Indy News #1: Ric Flair/Mid-Atlantic, WSU, MCPW

Danny Parris sent this in:


Easley High School Athletic Booster Club and Easley Police Department Presents:

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
New Years Bash ’09
Saturday, January 10th, 2009
Easley High School McKelvey Gymnasium
Easley, SC
8 PM Bell Time
Doors open at 6 PM !!!

Scheduled to appear; The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Buff Bagwell, Ricky Morton of The Rock n’ Roll
Express, ???Beautiful??? Bobby Eaton of The Midnight Express, former NWA world junior heavyweight champion Rikki Nelson, former ECW superstar Chris Hamrick, a ladies match and more MACW Superstars !!

Tickets are available at:
Upstate Carolina Mortgage on E. Main St. in Easley, S.C. 864-855-4400.
Family Auto on Calhoun Memorial Hwy.
Easley High School office, 506 S Pendleton St, 864-855-8180 and at the door.

$75 Flair Super Ticket (includes a front row reserved ringside seat, an 8×10
personally autographed Ric Flair picture, and meet with Ric Flair !!) A limited
number of Flair Super Tickets are available!
$20 Ringside seating (excludes front row)
$12 General Admission.

Ringside and general admissions ticket-holders will have the opportunity to
purchase autographed photos and merchandise from Flair, as well as the other
performers on the card.

The wrestling card will be a fundraiser for the Easley High School athletic
department and children??’s charities supported by the Easley Police Department.

For more information, call the Easley High School athletic department at
(864) 859-8185 or go to the Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Web site at
visit or call 704-926-1507.

In all, Ric Flair is scheduled to appear eight times over the new few months for MACW, including:

Sat. Feb. 21, Cheraw High School, Cheraw, S.C.

Sat. March 14, Gaston County National Guard Armory, Gastonia, N.C.

Fri. May 15, West Lincoln High School, Lincolnton, N.C.

Four additional dates to be announced!

For more information visit or call 704-926-1507

BULLSMC sent this in:

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Returns With Another Huge Double-DVD Taping on 1/10

What: WSU
When: January 10th, 2009
Where: The Darress Theatre, located at 615 Main Street in Boonton, NJ (Public transit available)
Belltime: First show 3PM, second show 5:15PM (One ticket gets you into both shows)
Tickets: $15 at the door/$12 in advance
Contact Info:


WSU Wrestling, the most uncensored womens wrestling promotion today, returns with a huge double DVD taping on January 10th headlined by a match one year in the making – a STEEL CAGE MATCH between the longest reigning & defending WSU Champion of all time – Angel Orsini and her former tag-partner turned foe, the 2008 Womens J-Cup winner “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez.

All complete information on WSU & our wrestlers, check out our website at and our message board at

Aside from the huge steel cage match between Orsini & Martinez, other huge names appearing on the event are TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong, The First Lady of Wrestling Missy Hyatt, Peyton “Rain” Banks, Melissa Coates, Rachel Summerlyn, Gorgeous George & many more! There will also be a former Worlds Women Wrestling Champion making her WSU debut on 1/10!

WSU has announced the full card for our 3PM show. Here is the card:

Main Event
Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Beatdown Betties (Annie Social & Roxxie Cotton) vs Awesome Kong & Amy Lee

Special Challenge Match
Rain vs Rachel Summerlyn

The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha) vs Reyna Fire & Brooke Carter

Team Wigwam (Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson) vs Kylie Pierce & Pierce’s Mystery Protege

Miss April w/Gorgeous George vs Trixie Lynn w/Melissa Coates

Former 2-Time WSU Champion, Alicia, will present WSU Champion Angel Orsini with the brand new WSU Championship Title Belt. Angel plans on giving her last few words before the huge cage match on the second taping.

In a special Missy’s Manor, Missy Hyatt will be conducting the last interview with Mercedes Martinez before she goes into the cage. Missy & Mercedes have had a rocky relationship in WSU, and who knows what will be said.

WSU has announced a partial card for our 5:15pm show. Many other matches will take place based on the events of the first taping:

WSU Championship Match
(c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez

WSU Tag Team Championship Match
Team Wigwam (Alere & Missy) vs the WSU Tag Team Champions (Either Beatdown Betties or Lee/Kong)

All wrestlers that appear on the first DVD taping will appear on the second taping, plus you never know who’s going to show up in WSU!

Don’t forget, the huge mystery wrestler who has won world championships will make her presence known!

Orsini/Martinez Cage Match Preview Video:

Check out the above link to see how the WSU Champion Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez feud has escalated to the point where both of these kickass wrestlers are hellbent on destroying each other in a cage on January 10th in Boonton, NJ. These women do not like each other at all and both have vowed to scar the other for life and make them taste their own blood.

For fans who may not know or have forgotten, here is a quick timeline of the Orsini/Martinez feud:

2002-2003 – Angel Orsini helps train Mercedes Martinez at ECW Original Jason Knight’s wrestling school in Connecticut.
2003- Orsini & Martinez team up to wrestle together in several New England promotions.

2004-2005- Orsini & Martinez go their seperate ways, with Orsini moving to Europe. Martinez travels the US and collects many championships & accolades on the independent scene.

September 2007- Angel Orsini debuts in WSU during the DVD taping of “It’s Always Sunny In Lake Hiawatha”. Orsini would be challenged by long-time friend Amy Lee, the tag partner of Luna Vachon. Amy wanted to be Angel’s first match in WSU.

September 2007- During the “Surviving the Game” DVD taping, after the Orsini/Lee match, Martinez reveals herself as Luna Vachon’s attacker. Orsini & Martinez embrace in the ring. Martinez said she destroyed Luna & helped Orsini attack Lee because Lee was the one who put Martinez on the shelf for several months. Martinez credits Orsini for helping in her training. The two would be be a factor in Luna Vachon’s retirement.

December 2007- Martinez, in her first match, during the “The World Is Not Enough” DVD taping, and still in a bad place because she felt like she had to make up for lost time because she was coming off an injury, destroyed Rick Cataldo.

December 2007- During the “Alicia Retirement Show” DVD taping, Martinez destroyed Roxxie Cotton. Martinez made it clear that she would destroy anyone in her rise to the top. Meanwhile Amy Lee d. Angel Orsini via DQ when Mercedes Martinez blasted Amy with a chair. Mercedes & Angel beat the crap out of Amy after the match, only for ref Missy Sampson to step up to the plate and wipe Angel & Mercedes out! It was announced that Missy Sampson & Amy Lee will take on Angel & Mercedes at the next show!

March 8th, 2008 – During the “First Anniversary Show” DVD taping, Former WSU Sr. Official now turned wrestler, Missy Sampson came out. Missy Sampson explained that due to recent emergency surgery, she is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Amy Lee, her tag partner, scheduled for the extremely personal tag match against Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini understood Missy’s situation. However, before Missy could finish talking, Mercedes & Angel came out to jump the gun, against the defenseless Missy Sampson, thinking they had a 2 on 1 advantage for their tag match. However, Missy was able to announce that even though she couldn’t wrestle, she found a partner for Lee, and out came AWESOME KONG!

Amy Lee & Awesome Kong w/Missy Sampson d. Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini
In one of the more heated matches of the evening, Amy Lee was finally able to get her revenge over Mercedes & Angel. This feud, which was started when Martinez & Angel revealed themselves as the duo that took out Amy’s ex-tag partner Luna Vachon and taking credit for Luna’s retirement, came to a thrilling climax when Kong was able to lay out Angel, leading to Amy Lee picking up the pinfall!

We found out shortly afterwards, that despite attacking Luna, the fans were still behind Martinez. Orsini resented that fact and told Martinez not to let the fans sway her decisions. However, Martinez realized how much she missed the fans support and an unspoken rift between Orsini/Martinez started brewing.

March 8th, 2008 – During the “Dawn of a New Day” DVD taping, Martinez challenged & defeated Mickie Knuckles. This would be Martinez’s first match without an association with Angel Orsini. Orsini was fuming and left the building when she found out Martinez wanted to go her own way.

March 21st, 2008- Martinez goes to the finals of the 2nd Annual WSU/NWS King and Queen of the Ring tournament with partner Bison Bravado. Orsini felt snubbed for not being entered the tournament and even more upset that Martinez got the last spot in the tournament.

March 22nd, 2008- Martinez defeats Jana & Becky Bayless to get to the finals of the 2nd Annual WSU/NWS J-Cup tournament. Angel Orsini defeats Roxxie Cotton & Rebecca Payne to get to the finals of the tournament. The first ever Orsini/Martinez match in WSU is set-up, as the finals of the J-Cup tournament. In a wild 20 minute or so match, Martinez defeats Orsini. Orsini leaves the ring while Martinez soaks in her biggest victory in WSU.

April 20th, 2008- The rise of Orsini begins. Orsini defeats newcomer Kacee Carlisle, then goes on into the “UNCENSORED RUMBLE” match. Orsini would be the last one eliminated, being tossed out by winner Amy Lee. Orsini has now just tasted defeat twice in straight number 1 contender matches, as she was the last one eliminated in the J-Cup & the last one eliminated in the Rumble. Orsini is full of rage.

May 31st, 2008- In a surprise upset & match, Angel Orsini defeats Nikki Roxx for the WSU championship at a JAPW event in Rahway, NJ. Here is the recap from the TITLE HISTORY section on
” In the first ever WSU Championship title defense in JAPW, Angel Orsini shocked everyone and pinned Nikki Roxx to become the new WSU Womens Champion!

Angel Orsini, who has had some trouble times in WSU, has came up short in numerous attempts to become the number 1 contender to the WSU championship. After a loss to Lacey Von Erich, Angel lost in the finals of the 2008 WSU/NWS Womens J-Cup tournament and was the last woman eliminated in the Uncensored Rumble. However, when WSU & JAPW made a deal to have the WSU championship defended on JAPW events, Angel capitalized on the opportunity, and defeated Nikki Roxx to win the WSU Championship.

In a 12 minute match, that featured alot of mat wrestling with some brawling, Angel was able to put Nikki Roxx down for the count cleanly, after a reverse rock bottom. It was Angel’s biggest win in WSU.

Angel a mat veteran for some time threw a major wrench into the WSU fold, as Angel took the ball and is now ready to run with it. With tons of hungry challengers for the championship, a feeling Angel knows, Angel will now have to take on all comers, any where, any time. “

June 21st, 2008- Martinez was granted a WSU Championship match due to her win at the J-Cup tournament. Before getting there, Martinez wanted to challenge someone Orsini defeated. Martinez would defeat Kacee Carlisle during the “Show Must Go On” DVD taping. Meanwhile, Orsini made her first WSU Championship defense, defeating the 2008 Uncensored Rumble winner, Amy Lee.

June 21st, 2008 – Orsini vs Martinez II takes place during “Army of One”. This match is a match of the year candidate that featured brawling throughout the building, even going up in the balcony section where Martinez threw Orsini from one balcony into another. This was one of WSU’s highest selling & perhaps best DVD to date. Orsini tricked Martinez to win the match, faking an injury and using a small package to get the win.

SUMMER 2008- Orsini becomes the face of WSU. Just check out her title history for the summer:

# 6/21 vs Amy Lee in Boonton, NJ
# 6/21 vs Mercedes Martinez in Boonton, NJ
# 6/28 vs Jana in Jersey City, NJ
# 8/16 vs Annie Social vs Roxxie Cotton vs Rick Cataldo in Bayonne, NJ
# 8/22 vs Dawn Marie & Portia Perez in Neptune, NJ
# 8/23 vs Portia Perez in Belleville, NJ

Fall 2008- Orsini continues to dominate, adding these defenses to her championship reign:
# 9/20 vs Annie Social in Jersey City, NJ
# 10/4 vs Kara “Cherri” Slice in Brick, NJ

October 10th, 2008 – Orsini vs Martinez III takes place. The match goes to a 15 minute draw during the “Push It To Limit” DVD taping. During a 5 minute overtime, Martinez looked like she had the match & the championship won, but time expired. The match is ruled a draw. The official record between these two is one win a piece, one loss a piece and now a draw a piece, making this feud 1-1-1.

October 11th, 2008- From the “RESULTS” section:
WSU Tag Team Tournament Match
Round One
Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini d. Bobcat & Gorgeous George
In what many are calling one of the most shocking moments in WSU history, Angel Orsini teamed up with Mercedes Martinez. Martinez called out Orsini and talked about how Orsini has been ducking and getting lucky in matches with her. Martinez talked about how Orsini laid out Martinez’s partner Reyna Fire last night. Martinez said she didn’t care who Orsini’s partner would be & said she’d fight in a handicapped match against Orsini & her mystery partner.

When pressed Orsini finally let the cat out of the bag and announced Martinez as her partner. Orsini said her best chance to win the tournament was with Martinez which is why she had been attacking Fire. With Fire hospitalized, Martinez had no choice but to come out alone, leaving her to tag with Orsini. Orsini then said with Martinez teaming with her, it means Martinez couldn’t go after her in the tournament matches.

However during the match against Bobcat & George, Martinez had the match seemingly won. LITTLE JEANNE ran out and attacked Martinez, allowing Angel & Jeanne to win the match. Both Jeanne & Orsini attacked Martinez after the match proclaiming this was part of their master plan. In a separate promo on the DVD release it was explained that Jeanne & Orsini used to team before and have been friends for 15 years and they suckered Martinez into their plan. They eliminated Martinez from the tournament and outsmarted Martinez. You’ll want to see this on the DVD, as Angel has not only shown off her brawn in WSU, but her brains.

WSU Tag Team Tournament Match
Round Two
Amy Lee & Missy Sampson d. WSU Champion Angel Orsini & Little Jeanne
This was one of the better tag matches in WSU history, with all four wrestlers brawling all over the building. Eventually Mercedes Martinez ran out, distracting Orsini, allowing Amy to pin Orsini to advance in the tournament. As a result of this pinfall, WSU has announced a special WSU championship match on the 10/18 JAPW event between Lee & Orsini. This was one hell of a main event to wrap up the first taping of the Tag Team Title Tournament show.

October 11th, 2008- During the “PAYBACK’s A BITCH!” the following took place, courtesy of’s RESULT section:

Battle Royal
Winner Gets A Shot at the WSU Champion In The Main Event
Bobcat lastly eliminated Mercedes Martinez to earn the right to fight for the WSU Championship in the main event.

ENTRANTS: Jana, Latasha, Bobcat, Martinez, Gorgeous George, Trixxie Lynn, Little Jeanne, Melissa Coates

This was an exciting battle royal, which saw Martinez and Jeanne duke it out. It seems a new feud is brewing between these two, as the allegiances and battle lines have been made.

Martinez was the star of this battle royal, eliminating Jeanne towards the end. However, Angel Orsini ran out and cost Martinez the match, leaving Bobcat the winner. Orsini made it clear that she wants no part of Mercedes Martinez in WSU anymore and does not want her title run in jeopardy by being placed in a match with Martinez.

While all this was going on, Molly Holly came out. Molly said she sees how WSU operates and that this is not the Angel Orsini show. To ensure that Orsini’s shenanigans would be prevented, Molly named herself special referee for the main event, as approved by WSU commissioner Dawn Marie!

WSU Championship Match
Special Ref Molly Holly
(c) Angel Orsini d. Bobcat w/Gorgeous George
This was another wild match, where Orsini proved her dominance as WSU champion.

After the match, Mercedes Martinez came out and confronted Angel Orsini. Martinez beat the HOLY FN HELL out of Orsini, nailing her with the WSU title and DDTing her on a steel chair! Martinez then set-up a table and BRAINBUSTERED ORISNI THROUGH THE TABLE in one of the sickest displays of violence we’ve ever seen in WSU.

Martinez then made one of the biggest announcements in WSU history! Martinez , while standing out over a knocked out cold Orsini, said on 1/10, Martinez vs Orsini IV would happen, but this time, in a STEEL CAGE MATCH! WSU has approved the match, as WSU felt that Orsini/Martinez were all over the double DVD taping, interfering and attacking each other and the only way to settle this and to prevent interference, people running away & blind sided attacks is to go with Martinez’s idea and put them in the cage! Martinez and Orsini delivered again as this is MUST-SEE material.

October 18th, 2008- To prove she was a fighting champion and in order to get ready for Martinez, Orsini defeated Amy Lee in Bayonne, NJ at a JAPW show.

October 25th, 2008 – Orsini defeats Valentina at a FTW show in Long Island, NY. Orsini looks unbeatable in the match.

November 15th, 2008- Orsini destroyed and defeated Martinez’s protege, Reyna Fire at an FCW show in Brooklyn, NY. This was Orsini’s third win in a row after being slammed through a table by Martinez on 10/11.

November 29th, 2008- Martinez defeats Portia Perez in a 30 minute match. Martinez looks the best she’s ever been. Portia tells Martinez to win the belt on 1/10.

January 10th, 2009- Orsini vs Martinez IV, for the WSU Championship, in a STEEL CAGE will take place in what promises to be the sickest, most brutal, most intense & most important match in WSU History. Either Orsini will prove her dominance in the world of professional wrestling or Martinez will finally realize her dream and do what she set out to do when she first debuted in WSU more than 17 months ago and that is to become WSU Champion.

You do not want to miss this match. Both of these wrestlers are in intense training for this match. Martinez is in Tampa Florida working out with several female wrestlers and plans on debuting a new arsenal that Orsini is not familiar with. Orsini is training in her hometown & against men to gain strength and endurance for this match. Neither wrestler wants to be on the losing side of this encounter. There is so much riding on this bout, but only one will have their hand raised. Be part of history on January 10th, when this huge match takes place.

As reported earlier, Alicia will be presenting WSU Champion Angel Orsini the brand new WSU Championship title belt on 1/10. This marks the first time these two icons of WSU meet face-to-face for the first time ever. Word has it that Angel Orsini is not impressed nor cares about Alicia’s fanfare. When asked for a statement, Angel said “All I care about is Mercedes Martinez on 1/10 and I am working on my gameplan to defeat her. I do not give a damn about anyone else.” It seems the intensity and panic may be settling in for the champion.

The Soul Sisters contacted to request a match with Reyna Fire & Brooke Carter on 1/10. Jana, who was visibly upset after the Soul Sisters loss on 11/29 to the Beatdown Betties, was the one who requested the match on behalf of the Soul Sisters.

Latasha told that the Soul Sisters have hit a rough patch but despite some problems as of late, the Soul Sisters have not lost their focus – the WSU Tag Team Championships.

The Soul Sisters believe that they need to get back to the beginning and get on the same page. By challenging two rookies in Reyna Fire & Brooke Carter, who may look really good but are the least experienced on the WSU roster, The Soul Sisters plan on going on another huge winning steak with the intentions of climaxing that streak with the WSU Tag Team Titles.

When asked about the possibility of an upset loss to Carter & Fire, the Soul Sisters said that while they respect their opponents, there was just no way they would lose this match. The Soul Sisters told that they are working together and training harder than before and not taking this match lightly.

Reyna Fire & Brooke Carter have accepted the match. With a combined match total of less than 10 in their pro careers, they will definitely be giving up experience and ring-time in this match. What they lack in experience though, they make up in heart, as they are one of the hungriest duos in WSU, wanting to learn from the best in womens wrestling, hence their roster spots in WSU.

On 1/10 will we see the “Born Again” Soul Sisters or will we see the biggest upset in the Soul Sisters careers? This match, while not having a major issue between the participants could lead to major ramifications & dilemas, based on the outcome.

After many months of tension, Latasha of the Soul Sisters has a major announcement which she will make on 1/10. No details of this announcement have been given to

================================================= received a bulletin from both Trixie Lynn & Melissa Coates. Both want all the fans to know that while they plan on winning the WSU Tag Team championships, they also desire singles gold. Both wrestlers have asked for singles matches on 1/10. Both wrestlers have stressed that there are no problems between the two, but with all the great singles wrestlers in WSU, both want to prove themselves and their mettle against the best women in the land. Both wrestlers also feel that with more singles experience, it will allow them to scout more opponents in less time. Coates & Lynn stressed that no matter which one of them perhaps wins WSU singles gold, that they both have each others back and plan on managing each other when they are not in tag matches. Coates & Lynn also stated that no matter who walks out with the tag belts on 1/10, no matter what, they plan on issuing a challenge to the champs.


Amy Lee told in an exclusive interview that no matter what, Lee & Kong will walk out with the WSU Championships on 1/10. Amy pointed out her victories as well as Kong’s victories over The Beatdown Betties in singles matches. As a force Lee and Kong seem virtually unstoppable. No team looks like they could be a match for Kong & Lee. However, could Kong & Lee’s biggest weakness be Kong & Lee themselves? It is no secret these two don’t get along after two violent matches, that leave the two with a win a piece against each other. In both matches against each other Kong nor Lee has really dominated or proved their superiority over the other. A potential Kong vs Lee III match might be down the road, but on 1/10 it’s all about the prestigious tag team championships in all of womens wrestling – the WSU Tag Team Titles.


Rain has told that she is coming to WSU for one reason only and that is to become WSU Champion. It is a goal of everyone on the WSU roster and while few have done it, Rain plans on backing up her words. Rain said she has interest in the outcome of the WSU Championship cage match and wouldn’t mind taking on the winner down the line. Of course, Rain has to get past Rachel Summerlyn on 1/10 to even be in contention for the WSU Championship.


Updated: 12/1/08

Champion: Angel Orsini

1. Mercedes Martinez
2. Amy Lee
3. Awesome Kong
4. Portia Perez
5. Traci Brooks
6. Melissa Coates
7. Trixie Lynn
8. Roxxie Cotton
9. Annie Social
10. Kara Slice
11. Alere Little Feather
12. Miss April
13. Missy Sampson
14. Kacee Carlisle
15. Reyna Fire

Updated: 12/1/08

Champions – The Beatdown Betties (Roxxie Cotton & Annie Social)

1. Amy Lee & Awesome Kong
2. Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson
3. Melissa Coates & Trixie Lynn
4. Kylie Pierce & Kacee Carlisle
5. Brooke Carter & Reyna Fire

To update everyone on the surprise wrestler, has learned that the person debuting on 1/10 has held championships on national TV and is a major contributer to the sport of womens wrestling. This wrestler has also never been on an indy show in the northeast area ever.

Kylie Pierce, in wake of the news that tag team partner Kacee Carlisle will not be at the 1/10 event has told that she has found a partner for 1/10 as Kylie & this partner will take on Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson during the first taping on 1/10. If you remember, it was Kylie’s brutal and vicious kick to Alere’s spine on 6/21/08 that put Alere out of action. After 7 months out, Alere will finally return to the ring on 1/10 and plans on seeking her revenge on Kylie, the person who orchestrated the sinister attack.

What Team Wigwam (Alere & Missy) don’t know is that Kylie has been “brainwashing”, for lack of a better term, someone on the WSU roster. Kylie has been preying on a mind that she thinks she can control and thinks she can use this person to take care of Kylie’s dirty work. However, Kylie has promised this wrestler victories, fame and fortune in return for her devotion.

Just who is this wrestler? It is someone current on the WSU roster, but Kylie won’t say exactly who. Could it be someone who already has a match set for 1/10? Perhaps it’s someone who doesn’t have an announced match and is fed up about a perceived lack of respect? Whoever it is, they may have bitten off more than they can chew, as most accomplished teams on their best days don’t stand a chance against Team Wigwam, never mind a team wrestling together for the first time.

On 1/10 we will find out who Kylie Pierce has been working with, as Kylie says she has a new protege. Kylie and this protege will team up against Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson on 1/10. Alere and Missy are gunning for revenge, as it was Kylie’s barbaric kick to Alere’s neck that put Alere out of action. Just who is this mystery wrestler and can Kylie train anyone to face the hell and fury that Alere & Missy will bring on 1/10?


The Strong Style Diva Rachel Summerlyn will be making her WSU debut and is coming in looking to make a statement by challenging another top female star also making her WSU debut, non other than Rain, the former Ms. Payton Banks from TNA.

WSU continues to bring in the top female talent in the entire world. Rachel Summerlyn and Rain have both expressed to WSU management that they are here for one thing and one thing only and that is WSU gold!

Both ladies have expressed that they will be closely watching the outcome of the WSU Championship match in the Steel Cage between current champ Angle Orsini and Mercedes Martinez, however they must first win their own match and climb the WSU ranks.

Rachel Summerlyn and Rain are both considered two of the top female wrestlers in the entire world. The have traveled the United States and Internationally and both bring an impressive resume to WSU.

Former 2 time WSU Womens Champion, Alicia will return to the commentators booth on 1/10 as she joins Missy Hyatt.

This promises to be our biggest event ever, there is no telling what will happen on this huge event. With a first time ever Steel Cage match in WSU, hostility from the WSU roster and tons of tension, everything is bound to boil. Be there for this monumental event.

There is a huge afterparty planned for after the show at the Boonton Grille Bar. Here is the info:

WSU is proud to announce a partnership with the Boonton Avenue Grille, located at 108 Boonton Avenue in Boonton, NJ. The Boonton Ave Grille is a huge mega sports bar that also serves delicious food. The Boonton Ave Grille is located just one block away from the WSU show on 1/10. After the WSU 1/10 event, everyone from the WSU locker room will be appearing at the Boonton Grille to party & mingle with fans. The price of admission to the afterparty is free for fans and there will be special merchandise give-aways. Have a blast partying with the stars of WSU after the show!


So join us on 1/10 for what should be an exciting night of womens wrestling

What: WSU
When: January 10th, 2009
Where: The Darress Theatre, located at 615 Main Street in Boonton, NJ (Public transit available)
Belltime: First show 3PM, second show 5:15PM (One ticket gets you into both shows)
Tickets: $15 at the door/$12 in advance
Contact Info:

Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling sent this in:

The MCPW 2 Year Anniversary Show: ARMED FOR BATTLE is just days away! Things have been calm over the Holiday Season here in MCPW, but here is what we have to look forward to on January 10th to kick off the new year in MCPW!

The Age of the Fall: Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black in Tag Team Action
For just about a year in MCPW, the Age of the Fall has been running wild. Sending then Josh Abercrombie down the ladder, making him renew his entire lifestyle and image, sending former MCPW Commissioner Mike Galloway packing, vanishing Christin Able from MCPW for 90 Days, and controlling the entire MCPW Main Event and World Championship Scene. Their goal is clear for the MCPW 2 Year Anniversary Show, take out 2 more MCPW Wrestlers. Who will they be, and can they overcome the most powerful entity in MCPW?

Christin Able says Goodbye
After being defeated by MCPW World Champion, Jimmy Jacobs in November at AfterMath, Christin Able must leave MCPW for 90 Days. On January 10th, he will give his farewell speech to the MCPW crowd before heading off for the next 90 Days. It is sure to be emotional, you don???t want to miss it and come say goodbye.

Chainsaw Cup Preview Match
???Mr. No Limits??? Bryan Skyline, ???All Nite??? Adam Renolds, and ???Old Timer??? Jeff King. These 3 MCPW Superstars that have been entered into the Chainsaw Cup this March, and they will do battle in a Triple Threat Match on January 10th! Skyline is coming off a big win on Louis Lyndon, and Adam Renolds is no stranger to MCPW, but the ???Old Timer??? Jeff King is making his MCPW debut, and is looking to make his name known up in Northern Michigan. This will be a great match without a doubt, and will set the tone for the Chainsaw Cup 2009!

Coin Toss Stipulation Matches. Ringside Revue vs. Main St. Youth
On January 10th in Kalkaska it will be Ringside Revue vs. Main St. Youth, but not in a tag team match, in two singles matches. Gavin Starr will take on Jake Omen, and Keith Cr??me will be taking on Scotty Young. But at the beginning of the new year, it has just been announced that both matches will start out with a coin toss, and whomever wins gets to pick ANY stipulation of their match! Anything can happen!

New No Limits Champion: Steve Amani??’s open challenge
After sending Caden Ames home a bloody, hanging mess, the new MCPW No Limits Champion Steve Amani is onto his next agenda. . .finding an opponent for January 10th. He??’s laid out the challenge to anyone who would like to step up and become a superstar. Who will it be? Find out on January 10th!

Plus, Team Make or Break members Jack Verville and Ryan Epic will be in action, as well as the fan-favorite Louis Lyndon, also The Kosher Klub of Joseph Schwartz and Sean Tylerstein will be debuting in Tag Team Action! Along with the return of ???The Big Gun??? Magnum Conroy, and a Hardcore Rules Match between Hardcore Harry and James Dillinger, with MCPW Commissioner Mikey Zeroe as the Special Guest Referee! All that and much more January 10th! Get your tickets now for $10, or pay $15 @ the Door! We???ll see you all on January 10th @ the Kalkaska Civic Center for the MCPW 2 Year Anniversary Show: ARMED FOR BATTLE!

Do not forget to keep checking for more updates on BATTLE GROUND III featuring Wrestling Legend MICK FOLEY!!!

MCPW will be releasing the DVD for AfterMath on January 10th, it features MCPW World Championship Match between Jimmy Jacobs and Christin Able, as well as the highly talked about NO LIMITS CHAMPIONSHIP LADDER MATCH between Caden Ames and Steve Amani! It??’s only $10, so make sure you???re there to pick that one up!

Speaking of MCPW DVDs, live @ the 2 Year Anniversary Show on January 10th, MCPW will be holding a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deal on ALL MCPW DVDs, as well as tickets to March 14??’s Chainsaw Cup 2009 Event! Make sure you pick up your DVDs and Tickets on this sale!

And last but not least, we at MCPW want to thank YOU the fans for making MCPW the #1 Promotion in Michigan for 2008!!! Also, we want to congratulate, Steve Amani and Caden Ames for having the Match of the Year in 2008 as voted by the fans, Jimmy Jacobs and Josh Raymond for tying as the 2008 Wrestlers of the Year, The Ringside Revue for being the Tag Team of the Year (for the Second Year in a row), and Christin Able, Bryan Skyline, and Louis Lyndon, for being the top 3 Break-Out Stars of the Year! For complete results, head over to! Again, Thank You! And let??’s Make 2009 Even Bigger!!!