Indy News #1: January 27

Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Friday, Jan 23, 2009

Durham Championship Wrestling (DCW)
Chaotic/Alex Fights Back
(Fundraiser for Alex Beaudry’s fight against cancer. A reported $1200 had been donated to his family, including a $1000 donation from DCW)
Port Hope, Ontario
Town Park Rec Centre
Approximate Attendance: 50-60
Referee: Bryan Renda
Results credit: IceCat

1) Crazzy Steve def Player Uno after he countered out of a DVD attempt into an Octopus Submission hold (9 minutes)

2) Tiger Star def Stupified and Black Serpent after a Roll of the Dice in a Triple Threat match (10 minutes)

3) Anthony Darko def Kobra Kai after a spear (12 minutes)

INTERMISSION (15 minutes)

4) Kaitlin Diemond def Sabrina Kyle with a Final Cut (9 minutes)

5) TNA star Kiyoshi def Hornet after a hard fought, back and forth battle (12 minutes)

6) Prophet def Phil Atlas by reversing a pin attempt by Atlas into a crucifix style roll up (18 minutes)

Sunday, Jan 25

“Brock Brawl 3”
St Catherines
Results credit: Ryan D

1) Robbie Wreckless & Vinnie Divinci def. The Sugar Twins to become the new TWA tag champs

2) Chuck “The Butcher” Simpson def. “The Sniper” Randy Vahn, “Go Time” Chris LaPlante and Flesh in a 4-Way match to become the new Commissioner of TWA

3) “The Wanted Man” Ryan Dennim def. Damian

4) Scotty Turner def. Chris Sommers in a hair Vs hair match…. but Sommers got away before hair was shed

5) “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def. CK Sexxx

6) TWA Heaveyweight Championship: “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang (c) and Kryss Thorn went to a No Contest

7) Canadian Extreme & Scotty Turner vs “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister, “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang, and (special guest) Joe E. Legend went to No Contest

Commissioner than set up three matches for April 26th….

Kwan Chang (c)
Scotty Turner

Canadian Extreme
The Highlanders

Brutus The Barber Beefcake
Chris Sommers

Sat., Jan 24, 2009

Kights of Columbus Hall
Attendance: 150
Results credit: PWAN Media

Dark Match
Canadian Dream Dewey Rhodes Pinned Coconut Jones after a bionic elbow drop off the second rope

1. in an amazing opening Match Jt PLaya returned to the niagara area to go down to defeat in a cheap loss to Eddie Osbourne

2. The Italiano’s became PWA Niagara Tag Team Champions by defeating Violence and Volume
as a stipulation Ice and Cooper can ever team up again!

3. a could be MOTN 4 way elimination match saw kris white get pinned by Kyle McCloud, Kyle mcloud got rolled up by Zakk Atticus, and after abot 8 minutes of going 1 on 1 The Wonderboy Zakk Atticus defeated The Amazing Kevin Grace after the top Rope Death Stomp

4. StarGazer pinned New Tradtion Champ Gabe Saint in a non title match with the help of Zakk Atticus

5. In the first match of a best out of 3 for control PWA Niagara a very bloodied Pistol Pete survived by Pinning Jessy the sport Jones with the help of JT PLaya

6. Ron Falco and Amy Victory battled Mastiff and Krystal Banks to DDq in The Main Event

PWA Niagara returns to the Knights of Columbus in Welland
Saturday March 28th with The Evoluton of Anarchy

Sat., Jan 24, 2009

Ottawa, Ontario
Results credit: Phil Phoenix

Jimmy Cash def Deeno w/ Cheeky by DQ after interference by Cheeky

Caster McFear def Matt Grey

“Spider Monkey” Danny Linkin def Cheeky

Claude Prest vs Harley Davidson in a Harcore Match ended in no decision

Jebodiah Munson def CJ Fellony

Addy Starr def She Nay Nay by submission

Max Alexander def Player Uno in a #1 Contender Match

Stupified def Bash Bison

Sat. Jan 24, 2008

Pro Wrestling Xtreme – PWX
St Thomas, Ontario
Coolz Warehouse
Attendance: 100+
Ring Announcer: JC
Referees: Big H, Lumpy, Casey Hale

Results credit:

1) “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Sgt Dickson by pinfall [8 min]-Sgt Dickson’s debut match. Did a credible job and kept Tirva on the defensive for much of the mat with a strike-based attack and lots of chokes. The finish saw Dickson block a headscissor takedown attempt and move Tirva into position for a tombstone piledriver. Tirva managed to slip that and nailed Dickson with a DVD for the win.

2) 3 Round MMA Rules Match: Freak Show def Atlantis by TKO in 7 seconds of the 1st round
Originally scheduled to be Freak vs Robbie Crawford but “The Score” refused to fight MMA style because he’s a pro wrestler and a celebrity. He brought Atlantis as a replacement. Freak nailed Atlantis with a spinning roundhouse kick to the head and the ref called for the bell. Atlantis was helped out by the ref and Crawford. Freak said he wanted more competition. PWX St Thomas commissioner Angela Davis came out and told Freak he could fight Daemon Reznor.

3) Freak Show def Daemon Reznor by pinfall [7 min]This one was a wrestling match and Reznor gave Freak a lot more trouble than Atlantis had in the prior match but Freak Show’s spinning roundhouse kick put Reznor down for an easy cover.

4) Cherry Bomb def PJ Tyler by pinfall [8 min]Fans totally hated “Scary Bomb” and cheered PJ for the whole match. Cherry got the pin by blocking a sunset flip attempt.

-Rogers Daytime TV host Sean Avram got in the ring and told fans they had filmed an interview with Lanny Poffo before the show that would air on Tuesday. He was interupted by Reck who said he was the only real legend. Reck attacked Avram and beat on him until Lanny Poffo ran out to make the save,

5) Lanny Poffo w/ Sean Avran def Reck by pinfall [7 min]Reck pinned Poffo by using his feet on the ropes. Ref Hale awarded him the win and Reck quickly left the ring. Referee Big H ran out and told the other official that Reck had used the ropes. Ref Hale ordered the match restarted. Sean Avram tossed Reck back into the ring and Poffo rolled him up for the pin.

6) PPG World Championship Match: Joe E Legend def Pepper Parks by pinfall to retain the title [16 min]Joe currently holds 3 World title belts (IWF – Russia, ICA – France, PPG – Japan) and offered to put the PPG belt on the line against the hated bad guy. Fantastic match that ended when Legend used a roll-up and bridge to pin Pepper. After the match Parks & Legend shook hands and stood together in the ring to accept the cheers of the fans.

7) Xtreme Championship; Fatal 4-Way: Champion Matt Burns w/ Cherry Bomb retained his title over RJ City, Elton Chong and Asylum when he pinned RJ [12 min]Started as a tag but quickly became a 4 man (and 1 woman) brawl that raged in the ring and all around the venue. All 4 men were hurting at the end. Asylum was kicked out to the floor by Chong who then nailed RJ with a piledriver. Burns pulled Chong off the cover and pinned RJ while Cherry Bomb held Chong’s foot to prevent him breaking up the pin. Place was rocking for this one.

8) Cody Deaner w/ Reck def Phil Latio by pinfall [19 min]An absolute classic! Hilarious stuff with homo gags aplenty as Phil Latio had both Deaner and Reck in many compromising positions early in the match. Reck was sent to the back when he was caught choking Phil on the ropes. He came back later and distracted the ref and Phil Latio long enough for Deaner to get a chain from his fanny pack. Deaner clobbered Phil in the head and scored the pin.

PWX returns to St Thomas in March with Awesome Kong

Sun. Jan 25, 2009

Attendance: 200+
Ring Announcer: Big Mike
Referees: Big H, Casey Hale
Results credit:

Apparently there was an incident prior to the show when PWX security and Commissioner Derek Wylde escorted a hand-cuffed Jake O’Reilly into the venue. They had to cross the line-up of fans waiting for the doors to open and some sort of scuffle occured. Conflicting stories about who did or said what to set it off but what is known is that O’Reilly smashed a teenage fan in the face before security was able to get him to the backdoor to the venue. Wylde attended to the youngster O’Reilly slugged until promoter Jay McDonald arrived and took the fan for treatment of his injuries.

The reason for the added security was simple. The last time Jake O’Reilly was in Tillsonburg it almost ended in a riot as O’Reilly badly beat a PWX staff member, slugged officials and punched a woman in the face who entered the fray. The handcuffs were a stipulation Jake had to agree to in order to get his match with Deaner. The security was as much for Jake’s protection as it was for the fans. Since the chaos of his last appearance many fans have expressed outrage crazy enough to warrant extra precautions by PWX.

The show opened with commissioner Derek Wylde talking about Jake O’Reilly and Cody Deaner, the incidents, including the one that had just occured and told fans the unsanctioned main event would be a fight, not a wrestling match. Wylde mentioned a few other stars on the show and then siad he’d start things off with another installment of the “Commissioner’s Challenge” – Tyler Tirva’s 5 match trial by fire quest for an X Division title shot.

Wilde was interupted by “The Score” Robbie Crawford and Holly Hilton. Crawford basically demanded that the scheduled singles match between champion Jennifer Blake and PJ Tyler be changed to a 3-way and begun immediately. Wylde said he had too much to deal with because of the O’Reilly/Deaner situation so he didn’t care.

1) PWX Women’s Championship: Holly Hilton def “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake and PJ Tyler to win the title when she pinned defending champion Jennifer Blake.
Blake was in control late in the bout when she missed Hilton with a crossbody off the top rope and hit the referee instead. Blake grazed Hilton with a superkick then pasted PJ with another. Blake covered PJ but the ref was still down. As she went to rouse the official, Robbie Crawford grabbed the title belt from the apron and smashed Blake in the head. He then put Hilton on top for the cover, roused the ref and he made the 3 count. New PWX Women’s Champion: Holly Hilton… in her debut match!

2) Atlantis def Sgt Dickson with a running powerslam

3) X Division Championship: Freak Show retained his title when Reck was DQ’d for using the belt as a weapon.
Kind of strange because the X Division is usually anything goes.

4) Pepper Parks def “The Genius” Lanny Poffo.
Highlight of this surprisingly good match was 54yr old Lanny Poffo’s top rope mooonsault onto Parks. Robbie Crawford ran to the ring and distracted Poffo and Parks snuck in a roll-up for the pin.

5) Joe E Legend def Michael Elgin by pinfall
Elgin appeared to suffer an arm or shoulder injury during this bout

6) Commissioner’s Challenge: “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Aslyum in a very competetive match.

7) Cody Deaner vs Jake O’Reilly in an unsanctioned fight –
O’Reilly was brought to the ring by 4 PWX security staff. He was still in cuffs but kept trying to get at or taunt Derek Wylde who was explaining to fans that this could get crazy and to be careful.
Deaner arrived and Jake yelled for the cuffs to come off. Wylde said not until the bell rings.
As soon as it did Deaner attacked O’Reilly and a large scrum to break them apart took place as Deaner pounded O’Reilly.
Jake got to the floor and the security guys quickly formed a quadron around him as wrestlers, heel and face came out from the back in case they were needed
Deaner flew over the top onto O’Reilly. A ref managed to uncuff Jake and all hell broke loose.
Jake began punching the officials & security guys to get to Deaner.
The ensuing brawl raged around the building. Deaner was split wide open after a DDT onto a table that didn’t break.
A guy workin the merch table was also punched out by Jake.
When they got into the ring it was a complete bloody slugfest.
Jake managed to drop Deaner with a vicious low blow and then handcuffed him to the ropes.
He grabbed Deaner’s PWX Heavyweight belt and declared himself the new champion
O’Reilly made his way over to where promotor Jay McDonald was sitting and began yelling and making threats.
Derek Wylde rushed towards O’Reilly but got clocked with the title belt.
Suddenly Jen Blake attacked O’Reilly and he began to slap her around and another melee broke out. By the time Jake left to the back, Blake and 2 sercurity staff were laid out on the floor.
Deaner was freed from the cuffs and demanded another match with O’Reilly from a still shaken Derek Wylde. Wylde agreed to another match but he would be the referee.
I guess this fight ended in no official decision although Jake has a pretty good claim to winning since he not only handcuffed Deaner to the ropes and took the belt, he also punched out a fan, a ref, a merch guy, a female wrestler and 3 security guys.

Absolutely amazing show.