Indy News #1: GCW, IZW, PWG, MACW

Steven Ashe sent this in:

GCW “Ugandan Invasion 2” Results

Sat, Jan 10, 09

Port Perry, Ontario (GCW Debut in Port Perry)
Scugog Community Arena
Attendance: 120+
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Referee: “Selfish” Sean Cassidy
Bellringer: Poor Uncle Ned Kitchen
Celebrity Guest Bellringer: 4 Time OIW Manager of the Year Award Winner “The Sport” Jessy Jones
Results credit:

1) Rico Montana def “Midnight Special” RJ City by pinfall after a chokeslam. [4 min]

2) Sterling Silver w/ Jamie Virtue def Sombra by submission to the Sterling Silver Stretch [8 min]

*The scheduled match between Asylum and Crazy Steve never happened. Crazy Steve showed up in a hockey jersey with a goalie’s stick. He wanted Asylum to play hockey in the ring. Anthony Darko came out and said he was gonna do what GCW should have done – he was gonna stop this nonsense. Darko said that Steve always bites, stabs and acts like a madman so Aslum & him should beat up Steve together. Darko gave Steve the opportunity to find a partner to face him and Asylum later on the show but it was unlikely because “no one is stupid enough to be [Steve’s] partner.”

3) The Masked Serpents (Black & White) def The Bro Stars (Josh Alexander & “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva) when the Serpents pinned Alexander after a kick to the nuts. [12 min]

4) GCW W.I.L.D. Championship: Deanna Conda def PJ Tyler by pinfall after a chokeslam to retain the title [5 min]

*GCW Canadian National Champion Otis Idol came to the ring and interviewed himself in a hilarious promo. Idol was interupted by #1 Contender Cody Deaner who promised to kick Idol’s ass and win the title in the night’s main event.

– Intermission saw Kamala, Cody Deaner, Hayden Avery and other GCW stars meet & greet fans while Dr Mask’s merch tables supplied souveniers (Rey Mysterio masks were a popular item.)

5) GCW Ontario Independent Championship: Tiger Star def Hayden Avery by pinfall after a Slice Driver to retain the title. [9 min]

*Asylum & Anthony.Darko came to the ring for their match with Crazy Steve and whoever he found to be his partner. A mini squirmish broke out between Asylum and a group of young fans that ended when Aylum was hit in the eye with a Cheesy. Crazy Steve came out and announced that he had found a partner. Steve asked fans if they wanted to see Kamala. At least that’s what it sounded like he said. Steve ran to the back and came out with a large stuffed Koala. Aslyum knocked Steve off the apron as he and the stuffed Koala went to enter the ring. Darko and Asylum then murdered and dismembered the Koala before throwing the body parts into the crowd. Steve ran to the back and returned with Kamala.

6) “Ugandan Giant” Kamala & Crazy Steve def Anthony Darko & Asylum when Kamala pinned Darko [11 min]

7) GCW Canadian National Title: Otis Idol def Cody Deaner by Count-out to retain the title [20 min]A fantastic match that raged around the arena. Anthony Darko cost Deaner the match by running out and holding his foot to prevent him making it into the ring before the 10 count. Darko and Otis beat on Deaner after the bell until Crazy Steve and Kamala made the save. Show ended with Deaner & Steve “pouring sugar” on Kamala.

GCW returns to Port Perry in May.

Dawayne Capshew sent this in:

Impact Zone Wrestling
January 10th 2009
Impact Arena

???Powerhouse???Shane Rawls and ???Mr Money???Randy Price beat ???Pride Of the Chickasaws???Kyote Joe and ???The Gifted???Eric Rose by pinfall

Max McGuirk beat IZW Impact Division Champion Dustin Heritage by pinfall in a Non Title Match

Austin Tacious beat ???Freakshow???Chrisstopher Crow by disqualification

???High Energy??? Jermaine Johnson beat Bernie Donderwitz by disqualification

???Celtic Warrior??? John O???Malley beat ???Sensational??? Seth Allen by countout

“Real Deal??? Aaron Neil beat IZW Heavyweight Champion “Mr Saturday Night??? Michael Barry by disqualification

Saul Stradlin sent this in:

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla ran it’s first show of 2009 last night in Reseda. Crowd was about 350 people, with tons of people standing. The show started off with Excalibur welcoming the fans to the show, and mentioning Low Ki signing with WWE. He also mentioned that 2009 will see new faces in PWG, and that would begin with the debut of The Cutler Brothers.

1. Los Luchas over The Cutler Brothers: The Cutlers, making their PWG debut, are a local team who have wrestled for several promotions in the area and have trained with The Young Bucks. They looked impressive in their debuts after getting through some issues during the start of the match. Good match that got the crowd fired up.

2. Austin Aries over TJ Perkins: Decent match that saw TJ trying to work heel, but the crowd wasn’t really engaged into this. The match centered around Austin Aries trying to hit his signature moves, but would end up failing as TJ Perkins would either move out the way or would counter his attempts. Finish saw Aries trying to lock in the Horns Of Aries while TJ kept fighting him off, but was unable to once Aries fully got it locked in for the submission victory.

3. Joey Ryan over Bobby Quance: Bobby Quance entered this match after being away from the ring for over four years after joining the military. This match was a fun comedy match, with both men trading various WWF/E finishers including Stone Cold Stunners, Rock Bottoms, Pedigrees, Million Dollar Dreams, and various other moves from the past. The crowd got really into the match at the end and gave Quance a nice ovation afterwards. Very classy moment from the fans in attendance.

4. Bryan Danielson over Scott Lost: Excellent match. This match went around the building, and the in ring work was done really well. Both guys really stepped up in this, and it made from an entertaining match that the fans were into. Danielson got the win after Scott Lost submitted to the Cattle Mutilation.

5. El Generico over Chuck Taylor: Another good match. There was a lot of crowd involvement, including a young fan chopping Chuck Taylor. The finish saw both guys on the outside of the ring trying to gain an advantage. Generico ended up getting the advantage, which resulted in him giving Taylor a Brainbuster on the ring apron.

6. The Young Bucks over Davey Richards and Roderick Strong to retain the PWG World Tag Team Championship: Another excellent match to close the show. The fans were really hot for this match, and the Young Bucks took a beating at the hands of Strong and Richards. The final part of the match saw a series of nearfalls and crazy moves, to which the fans really enjoyed. The Young Bucks got the win after an exchange of various pinning combinations between Nick Jackson and Davey Richards. Post match saw Davey Richards going after referee Rick Knox, who dove over several fans to get away from Davey. The Young Bucks then cut a promo saying that their goal for 2009 was to become the greatest PWG World Tag Team Champions of all time and that they will go to Japan to defend the belts in Dragon Gate.

Notes: Paul London was in attendance again and looked like he was having a really good time. The crowd was also into the show for the most part. PWG had a very strong showing, and the show actually started on time. No return date announced.

taterkirb sent this in:

On 1/10/09 Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling presented News Years Bash ’09
in Easley, S.C. at Easley High School!

In front of a sell out crowd of over 3,000 fans (2623 paid), the “Nature Boy”
Ric Flair returned. Returning with Rock Star status is more like it for Flair.
He is still the man in front of the wrestling fans. He was signing autographs
and taking pictures for all the fans and they were extremely satisfied with his
return. In the “house that Flair built”, Ric was adored and praised for the 2
hours he sat with the fans. He then greeted them and gave them the patented
“WOOOO” a few times and they erupted !!

As for the show, here are the results:

1. High Flying Chris Hamrick defeated Andru Bane for the MACW Hardcore Title.

2. Amber O’Neal defeated Daffney.

3.Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeated The Russian Assassin.

4. Ricky Morton defeated Donnie Dollar$.

5. Buff Bagwell defeated Rikki Nelson.

Next MACW Big Event will be:

“Night Of Champions”
Saturday, February 21st, 2009
Cheraw High School
Cheraw, SC
8 PM Bell Time
Doors open at 6 PM !!!

Scheduled to appear; The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, “The
Rock n’ Roll Express” Ricky Morton, “The Midnight Express” Bobby Eaton, plus
many other MACW Superstars !!

Tickets are available at:
J&K Grill in Cheraw, S.C. 99 Powe St, Cheraw, SC Tel: (843) 537-3056.
Stroud and Save in Chesterfield, S.C.
Cheraw High School Office 649 Chesterfield Hwy. Cheraw, SC Tel: (843) 921-1000.
Also at the door the day of the event!

$75 Flair Super Ticket (includes a front row reserved ringside seat, an 8×10
personally autographed Ric Flair picture and meet with Ric Flair !!)
$20 Ringside (excludes front row)
$12 General Admission

For all MACW upcoming events and news go to

Credit: Dan Parris