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February 14, 2010 IWF Premier Pro Wrestling
Buffalo Rose Golden, CO
Results by: Tamera Halbeisen


Damion Payne def. Shredder Con; Paul Stetich w/Perfect 10 def. Adrian Grimm; Anderson 360 def. Bronx; Johnny Crash def. Arik Angel; Prodigee def. Bud Doobie; #1 Tag Team Contenders Match: w/ Guest Ref. Synjin Tiger Smith Blood Money Romeo & Rock-N-Roll Vampire Ronin w/ Little Miss Firefly vs. Capital Punishment Wayne Thomas & Brandon Morris Double Count Out; Jay Synn def. Jack Mecidol; Rob Ryzin def. Joshua Michael; Hoodlum IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Champion def. The Miracle That Is Tony by DQ

IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Official Rankings
Hoodlum (Champion) 6?1 230lbs Long Beach, CA
1. Adrian Grimm – 5?9? 200lbs Devils Hole, NM
2. The Miracle that is Tony – 5?6? 165lbs Huntington Beach, CA
3. Jay Synn – 6?3? 255lbs Boston, MA
4. Prodigee – 5?10? 205lbs Mile High City
5. Anderson 360 – 6? 189lbs Windsor Ontario Canada
6. Joshua Michael – 5?11? 187lbs Monster City, CO
7. Chris Wrath – 5?10? 180 lbs Dallas, TX
8. Arik Angel – 5?9? 175lbs Toronto Ontario Canada
9. Damion Payne (1/2 Tag Team Champion) – 5’6″ 159lbs Washington DC
10. Rob Ryzin – 6’1″ 176lbs – Denver, CO

Next IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Show:
Sunday March 14, 2010
6th Annual Beetlejuice Memorial Show
Buffalo Rose 1119 Washington Ave Golden, CO
5p Doors 6p Start time $7 Pre-Sale $10 at the door
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Detailed results by: Dustin Nichols

*Before the show started, ring announcer Larry Nelson was scheduled to interview Chris Wrath, who won the first annual A3 Tournament the previous month. Instead, the Miracle That is Tony came out and announced that Wrath would not be here. He then showed a video of him attacking Wrath backstage. Tony then began complaining how he hasn’t gotten any title matches yet, which prompted Hoodlum to come to the ring. Hoodlum challenged Tony to a match for the IWF title later in the show, which IWF co-commissioner Big Dick Trailer immediately agreed to.

Singles Match: Shredder Con vs. IWF Tag Team Co-Champion “Wardog” Damien Payne (w/Anabella LaFontaine and IWF Tag Team Co-Champion “Mr. Unbelievable” Synjin Tiger Smith)
Payne pinned Con following a shot to the head with a title belt behind the referee’s back.

*After the match, Smith got into the ring and yelled at Payne for using a foreign object.

Singles Match: “The Reaper” Adrian Grimm vs. “The Ultimate Gamer” Paul Stetich (w/Perfect Peach)
Stetich pinned Grimm following a Single-Arm Rocker Dropper.

*After the match, Stetich was attacked by “The Franchise” Arik Angel, who then took Peach back as his valet.

*Before the next match started, Anderson 360 came out, not knowing who his opponent was. Bronx then made his return to IWF, saying that he had a lawyer look for loopholes so he could return to the company, that the lawyer had succeeded, and that he was now back.

Singles Match: Anderson 360 vs. Bronx
Anderson pinned Bronx after reversing a Crucifix Powerbomb into a Backslide.

Singles Match: “The Franchise” Arik Angel (w/the Perfect 10) vs. “The Insatiable Johnny Crash (w/Miss Vanity)
Angel pinned Crash following a chain-wrapped Right Hand behind the referee’s back.

Singles Match: Bud Doobie vs. Prodigee
Prodigee pinned Doobie following a Guillotine Legdrop.

Tag Team Match-Winners Become the #1 Contenders to the IWF Tag Team Championship (IWF Tag Team Co-Champion “Mr. Unbelievable” Synjin Tiger Smith is the special referee): Blood Money (Romeo and “The Rock and Roll Vampire” Ronin, w/Little Miss Firefly) vs. Capital Punishment (Brandon Morris and Wayne Thomas)
The match ended in a Double Count-Out when both teams began brawling at ringside and did not return to the ring.

*After the match, IWF co-commissioner Bigg Mike said that this wasn’t over, and that the two teams would face off again next month in a rematch to determine the #1 contenders. Arik Angel then came out and demanded that he be involved in the match as well. Mike agreed and said that Arik would also be in the match with a partner, but Mike would get to choose the partner, and that partner would be Paul Stetich.

Singles Match: “You Idol” Jack Mecidol (w/”The Insatiable” Johnny Crash and Miss Vanity) vs. Jay Synn
Synn pinned Mecidol following a Superbomb.

Singles Match: “The Unreal” Joshua Michael vs. “The Denver Daredevil” Rob Ryzin
Ryzin pinned Michael following a “Spider Driver”.

IWF Heavyweight Championship (Main Event): IWF Heavyweight Champion Hoodlum vs. The Miracle That Is Tony
Tony pinned Hoodlum after a masked man hit Hoodlum with a chair while referee Scotty McLovin was knocked out. After the match, Joshua Michael came out and explained to McLovin what had happened. McLovin then reversed the decision and awared the match to Hoodlum via Disqualification. Hoodlum retains the title.