Indy News #1: KPW, PWU, SWCW

kingstonpro sent this in:

This was Kingston Pro Wrestling’s first show, it was held on January 3rd at the Hull Sports Centre.

Attendance; 90-100

Danny Verile def. Brad Flash
Scotty Hexx def. Matt Myers
Scott Adams & Robert James Mainprize destroyed Alex Kingston
Gilligan Gordon def. Sam
Ruption def. Gemini
Avian def. “Shooting Star” Kris Travis
Bubblegum def. Joseph Hayes, El Ligero and “Prima Donna” Nathan Cruz

PWU sent this in:

Wrestle-Reality hits the road; Book the BackSeat Boyz; and Celebrity Boxing teams up with PWU Jan. 24th!

It’s a whole new ballgame for the PWU crew beginning in 2009 as “The Era of Wrestle-Reality” officially kicks into overdrive. That means no insulting your intellegence with make believe “storylines”, instead we will dare to show you, the fans, the REALITY of being an independent wrestler today. To commemorate this new venture we have completely remodeled to suit our growing needs and it will be revealed this TUESDAY Jan. 6th!

PWU is now officially enjoying it’s “Off Season” and will return with live events soon, but in the meantime the Wrestle-Reality stars will be going ON THE ROAD invading wrestling events all over the Mid-Atlantic region. Led by “The greatest tag team of all time” The BackSeat Boyz, look for Wrestle-Reality to spread like wild fire this winter and spring.

Also as part of the new there will be a BackSeat Boyz section with updates on their upcoming comeback tour.

Also interviews and statements from The Boyz chronicling their comeback will be available in this exclusive section. Plus TONS of match footage and interviews will be available via youtube of many of your favorite PWU stars road footage. These segments will be gritty and real, and will leave no holds barred. **EVERY PWU star will be encouraged to submit their road footage to be shown at!! **

Want to book The BackSeat Boyz (Acid & Kashmir), PWU Champ Teddy Fine, Aramis, the amazing Rich Swann, The Angus Brothers, Twisted Sand, Dave Disaster, Joe Ettell, Lucky and/or ANY PWU star simply by emailing


If you book and advertise The BackSeat Boyz as a team or if you book “Kashmir w/ his 7ft. Hoodiez” and he ndoesn’t show up….. then you, the promoter, will be paid the fee that you would have paid Kashmir! No risk booking, gotta love it!

Johnny’s new “Kashmir & his Hoodiez” persona was the collective brain child of Kashmir himself along with none other than ‘RAVEN’ of ECW fame! Kashmir’s “Hoodiez” (followers) as he refers to them, are both over 7ft. tall andwell trained universal fighters. Untill Trent Acid gets released from prison, Johnny will be taking singles bookings with his Hoodiez watching his back. ** Already Kashmir & The Hoodiez have signed on to wrestle on Saturday March 28th in Denver, PA for Atomic Championship Wrestling. Kashmere’s opponent has yet to be revealed but rumours are flying that it’ll be a fellow PWU star!

( **Find Kashmir’s schedule at in the BackSeat Boyz


On Saturday Night January the 24th, 2009 Celebrity Boxing Federation presents “Celebrity Boxing 6” LIVE from The Ice Works Skating Complex located at 3100 West Dutton Mills Rd. in Aston, PA.

PWU stars will be involved in not one but TWO big grudge matches on this already jam-packed lineup. Here’s how the card’s looking so far:


MLB’s Jose Canseco vs TV’s Danny Bonnaducci


After months of Kashmere openly challenging Moore to face him in a boxing match on a PWU event, The Celebrity Boxing Federation has finally sealed the deal….and it’s now for a title!!

CBF Super Middleweight Title Match:

PWU owner Johnny Kashmere vs former PWU Champion Devon Moore!! Johnny will have PWU World Champion Teddy Fine and The over 7 foot tall Dave Disaster as his cornermen…..when Devon chooses his cornermen we will announce it immediatelyat


PWU and CBF officials are working on signing The son of the Legendary Hardcore Icon “The Sandman” known as “TWISTED SAND” to face the man who has banned The Sandman from wrestling in the state of Pennsylvania THE ROCKIN’ REBEL in a BOXING MATCH!!


Also signed on to box on this event include WWF Legend Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and former PWU star Thomas “The Zbarr” Hirschman.

Hirschman faced Rev. Bob Levy on the last Celebrity Boxing event, this entire event can be viewed via net-cast at anytime.

Many more of your favorite CBF and PWU stars will be in action and/or appearing.


Tickets go on sale for this Celebrity Boxing event THIS MONDAY!!

Call (800)677-8499 anytime after Sunday to buy your tickets. You can watch this event live (or taped after the event happens) via our net-cast at Look for PWU to return to live action this spring/summer season!

dawayne capshew sent this in:

Sooner World Class Wrestling
January 3rd 2009
Underground Arena
Oklahoma City,OK

Devon Monroe beat Ozzy Hendrix

Havoc beat. Maniacal Mike

Matt Emerald and Se7en fought to a No Contest

SWCW Tag Team Champion Kevin Morgan beat Xavior by DQ

Bud Barnes & Moonshine beat Spur The Clown & Romo

Kevin James Sanchez (w/ Tom Jones) beat Damon Windsor to become the #1 contender for the SWCW Heavyweight Title

SWCW Hardcore Champion Shane Sanchez beat Damien Morte