DVD Review: “RXW: The Best of Zona Impactante”

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Indy Mania ??? DVD Review RXW The Best of Zona Impactante Volume 1

By Norine Stice KSSassyLLC@aol.com

Revolution Xtreme Wrestling is a fairly new promotion based in Panama. I was lucky enough to catch part of an RXW match on YouTube and I was hooked. I recently purchased the RXW ???The Best of Zona Impactante Volume 1??? DVD. RXW is lucha libre based and the matches are fast paced and high energy. It is all in Spanish, with the exception of an interview, and I do not speak much Spanish but I don???t need to understand the language to understand the action.

Our ringside announcers are Sky and Brandy.

Match 1: RXW Total Champion Title Match ??? El Cuervo vs. Tony Loco ??

Toxico, a fully masked wrestler, comes to the ring before the actual opponents. Cuervo has white makeup and Loco appears with chains. Toxico leaves the ring, and the match between Cuervo and Tony begins. El Cuervo is a mat wrestler with nice high-flying techniques interspersed throughout the match. Tony, while not extremely large, appears much larger than his opponent and his goal is not to wrestle, but to maim. The match is in the ring, on the floor and in the stands. Cuervo??’s wrestling skills against Loco??’s brawling skills makes for a very exciting match.

Winner and NEW Total X Champion: El Cuervo with a little help from Toxico after outside interference from Psycho.

Match 2: Christy Hemme vs. Darma with Rico Casanova

I am used to seeing diva matches but this was not a typical diva match. Neither of these workers backed down and the brawling was in and out of the ring. Darma??’s dirty tactics work well against Hemme until the tables are turned. Casanova, Darma??’s manager, interfered from outside the ring and this fan was hoping someone from the back would come out and take him out. This match was much more entertaining than a diva??’s match and better than I have seen Christy before in any ring.

Winner: Christy Hemme with the Firecrotch.

Match 3: Tokyo Monster with Rico Casanova vs. Tony Loco with Sergento Mina

Loco meets his match against Tokyo who is close in size and weight. Although the match begins with nice mat wrestling, both workers are excellent brawlers and they spend their time trying to dissect each other. I jeered Loco in the first match on this DVD only to cheer him on in this contest. The action gets brutal but these two make it work without blood shed.

Winner: This appeared to be a double count out with no winner.

Match 4: Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Entrants: Jonny Magnus, Jerry Stark, Angelus, Fabuloso Dimidio, Marabunta and Sakio

I cannot begin to describe all of the action in this match but I can tell you that Magnus and Stark are in the ring alone during part of the match and they both show some great technical work. Outside the ring bodies and chairs were flying but Jonny and Jerry were doing some real wrestling in the ring. I look forward to seeing more of everyone involved in this match and I hope that Magnus and Stark face each other one on one in the near future. Part of the action moves outside where there is a HOLY SHIT moment as one worker is tossed off a balcony. There are a lot of close calls and near wins throughout and I believe everyone receives at least one ladder shot during the match.

Winner: Angelus by removing the case from the ceiling.

Match 5: Savio Vega vs. Panama Jack Daniels

PJD is a well-built wrestler but Vega is a huge ring presence. The match works as a wrestling match until the top rope goes missing and it turns into a blood bath. I was waiting for the referee to call the match due to the blood loss by Daniels alone, but when Vega started bleeding, I was glad the large RXW insignia in the ring was red so it blended in with the blood on the mat. This match is not for the squeamish but was worth seeing to the end. Jack pulled off some nice wrestling moves in spite of being outsized and Savio??’s working over of his opponent made me cringe.

Winner: Savio Vega by taking his title belt and going home.

Match 6: Tag Team Championship Match – Slash and Armagedon ?? with Domino vs. Pibe and Iceman of Corruption Crew

I had previously seen Slash in matches and was impressed by his work. I had seen Armagedon and Corruption Crew in partial matches but this match is great tag team action. Both of these teams work as if they had always worked together and they keep the match flowing with no lag time. Slash and Armagedon use the old school way of working the mat while Corruption Crew takes it to the new school side with high-flying maneuvers. It makes for an excellent blend of wrestling styles.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Corruption Crew when Pibe pins Slash with a roll up.

Match 7: Pibe vs. Armagedon

Having seen these two in a tag team action on this DVD, I was looking forward to seeing them one on one and I was not disappointed. There is one OH MY GOD! moment when Pibe came out of the ring to nail Armagedon and hit the floor, yes that is floor with no mat, flat on his back. He got up quicker than Armagedon who appeared to have only received a glancing blow. Another must-see match to catch the talent of these two workers without their tag team partners.

Winner: Pibe with a moonsault off the ropes.

Sky Interviews Christy Hemme: The ???Voice of RXW??? interviews Christy in English with Spanish subtitles. Hemme candidly speaks about her days in World Wrestling Entertainment and her move to TNA.

Divas Video: A nice video set to music showing off the attributes of the RXW divas.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Although the match was shown earlier on the DVD, it is run again, this time with music.

The Wrap-Up: Although the video and sound quality were not the best, I had no trouble seeing or hearing the match. The announcers??? voices are always clear and concise. Some of the camera angles could have been better but that did not detract from the excitement of the matches or the talent in the ring. There were several wrestlers that caught my eye with their obvious talent and I look forward to seeing more of them in action. The DVD is $10.00, plus $5.00 postage if shipped outside of Panama and it is well worth the price. You can get information on RXW by visiting their facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php’sid=202fb229990906e77a98435d6fdaa0de&gid=2409736654 . You don???t have to take my word for the great action RXW offers. You can see more of RXW at their http://www.youtube.com/user/sithAJ .