Update on Ring of Honor and HDNet

Some news regarding Ring of Honor and HDNet:

Due to the move to HDNet, ROH will no longer be using popular entrance music or copyrighted music at their events. The company is looking at musicians looking to create music for national TV. Those interested should contact rohwayne@gmail.com.

As reported on earlier, an HDNet camera crew was at ROH’s Orlando, FL event on Saturday filming footage. The footage will be used for commercials to promote the series on the network in addition to getting the production staff familiar with the product. The ROH series will be post-produced at the HDNet production facilities in Denver, CO.

Another change in regards to the TV deal with HDNet is that all future ROH TV tapings will be done exclusively for HDNet and won’t be immediately released on DVD. HDNet is believed to have exclusivity rights to the TV footage for a period (a source has stated this will last for one year although nothing has been confirmed). The hope internally in ROH is that the new audience will want to seek out ROH DVD releases and PPV events in not only the current product, but previous events from the last few years.