Indy News #2: CWE on 1/16, Big Vito, The Invader #1

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

CWE Returns to Action in Youngstown, Ohio January 16
by CWE Web Staff

Championship Wrestling Experience is proud to present Two Years Later live Friday, January 16th, 2009, at the historic Wedge nightclub located at 1743 S Raccoon Road in Austintown, Ohio! Doors will open at 6:30 PM, and the event will begin promptly at 7:30 PM. Tickets will are available right now in advance at Havana House in Niles and The Wedge box office for $10, and will be available the day of the show for $12! Now onto the card for this historic event:

Shiima Xion made history on July 18th, when he defeated Johnny Gargano for the Undisputed Title. Since then, Xion has enjoyed winning titles in several other promotions, as well as tournaments all over the country. Shiima faces the biggest test he has faced thus far in the CWE when he steps into the ring with the man who has not tasted defeat in the two years he has wrestled in CWE. Patrick Hayes gets his first shot at the title that he has worked hard to get to, going through the likes of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Johnny Gargano, Raymond Rowe and so many more.While the fans have no love for either man, one must imagine that Hayes has earned their disdain much more than the current Undisputed Champion. Will Shiima end up Hazed and Confused as Patrick Hayes leaves The Wedge on the 16th the new CWE Undisputed Champion, or will Hayes finally taste defeat at the hands of the ultra hot Shiima Xion?

At Culmination II in July, we saw a four team tag war that was the basis of what would become the TLC match at Decimation. But just weeks before the four teams in question were set to do battle in the most hellacious match in CWE history, Max Alexander quit professional wrestling and left his partner Jon Kronica with no one to turn to. CWE officials had no choice but to pull The Franchise Players from the TLC match, and replace them with the most dominant team in CWE history, Faith in Nothing. After twenty minutes of sheer brutality, the underdogs Iron Justice pulled off an upset and became CWE Tag Team Champions. Faith in Nothing viciously attacked Iron Justice, turning their backs on the CWE fans that loyally supported them since the inception of the company. CWE officials were left with no choice but to suspend Faith in Nothing for their actions. Also at Decimation, during Bobby Beverly’s match with Patrick Hayes, Jon Kronica made his way to ringside to scout Beverly. In the weeks following the show, Kronica and Beverly approached CWE officials and lobbyed for the Tag Team Title shot Kronica felt he deserved. CWE officials agreed, and on January 16th, the newly formed Franchise Players will do battle with Iron Justice for the CWE Tag Team Titles!

With the CWE Undisputed Title scene growing to be very thick with a laundry list of contenders, each match is very important. Raymond Rowe has been a regular in the CWE ever since the first Culmination in July of 2007. Since then, he has been nearly unstoppable, with his only loss, questionable as it was, came at the hands of the newest WWE Developmental Talent, “The Deviant” Michael Hutter. Rowe bounced back at Decimation by defeating Bulldozer in a close contest, that saw Rowe throw the 325 pound plus Bulldozer from pillar to post. Ashton Amhurst is a relative newcomer to the CWE. His team was victorious at Culmination II, and at Decimation, he defeated Hobo Joe, with the aid of a handful of tights. Both of these men are poised to do big things in CWE in 2009, and the winner of this match will most definitely work his way closer to the CWE Undisputed Title!

Matt Cross had originally been a part of this match, but due to an offer of an extended tour overseas, he will not be able to be a part of CWE’s 2nd Anniversary spectacular. This match features four of the CWE’s youngest, hungriest talents, desiring to move closer in their hunt for the CWE Undisputed Title. Ryan Burke has not been seen in over a year in the CWE, but during that time has taken his training to another level, and has improved greatly. Facade has been a staple in the CWE, and has improved with every match he has. Chris LeRusso is new to the CWE, but took Facade to the limit at Decimation, and helped Patrick Hayes beat him down following their match. Marion Fontaine was involved in the very first match in CWE history, and after taking a year sabbatical from the CWE, has returned and has his sights set on success in 2009! To make the match even more interesting, CWE officials are going to give the winner of this match the final entry in the battle royal with the winning getting a Title Shot on February 20th!

The LA Gunz and Straight Jacket Mafia have been at each others throats for the better part of six months, and are a direct result of the other team not being the CWE Tag Team Champions as we speak. They have each assembled a 5 man team that will do battle on January 16th! Benjamin C Steele has undoubtedly opened his pocket book to stack his team, which will consist of the Straight Jacket Mafia, Bulldozer, Shane Taylor, and Kevin Bradway. The LA Gunz have searched Youngstown, Ohio up and down for the best possible partners and have found them in the young underdog JC Slick and the returning Bouncer and Tuff Tina. What will happen when all of these hungry athletes step into the ring on January 16th?

CWE officials have been on a mission to find the best tag teams to bring into the company, and on January 16th, two up and coming teams from the area will make their debuts in the CWE! The Rare Breed, made up of Alex Archadian and Ric Rumsky, will face off with Simply Dynamite, consisting of Shawn Blaze and TJ Dynamite. Will the Rare Breed make their debut with a victory, or will Simply Dynamite walk away with the W?

Johnny Gargano suffered a serious back injury following his match with Shane Taylor at Decimation and since that time, has not been able to compete. On January 16th, Gargano will be on hand to discuss what his future holds in professional wrestling. Will CWE fans find out that he will be returning shortly, or will Johnny ultimately have to announce that he is finished?

Also appearing: Hobo Joe, Moondog Scrap, Logan Shulo and more to be announced soon! Check out for more information on Championship Wrestling Experience!

Join us for this and match more Friday, January 16th at the Wedge nightclub in Austintown, Ohio as Championship Wrestling Experience present Two Years Later!

Keep your eyes posted as CWE makes major announcements concerning events leading into Two Years Later!

Karyn Glubis sent this in:


Tampa, FL ??? Coming off his MMA debut victory, Big Vito explodes onto the European wrestling scene. The ???Toughest Man to Ever Wear a Dress??? will return to entertain fans but no one can predict which persona he is bringing to the squared circle. Is it going to be the ???Dress??? or is he returning to the rough, tough, bad boy style of his Italian heritage?

Given that Vito is a former Iron Man Champion of the Hannover Tournament, the very prestigious title that has also been held by many other famous European wrestlers, this should be an interesting start in Germany working for German Stampede Wrestling (GSW).

???We are happy to be hosting Vito on his return to Germany!??? said Alexander Erven of German Stampede Wrestling.

Tour dates are as follows:

January 31 ??? Germany: Freizeithaus im Revierpark Gysenberg (German Stampede Wrestling – GSW)

February 12 ??? Ireland: (Irish Whip Wrestling – IWW)

February 13 ???Ireland: (Irish Whip Wrestling – IWW)

February 14 ??? Ireland: (Irish Whip Wrestling – IWW)

February 18 ??? UK: Chatham, Kent (International Pro Wrestling – IPW)

February 19 ??? UK: Selsey, West Sussex (International Pro Wrestling – IPW)

February 20 ??? UK: Birmingham, West Midlands (International Pro Wrestling – IPW)

February 21 ??? UK: Bognor Regis, West Sussex (International Pro Wrestling – IPW)

February 22 ??? UK: Portsmouth, Hampshire (International Pro Wrestling – IPW)

25 March ??? France: Toulon, Zenith Omega (Nu-Wrestling Evolution ??? NWE)
26 March ??? France: Caen, Zenith de Caen (Nu-Wrestling Evolution – NWE)
28 March ??? France: Bruxelles , Forest National (Nu-Wrestling Evolution – NWE)
29 March ??? France: Reims, Salle de Tys (Nu-Wrestling Evolution – NWE)

2 April ??? France: Saint Etienne – Zenith Metropole (Nu-Wrestling Evolution – NWE)
3 April ??? France: Montpellier – Zenith Su (Nu-Wrestling Evolution – NWE)

Other dates will be announced as they are confirmed by Promoters. Big Vito is accepting additional bookings both in the US and Europe during this time period. For booking inquiries or interviews, please contact

Dates and appearance are subject to change. For more information on individual promotions, please visit their websites at:


About Big Vito:

Vito LoGrasso is a professional wrestler best known for his work in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as Big Vito and as ???The Toughest Man to Ever Wear a Dress??? for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He is also known for his work in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

He is currently working as an Independent wrestler for various promotions.

Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

What began as a normal interview in which we sat down with the legendary Invader #1, Jos?? Huertas Gonz??les, has become an event of epic proportions in itself. We heard him speak of his origins, his life as a humble ???j??baro??? in his native San Lorenzo, we saw him travel to the US and become the wrestler he is known for today. We heard him travel the world and arrive at the gates of WWC. Now we have the opportunity to listen to the story of how Carlos Col??n and him broke up their wrestling business relationship, How he never imagined that he would be part of the IWA, which represented a new wrestling tradition that still accepted a 57 year old veteran in its locker room, and was even more accepted by the fans that followed and love him. Invader #1 gives a tour through his thoughts, emotions, feelings and insight to a business that has been all he is and all he shall ever be. We listen to how important fans are in his life, and how a dream came true for him to retire in the biggest wrestling event of the year 2006 as selected by fans themselves. Come and join us here at and celebrate the trajectory and life of one of the most important figures in puertorrican squared circles. Great epics come to and end, and our special interview closes the curtain to showcase the most important interview in puertorrican wrestling history. Remember that as wrestling history unfolds before us, will always be there to chronicle every important moment and be part of that history, because: ???History is ours???.