Indy News #2: PTW, CHIKARA, PWA

PTW sent this in:

2009 is here, and Power Trip Wrestling are more than ready to go! We can start by telling you the latest news, the first part being that PTW dvd’s are now available to be bought online via Bad Medicine Productions, so visit to find out more!

We can also tell you that Power Trip Wrestling Promoter Petey Staniforth has a new website of his own, and he has demanded we promote it on this website. So, to visit the website of the most outspoken egotistical Luton Town FC fan around; visit today!

To view the latest video feature on PTW, from December 13th, visit

Rumours are swirling that PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth has pulled off quite a talent coup. Is it true? Is it just rumour? All we can say (sadly, we’ve been threatened by Petey not to say too much on the matter yet), is that the Heavyweight Champion of an international company; could well be on his way into Power Trip Wrestling in the very near future. But who? And for what reason? Watch this space….

Power Trip Wrestling’s Cruiserweight Champion Scott Annette has contacted PTW to let the Office know, that he WILL be defending the PTW Cruiserweight Title in his home country of Ireland. This will see the championship defended in such promotions as Ireland’s PWU, and others. Despite his arrogance, as a company Power Trip Wrestling are proud to have the title defended internationally. We only wish Scott would be defending it with the class and honour that others have, but given his behaviour since arriving in PTW; that would clearly be too much to ask. Annette also asked to be quoted on his thoughts about March 14th’s upcoming PTW show in Houghton Regis, and that “Richard Parliment is about to find out why I do not plan on losing this title any time soon…especially in my first defence of it”.

We have caught a few moments with Shabazz, in light of his recent turn of attitude; and here are some selected comments. The PTW Office finally managed to get an appointment (but only through the permission of one Petey Staniforth), to speak to Shabazz. During his busy weight training session, we got down to business.

PTW Office – Shabazz, first of all you’ve been frustrated with your recent losses in PTW. Care to comment?

Shabazz – Well, first of all I got screwed out of my PTW World Title shot on two occasions, one was because Mayhem beat me with help from some so called rookies, and since then he’s been too scared to face me. And the other occasion, is because Marcus Brash screwed me out of the title due to some sub-standard refereeing. So it was the the officials, the management, and the fans that gave me no choice but to contact the one man that can make things right.

PTW Office – But why Petey? Why not Dan Edge? Or any other manager?

Shabazz – Guys, who has the power in PTW, and who’s the man that can get me the title shot which I’ve sweat blood and tears for? Who do I go way back with, in PTW, and in other promotions? Need I say more?

PTW – Why did you screw Kevin Carter?

Shabazz – Hey, I don’t have to answer that, but since you asked, he was just a stepping stone for me. He needed to lay the path for my greatness. Period. Anyway, this interview is over boys, so unless you’re gonna help me get bigger arms, GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

PTW promoter Petey Staniforth was the feature of a two page article on Luton Town FC’s matchday programme for the home game vs Morecambe, on December 20th 2008. It featured Petey’s ‘Dream Team 11’, of his all time favourite Luton players from the past. As you’ll imagine, this has taken Staniforth’s ego to all new heights that currently have to be seen to be believed. Petey was quoted as saying that… “this was the perfect end to 2008, and you just wait, because 2009 will be my year as well!”.

There is now word on the condition of Aphrodite, and the news is very bad. She disappeared and wasn’t seen for the rest of the evening after her match; and we have been told that the incident on December 13th, has caused her to be told by doctors that she should not wrestle again. All at Power Trip Wrestling are very saddened by this, and wish her the best in the future.

And with all this going on in Power Trip Wrestling, why would you bother with other local imitations of us?! There’s only one company that plays this loud, that thinks outside the box; and that dares to dream – and that’s PTW!

Peter Staniforth
Power Trip Wrestling Promoter (Official PTW Website) (My Website) (PTW on My Space)

CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA’s King of Trios – The Biggest Wrestling Tournament of the Year!

It’s made up of 48 professional wrestlers from around the world, grouped into 16 trios…and if you’re into wrestling tournaments, they don’t come any larger, any more earth-shaking than CHIKARA’s annual King of Trios! For 2009, we’ve already announced dates in January and February, and today, we’re putting March on the list in a big way. The weekend of March 27th, 28th and 29th marks the return of the bloated beast the world has come to regard as King of Trios, and you can expect to see CHIKARA’s finest saddling up beside a bevy of wrestling’s finest (and oddest) stars!
Last year’s King of Trios marked the CHIKARA debuts of the One Man Gang, Glacier, Demolition Ax and Demolition Smash, along with representatives from Dragon Gate, DDT, Kaientai Dojo, El Dorado, and a handful of other international organizations! With a smorgasbord of wrestling talent from around the globe converging on the former ECW Arena last year, we were able to smash, and then re-smash all CHIKARA attendance records, and we’re out to do it again with King of Trios 2009!
Obviously, somethings have changed since 2008. For starters, the tournament will contain 16 trios, all of which will compete on Night 1 of the tournament. Tickets, broken into 3 tiers, will go on sale at our season premiere, called “Revelation X”, on January 25th. The tickets will be broken up into Front Row seating ($20 each,) General Admission ($15 each,) and Kids 12 & Under ($5 each.)

New York City fans will want to take advantage of a fan-organized bus trip to see “Revelation X” in Philadelphia, so they can witness the season kickoff, and be first to purchase King of Trios 2009 tickets. Drop by the forum and read up on details in the ATTN: NYC BUS TRIP thread for the skinny on this one, or e-mail the trip organizer at:
CHIKARA’s November events from Germany and New England (like the Tag World Grand Prix 2008 and the 5th annual Cibernetico) are up for sale on the Smart Mark Video site! They are complete with all the matches from the events, as well as backstage interviews, and additional bonus materials! All that, and new, original covers! Support CHIKARA by buying our official releases, available only at Smart Mark Video! (Our December events will be released the first week of January!)
Advance tickets for the kickoff of our 8th season are on sale right now!

“Revelation X”
1.25.2009 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner St.
in scenic South Philly, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!

“If the Airplane is Snowed in, Put your Bloody Skis on and Get Going!”
2.20.2009 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!
1742 Pear St.
in Reading, PA!
The action begins at 7:30 pm!

“Motive, Means, Opportunity”
2.21.2009 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Community Center!
4100 Green Pond Rd.
in Easton, PA!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

King of Trios 2009
3.27.2009 – 3.29.2009 – Friday Evening through Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner St.
in scenic South Philly, PA!

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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Pure Wrestling Association
Winter Slam
January 4th, 2009
Hamilton, Ontario

1. Eddie Osbourne defeated Easy E

2. Adam Cordero w/ Allison defeated Sabrina Kyle.

3. Lak Siddartha defeated Mr. Atlantis

4. Jessy Jones defeated Tommy Ryder to win the Internet Championship

5. Super Kamikaze defeated Scotty O’Shea

6. Ethan Page defeated Moondog Buddy

7. Pure Wrestling Champion Reggie Marley retained the Title Belt by Disqualification in his mat war with Geza Kalman

PWA returns to Hamilton on January 30th!