hits the rope simultaneously Famous B slides in the ring and hits DA with a super kick. The Mac losses thanks to a DQ.

After blatant interference Famous B quickly grabbed the mike and explained his actions. He asked Damien if he thought he was going to let him get away with beating him at the debut show. Famous B told him that he looked nothing like a winner now and that he was jealous of Famous B’s celebrity stature just like the losers in the crowd. He also warned him that if they crossed paths again he would autograph his fist on his face.

The Hardcore Homo Angel w/Amanda vs. Johnny Neumonic

In this rematch from the debut show Angel was looking for revenge in his loss. Johnny was looking to beat Angel again and embarrass him by taking him down to the mat and paint brushing him. If embarrassing was what he wanted it’s what he got too as Angel would bump and grind him in the turnbuckle. Angel strikes with a pair of arm drags and puckers up. He kisses Johnny right on the lips and yells happy Valentine’s Day as Johnny runs out the ring and leaves the ring side area. He realizes he left his laptop on the apron and when he returns to get it Angel smashes his hand inside just as he grabs it. Later in the match Johnny would regain control behind the refs back pulling out an Ethernet cord from his tights chocking Angel with it. Angel groggy on the apron wasn’t too groggy to deliver a second kiss on Johnny’s lips. Pissed and humiliated Johnny pushes Angel of the apron and he takes a nasty fall. Johnny grabs Angel’s bff Amanda and throws her into the ring. Amanda surprises Johnny with a quesadora, dropkick, and a slam to the mat. She goes to the top and hits a moonsault. Angel back in the match gives Johnny a bronco buster with his trunks down. He distracts the ref and Amanda smashes a computer keyboard over Johnny’s head. Angel gets the win.

The Poor Horseman vs. Team Body Count

Johnny Webb starts off with Frank the Tank and these two exchange stiff stiff kicks, knees, chops, etc. Frank gets Webb in his corner and team body count does a number on him while the ref is distracted. Webb would soon come back with some unorthodox chops and makes the tag to Stepdaddy. Tank would get the advantage and tag in B.C Killer he throws a clothesline but Stepdaddy wouldn’t go down but the second time was the charm as B.C dropped him with a clothesline. Stepchild would be tagged in when Stepdaddy got the upper hand he threw punches at B.C Killer that didn’t faze him. B.C tags in Oso Loco the animal technician on a mission fired up would hit a suplex followed by a clothesline. The Tank comes back in the match. He goes for a shoulder block and misses running right into the turnbuckle giving the poor horseman the advantage. It wouldn’t be long before this one broke down and all six men would battle it out in the ring. The poor horseman would miss a big double team move and Team body count would capitalize as B.C Killer hits a big Vader bomb and secures the win for his team.

Famous B vs. Lucha Machine

Famous B reaches out to shake Lucha Machine’s hand confused LM would shake the hand of FB only to be kicked and punched to the turnbuckle. FB would then unload using up to a 4 count to pound his opponent to the ground. LM would turn the tables ducking a spinning kick and delivering a bulldog much to the satisfaction of the fans. FB would bait LM into a test of strength in which he knees him in the gut but LM’s lucha moves would play its part in this match as he dances around FB. He goes to the top and hits a spin wheel kick from the top rope. FB doing whatever he could to buy some time would launch LM over the top rope but he hung on climbed to the top and delivers a high cross body tackle. The two would then slam right into each other with a double cross body tackle leaving both men on the mat hurting. FB would then come alive feeding off the negative energy of the crowd he gives LM a vicious neck breaker. In control FB would target his opponent’s neck. Jaw jackin with the crowd he had LM right where he wanted him. LM would come back with a dive off the apron onto the concrete floor. LM hits some huge moves and closes in for the win. Jezebel desperate to help her man runs to the back and returns pulling out Joey Rico Dynamite along with her. She hands him an envelope and distracts the ref JRD crouches LM on the top just as he’s about to leap onto FB. FB gets up and gives him devastating DDT from the top rope. He wins 1, 2, 3. After the match Famous B and JRD puts the boots to the Lucha Machine. Damien Arsenick would hit the ring drop kicking both FB and JRD. Lucha Machine gets up and they deliver a drop kick on both FB and JRD. The two retreat.

Steve Pain vs. Clayboy “Clay” Motley

Special Guest Referee/ The Human Tornado

The battle of teacher vs. student was a match to remember the two evenly matched battled it out. It seemed Clayboy would gain the moment as the fans were on his side chanting “Clayboy” but Steve Pain would turn things around quickly with his skills and experience. He delivered an Arabian press and then a STF targeting his back. He toyed with Clay slapping him in the face as he has the upper hand. Steve Pain shoots him high in the air with a back body drop and then a cartwheel moonsault. Steve attempts a springboard with his knees that misses. Clay is able to pull off a huricanranna on the apron to the outside. Clay hits a big boot so does Pain. Clay gets the advantage on the exchange, he delivers a split legged moonsault. He goes for the hurricanranna Steve Pain holds him up and swings him into the turnbuckle head first. Pain hits a double stomp into a moonsault he gets in Tornado’s face when he counts the near fall. The two pretty much even at this point exchange in a series of counters trying to gain the advantage Clay out of nowhere delivers a reverse hurricanranna. He sets him up for a superplex and Steve Pain counters into a power bomb from the second rope. He gets the 1, 2, 3 as Tornado counts Clayboy’s shoulders to the mat.

Supreme/Bo Cooper vs. The Nobodies w/May

The Main Event of the evening featured the tag team of the Nobodies vs. Supreme and Bo Cooper. This match was an all out brawl as the two teams couldn’t even wait to get in the ring to start this match-up. Finally Pinky and Bo get in the ring and The Nobodies would get the advantage isolating Bo Cooper from Supreme. Using some quick tags, double team moves, and working Bo’s leg the Nobodies would try to end this one early before Supreme could even get involved. Their master plan would fell because out went Bo’s hand and Supreme makes the tag. The music hits “Who am I” Supreme!! The crowd and the song says as Supreme would beat down Pinky and Jok. May tries to get involved but Bo hits the bronco buster on her in the corner. Bo grabs a steel chair from the crowd and whacks Jok across the head followed by another chair shot by Supreme. Bo and Supreme sandwich Jok between the chairs and hits him with a double drop kick for the 1, 2, 3 Supreme and Bo Cooper make short work of the Nobodies.

Mike Petkovich sent this in:

AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Bloody Valentine ’09

Saturday, February 21st
Berwyn Eagles Club
6309 W. 26th St.
Berwyn, IL

Doors Open at 6:45pm
$15.00 Front Row
$15.00 Owner’s Box
$10.00 General Admission
$1.00 Beers at the bar



AAW Tag Team Championship Match
Grudge Match
The Phoenix Twins vs. House of Truth
[image] [image][image] [image]

Arik Cannon/The Northstar Express vs. Tyler Black/”MDogg20″ Matt Cross/Shane Hollister
[image] [image][image] [image][image] [image]

Challenge Match
Danny Daniels vs. Jimmy Jacobs
[image] [image]


The AAW debut of Shiima Xion

The Return of Faith in Nothing

Ryan Boz
Silas Young
Chandler McClure
Jordan McEntyre
CJ Esparza
Nick Brubaker
Brett Gakiya
Mason Beck