Indy News #1: GALLI, ChickFight, JAPW, MWF Insider

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Do not miss GALLI this Sunday in Addison.



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ChickFight announced that they are returning to San Francisco! A very special ChickFight match will take place on an upcoming Pro Wrestling Revolution show on January 17th This match is a special ChickFight match that will surely have everybody talking. Making her debut, from TNA, as seen on SpikeTV every week and on PPV, they have from the Knockout Division, Raisha Saeed! If that was not enough, her opponent is no stranger to world of wrestling, she is former TNA Knockout – Payton Banks, and ChickFight superstar, Rain. Go to for more information.

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JAPW Women’s Division

ODB vs Lufisto Video Clip

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Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation – It’s On!
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

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WWE superstar JBL’s new Layfield Energy drink is taking the energy drink world by storm! Layfield Energy is in a class by itself and ready to hit retail stores nationally very soon. But, if you act now you can get six FREE bottles of the drink at – check out the commercial at the link below:

Last month at Survivor Series in Boston, WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield met with MWF President John Cena Sr. about Cena investing in JBL’s Layfield Energy company. Last night on MWF Xtra, live from Madison Square Garden at the Raw live event, JBL joined Cena Sr. and Dan Mirade via telephone where a cordial talk about pro wrestling turned into a verbal beating on Cena, with JBL declaring that he has purchased The Uprising group in the Millennium Wrestling Federation. That’s right, “Slyck” Wagner Brown, Tommaso Ciampa, “Future Legend” Luke Robinson, J-Busta, etc. are now under contract to JBL and Layfield Energy. Check out this big interview on-line this week!

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The late Franklin D. Churchill was inducted into the Hall of Fame this past November, but now the psychotic Dylan Kage has released a tape that he and Paul Bearer uncovered from the Churchill Estate. Kage’s deranged “home videos” continue here:

The psychotic “MWF stalker” Dylan Kage is back with another video describing how he and his evil mentor Paul Bearer hired a drunk driver that nearly killed The Iron Sheik, Dan Mirade and Commissioner Von Johnson in August 2005. You have to hear this to believe how sick Kage is.

Take a look at “Sudden Impact” Dylan Kage’s shocking video admission that he and the legendary Paul Bearer masterminded the MWF “Stalker” plot. . .and what surprises do they have in store for the fans and superstars of the Millennium Wrestling Federation next??

* * * * *


Autographed Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview I DVD – reg. $30 – only $10 plus s/h – only 7 left!
– The Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview is the most famous shoot interview in the history of professional wrestling, seen by over one million fans on-line. This was the DVD that shot Sheiky Baby to superstardom to a whole new generation of fans, and made him a cult icon to the Howard Stern Show. It wasn’t taped in a hotel room, it was shot in a lighted television studio with professional cameras and microphones. This is your chance to own a personally autographed copy of the DVD at an insane price. Act now, we only have eight left! For a complete description of the DVD, visit the link above.

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview II DVD / Free Book Package! – reg $35 – now $15 plus s/h
– If you thought the original Sheik Shoot was a classic, check out II, shot this past June at MWF Studios. Another Sheik legend in the making! The Sheik holds nothing back, as he talks about the Benoit murder/suicide taking place a few blocks away from his home, the Hogan family saga, touring with the Howard Stern Show whack-pack and his showdown with Beetlejuice, along with mind blowing comments about the Ultimate Warrior and his daughter that are shocking even coming from the Sheik! Order now, and get a FREE copy of Tito Santana’s new, hardcover autobiography, a $19.95 value! Hear it from an icon, read it from a WWE Hall of Famer for one great price! For a complete DVD description, visit the link above.

The Iron Sheik Mega-Deal! reg. $95 – special price only $40 plus s/h – this week only!
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– Kamala 3 hour Studio Shoot Interview DVD
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– Available in the US only!

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Dan Mirade takes a look at big news and big questions to be answered as we head into 2009:

Dan Mirade offers his take on what’s going on in WWE, TNA, the indy’s and new video blogs:

“Judy,” Jake Roberts supposed wife, claims that Jake was never booked nor even contacted for SSV November 15th. Check out the email between “Mrs. Roberts” and Dan Mirade:

Five months after accepting the November 15th booking and six weeks after being canceled after his ridiculous Cleveland, OH meltdown, Jake “The Snake” Roberts claims he was never booked nor even contacted about this event. Dan Mirade takes an in-depth look at Jake’s snake-pit of lies, theft and drug induced deception:

* * * * *
The original Studio Shoot Interview with The Iron Sheik is the most famous shoot interview in the history of professional wrestling. It has been seen by over one million fans on various on-line platforms and became a cult classic thanks to the Howard Stern Show. On the heals of the success of that and the Kamala Studio Shoot, the Sheik returned to Boston this summer to film the sequal. What it became was another mouth dropping shocker. This was taped in a television studio with profressional equipment, not a hotel room with a camcorder. If you’ve never seen a Studio Shoot Interview, get this one today! Hear the Sheik’s jaw-dropping comments about the Ultimate Warrior and his daughter. . .the Benoit murders taking place minutes from his home. . .thoughts on the Hogan family’s demise. . .his rise to legendary status in both WWE and the Howard Stern Show. . .for a complete list of the Sheik’s pure insanity and to order, visit:

You’ll laugh. . .you’ll cry. . .you’ll be astonished at BOSTONWRESTLING.COM’s Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview II. The original from 2004 has been often imitated but never duplicated. . .without a doubt, it is the most popular shoot interview in the history of professional wrestling. “I’ll make you humble” became a household phrase on-line, but that’s NOTHING compared to the Sheik’s shocking comments about The Ultimate Warrior and the Warrior’s daughter!

This two hour shoot will become another instant classic. You’ll laugh out loud when the Sheik forgets Brian Blair and even his own grandkids names (never mind trying to pronounce Sylvester Stallone’s name!). More vicious attacks on Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart and Nikolai Volkoff. For the first time, the Sheik publicly talks about his two sons he had out of wedlock in Iran, Hassan and Ali.

After recent turns for the worse in his personal life, the Sheik vows to change for his family. His wife has left him and he was forced to move out of his long time home. To show where the Sheik has been, before the Studio Shoot even begins, for the first time anywhere you’ll witness a shocking interview between Dan Mirade and the Sheik eight days after their infamous car accident in August 2005 where the Sheik went off on such a drug induced tirade it could never be aired on MWF television!

* * * * *

Check out the action and superstars of yesterday, today and tomorrow on Millennium Wrestling Federation television, available on-line and on-demand 24/7 at the super-site! Last chance for older episodes!

The time for talking is done as SOUL SURVIVOR V is literally hours away! On the final MWF Xtra before the MWF’s homecoming, President Cena is taken out of studio due to on-going issues with Paul Bearer. One half of the MWF Tag Team Champions Beau Douglas sits down with Cena in a pre-recorded interview as Dan Mirade and Commissioner Von Johnson continue to run down the big event. Later, Mr. Cena returns to the set and has a heated verbal confrontation with WWE Hall of Famer “Cowboy” Bob Orton and chews the fat with the legendary Iron Sheik. Get all the news and notes you need before we blow the roof off Memorial Hall Saturday night!

The countdown to SOUL SURVIVOR V continues on MWF ULTRA, kicking off with a big time interview with WWE (and soon to be MWF) Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik. Sheiky Baby fires away and shoots hard on Scott Hall, The Berzerker, The Ultimate Warrior, his roast and much more. In the ring, Scott Reed looks for a piece of revenge against The Uprising after their violent attack last month when he takes on their newest member “Future Legend” Luke Robinson. The other co-2007 MWF Rookie of the Year Benny Juxx challenges another of The Uprising’s loaded faction, the one and only “Slyck” Wagner Brown. Vito Carluccio leads Army members Sledge Robertson & Gozman into war with Sean Patrick & Psycho, news on SSV & more!
President Cena and Dan Mirade talk about the history of SOUL SURVIVOR and the efforts to bring the MWF “home” to Melrose. Talk goes towards Jake “The Snake” Roberts self destruction and his removal from the card November 15th. Mr. Cena discusses towards his decision to suspend “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa for leading The Uprising in it’s vicious attack on Brian Fury and Scott Reed on ULTRA earlier in the month. Cena and Mirade than talk about the passing of one of the sports all time greats, the legendary Walter “Killer” Kowalski. In the ring, Jimmy Jact Ca$h tunes up for SSV against “Black Lotus” Matt Ledge. Back in the studio, Cena announces that TNA superstar Chris Sabin has been signed to replace Jake Roberts. The Cena-Orton family war continues as “Cowboy” Bob Orton returns to the MWF November 15th and John Cena Sr. shoots with passion on the Ortons, plus huge matches and stipulations for SSV!

SEPTEMBER MWF ULTRA – Monsters Ball MWF Championship!
Check out the season premiere of MWF ULTRA on-line and on-demand! MWF Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson faces his biggest challenge to date when he squares off with former TNA World Champion Abyss, Rick Fuller and “Executioner” Brian Milonas in a Monsters Ball Match! Four big men who can still go with no DQ or CO! Who will be champion headed into SOUL SURVIVOR V? Plus, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury and “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa put on a wrestling clinic with a wild ending as The Uprising attacks. The massive Max Bauer makes his MWF debut, Commissioner Von Johnson shoots on Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a look at the brutal beating laid down on Homicide and more!

AUGUST MWF ULTRA: The debut of Homicide, return of Chris Sabin & havoc of The Uprising
MWF ULTRA is red-hot this month and a must see! MWF Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson puts the gold on the line against the massive Rick Fuller. Fuller has spent the summer making a splash in New Japan Pro Wrestling and is back in the US looking for championships. With Ox Baker’s Army lurking, who knows what’s going to go down?? The superstars of TNA are back in the MWF challening The Uprising factions two newest members. Chris Sabin squares off with “Slyck” Wagner Brown. Brown betrayed the fans of the MWF and stabbed MWF TV Champion “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal in the back when he jumped him after winning the title last month. Sabin came within inches of winning the MWF Heavyweight Championship from Hanson this past January and is looking at another title opportunity. At SOUL SURVIVOR IV, Slyck defeated Sabin’s partner Alex Shelley and is looking to pick up another big win on ULTRA. Homicide of LAX makes his MWF debut when he takes on “Future Legend” Luke Robinson. Homicide has been on fire of late, winning the TNA Tag Team Championship. Robinson is one of the most promising athletes to grace the MWF in some time, and a win over Homicide would make his stock even more valuable. If that wasn’t enough, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury is back, this month taking on Uprising member and two time MWF Tag Team Champion J-Busta. Fury is another athlete who wants a crack at championship gold, and Busta is looking to redeem himself after losing the MWF Tag Team Titles last month. This should be a good one!

The MWF “stalker” lays the law down with President Cena this month, giving him a chance to prevent other MWF athletes and staff if he gives into his/her demands. Mr. Cena also has an exclusive shoot interview with wrestling great Larry Zbyszko. Cena and co-host Dan Mirade talk about the big event coming up November 15th and what Road Dogg BG James and Jake “The Snake” Roberts mean to the event, and much more!

JULY MWF ULTRA: Black Machismo, Beau Douglas & KISS 108FM’s Jackson Blue Win Gold!
Witness the fallout from MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS! “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa defends the MWF Television Championship against “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal in a Lumberjack Match. The first time these two met, Machismo appeared to have won the championship, but the Uprising’s interference caused a DQ to a KO’d referee earlier in the match. This time there will be no outside interference. The Uprising defends the MWF Tag Team Titles against the surprise team of Beau Douglas & KISS 108FM’s Jackson Blue! J-Busta physically attacked Blue earlier in the night, and Douglas shocked his hometown fans by selecting Boston’s most popular radio host as his parnter! Ox Baker’s Army has a new leader, the evil Vito Carluccio. He leads Islander Makua to the ring to do battle with Scott Reed, who himself is coming off two big wins in a row on ULTRA. “Ox Baker’s Executioner” Brian Milonas faces the debuting Chase Del Monte one-on-one. Also, in a battle of up and comers, Sean Patrick makes his first appearance on ULTRA against the self proclaimed World Cup soccer sensation Furio Falcone. Check it out now!

The July MWF Xtra: The John Cena Show is now available! Join the MWF President for an exclusive thirty mintue shoot interview with WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana. Mr. Cena has the latest from the MWF “Stalker,” a review of NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS, and poor Dave Cole gets FIRED!

JUNE MWF ULTRA: Abyss Debuts, Eddie Edwards vs John Walters & more!
Wrestling fans, check this one out! As weeks become days in the countdown to NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS June 21st, two of the four participants in the Monsters Ball match collide, as TNA superstar Abyss makes his MWF debut against Islander Makua of Ox Baker’s Army. In the second half of our double main event this month, it’s “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards facing “Hurricane” John Walters, two of the finest athletes to ever come from New England. Edwards is looking to get on a roll after being robbed of the MWF Television Championship and the rematch that followed. Walters has been away from the MWF for some time and is looking to make a splash in his return. Also, newcomer Scott Reed faces co-2007 MWF Rookie of the Year, “Future Legend” Luke Robinson. Both athletes came away with victories on the May ULTRA and President Cena was quick to put this match together. Beau Douglas is ready to return to his hometown of Somerville, MA, but makes a pit stop on ULTRA to face Mike Nice in singles action. Plus, big news on NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS and more!

JUNE MWF XTRA: THE JOHN CENA SR. SHOW – Stalker Threats, Hanson vs Robinson
The countdown to NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS continues as President Cena and Dan Mirade preview the big event. Before Todd Hanson steps into the ring with the massive Rick Fuller, he has a final test on a badly injured ankle – co-2007 MWF Rookie of the Year “Future Legend” Luke Robinson! Well the cocky newcomer be able to take advantage of the injured champion? Plus, Mr. Cena’s hired gun PI Bob Gumbleton visits a psychic with a ring Commissioner Von Johnson was wearing when he was KO’d by the MWF “stalker” two years ago. The Iron Sheik is back, talking about his return to Boston as well as being banned from Howard Stern’s Killers of Comedy Tour. His story about sharing a hotel room with Beetlejuice is indeed a classic! Check it out now!

MAY MWF ULTRA: Hanson vs Slyck, Brigitte Nielsen, Cena At War With The Uprising
President Cena has signed one of the biggest championship matches in MWF history when Todd Hanson, recovering from an attack by the MWF “stalker”, defends the Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship against “Slyck” Wagner Brown, who came within inches of winning the MWF TV Title on the April ULTRA before Jason ‘Rumble’s’ outside interference helped Tommaso Ciampa retain the gold. This, fans, is a main event. Also, Hollywood superstar Brigitte Nielsen makes her MWF debut, talking about Commissioner Von Johnson. Newcomer Scott Reed squares off with Jimmy Jact Ca$h of The Uprising in a match President Cena is keeping a close eye on. Rick Fuller’s war with Ox Baker’s Army continues, as he battles Army member Nocturne. Fuller’s ready to send a message to Baker’s evil crew as we prepare for NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS. Mike Nice continues to look for his first MWF victory when he challenges co-2007 Rookie of the Year “Future Legend” Luke Robinson. Check it out now!

MARCH MWF ULTRA: Scotty 2 Hotty, Demolition Smash, Tag Team Casket Match & more!
In a Casket Match, Rick Fuller & Demolition Smash (with Bull Montana) take on Ox Baker’s Executioner Brian Milonas & Islander Makua. In a twist, the president declared that whoever puts the loser into the casket will earn a championship match with Todd Hanson at MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS in June! All four want Hanson’s title. . .will partners be able to trust each other? In the second half of the double main event, two time WWE Tag Team Champion Scotty 2 Hotty makes his MWF debut against the first champion in MWF history, Tiger Mulligan. Mulligan has continued to lobby the president and Commissioner Von Johnson for another championship match against Todd Hanson and Cena Sr. laid it on the line – if you beat Scotty, the shot is yours. . .lose, you never get a shot against Hanson again. Also, Benny Jux looks to continue his winning ways against “Black Lotus” Matt Ledge. Mike Nice is in search of his first win when he faces Jimmy Jact Ca$h of The Uprising. Dan Mirade previews MWF LIVE FREE OR DIE and NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS, and much more!

Hollywood superstar Brigitte Nielsen makes a special appearance on the May ULTRA. This is Nielsen’s, star of Rocky IV, Beverly Hills Cop II, Red Sonja and others, Millennium Wrestling Federation debut:

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The Iron Sheik is now available for live wrestling events, autograph and photo sessions, Q&A’s, conventions, bachelor parties, birthday parties, corporate events, advertising campaigns, wrestling seminars – basically, anything you can think of! Email us at with the date and location of your event, along with a description of how you’d like the Sheik involved!

The Sheik is also now available to be the best man at weddings. After one of the strangest requests we’ve ever received, The Sheik has opened to door to accept bookings to be the best man at fans weddings. For the wedding of a lifetime, contact us today!

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This past Friday, featured an article on the Millennium Wrestling Federation’s Call To Action Campaign, the first time the MWF has been featured on World Wrestling Entertainment’s official web-site:

President Cena, Commissioner Von Johnson and the Millennium Wrestling Federation Board of Directors are putting out the “call” once again. The 2008 MWF Call To Action Campaign is starting up, as we look for quality, hungry young athletes with heart and passion for the professional wrestling industry to compete in our rings. For more information on how to join the big dogs, visit:

The Millennium Wrestling Federation rocked Salem, MA with the Special Olympics and is looking to team up with other non-profit organizations in 2008 to bring live professional wrestling to your town! For more, check out:

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