Indy News #3: February 3

ClickWrestle sent this in:

Blame it on the Rain
It would seem that Rain is just a little fed up with the lack of attention she’s been receiving at ClickWrestle as of late. You see, recently Rain completely took over our last commercial shoot with Cheerleader Melissa. Check out the most recent ClickWrestle commercial where a certain someone is making it Rain. As you can see, Rain is just insisting that we give away her matches for free this week! Just look at all these Rain matches we have to give away. So, lest we provoke the anger of Rain, we are giving away a different Rain match every day this week.

Getting your free Rain matches is easy. Just purchase at least one match a day on ClickWrestle from now until Monday, February 9th. Each person who purchases a match will receive a free Rain match the very next day! There is a new match every day, so be sure to come back each and every day and make your purchase so you can get Rained on all week long.

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New Releases at ClickWrestle
Amber vs. Mia Love
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Akuma vs. The Wild Cards and Hallowicked
Cha Cha and Kylie Pierce vs. The Soul Sistaz
Go Shiozaki vs. Murat Bosporus
Barbie vs. Melissa Stripes

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Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

The first show (NWE EVOLUTION) of the new company in Puerto Rico called NWE (Nonstop Wrestling Entertainment) featuring Profe, Bryan, Romeo, Mr. Big, Avbriela and many more

Steve Corino faces BJ

Rico Suave and Huracan Castillo battles against Thunder and Lightning

Ray Gonzalez faces Charles Evans