Indy News #2: Showtime All-Star report, EEW

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

Showtime All-star Wrestling ??? Episode 73
Airing on December 20, 2008 in Nashville on Comcast 74
Taped on December 12, 2008 at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn

Opening with the goriest footage in SAW history ??? Arrick Andrews being left a freaking bloody mess by the A-Team (David Young, Hammerjack and Paul Adams).

Cut to the SAW announce team of Michael Graham and Reno Riggins for the stand up. The big news from last week: we have a new champion, as Kid Kash regained the SAW International Title from Jerry Lynn with the aid of Rick Santel. For this week??’s main, they hoped to have an actual match between ???Boogie Woogie??? Boy Gary Valiant and Marc Anthony. They aired clips from last week showing them brawling in the alley behind the SAW Mill.


Sigmon was introed as a ridiculous weight of 230 pounds. Emerson, a good 5 inches taller and not a skinny guy, was listed at 223. Early on, It was all brawling and all Emerson, as he sought revenge for the gasoline dousing after their last match. Sigmon fired out of the corner with a lariat and dropkick to take over. Emerson reversed Sigmon??’s German suplex with a back suplex. Both men on the canvas. Sigmon up first but eating big punches and then turned inside out by an Emerson lariat. Emerson got near falls with a powerslam and a spinebuster. Sigmon was then getting his face pounded, so he walked out on the match.

Winner: Emerson in 6:17 via count out. Good action. More heat than their previous matches. A full house never hurts.

Emerson stormed backstage to get Sigmon, who was laying in wait with a fireball to the face that left Emerson groping on the floor like a blind man.

A somber Graham and Riggins replayed footage of the fireball incident. Riggins said as of yet, no update on Emerson??’s condition was available.

They threw it to Natalie Van Eron at the top of the ramp with the new SAW International Heavyweight Champion, Kid Kash. He insulted Van Eron. Kash said he didn???t give a damn about Santel because he had already beaten Lynn to death. Kash insulted the crowd.

Not one of you got insurance do you? Half your daughters are pregnant, aren???t they? Half your wives are whores. I could give a damn about the fans.

Kash said the last time a fan got in his way he ended up in the hospital. Kash said it was too bad the SOB didn???t die. Kash started challenging people in the crowd.

Commissioner Freddie Morton came out. Kash said he lawyers showed Morton who was boss and he better get out his face. Kash blamed Morton for the whipping Stevens was going to take next week. Morton said he wasn???t putting up with any more shenanigans from Kash, and he better shine up the belt for next week.

TJ Harley up next carrying a huge cardboard box to ringside.


Harley hit his patented slingshot elbow drop for two. Reno said Ms. Worthington hadn???t been heard from and might be gone altogether. Harley sold huge for The Pounce, although it looked like Reynolds got the worst of it. Harley fought off a torture rack. Reynolds cut off Harley??’s comeback with a big boot to the face, and signaled it was over. Reynolds went back to the torture rack. Harley escaped and hit his fisherman shoulder breaker for the win.

Winner: Harley in 3:07. Reynolds sucks. Harley was far too generous.

Harley said Ms. Worthington had given up on beating him. Harley said he enjoyed spending Ms. Worthington??’s money, and he would have dropped some dough on Von Eron if she had been there, but he hadn???t forgotten about the fans. Harley started pulling junk out of the box and eventually produced a carton of Doublemint gum that he distributed to the crowd. As Harley was making his way up the ramp, he was attacked by the newly signed Jon Michael. Michael tossed Harley into the ring and left him laying with a Jackhammer.

We???re back with Riggins and Graham for a replay of Michael??’s attack on Harley. Riggins said Michaels was scheduled for a match and decided to kick things off early. They threw it to Van Eron at ringside with the A-Team (Paul Adams, Rick Santel and Hammerjack).

Adams said the fans at the SAW Mill no longer knew what to expect. David Young had left Arrick Andrews a heap of human wreckage. They no longer had to deal with any of his garbage. Adams said the one thing the fans could expect was more success from the A-Team.

Santel gave Van Eron copies of ???The Encyclopedia of Rick Santel – Volumes I and II.??? Santel said success was his middle name. Santel said Lynn snubbed him. The only travesty of justice last week was that he wasn???t the one challenging for the title. Santel warned Kash not to take his actions as a gesture of friendship.

Morton interrupted. He said Adams and his goons always had to resort to double and triple teams. It would be settled in two weeks: The A-Team including Adams vs. Andrews and three partners of his choosing inside a steel cage. Adams informed ???Porky??? that was just fine with him. Adams gave a little history (complete with clips) on how the A-Team formed one year ago during a cage match when Santel turned on Gary Valiant to join forces with Hammerjack. Adams told Van Eron the Rick Santel Encyclopedia was required reading so she better study up.


Riggins called Falk one of the brightest up and coming stars in pro wrestling. Graham said Emerson was being treated at a local hospital for undisclosed injuries. Fast-paced back and forth to a stand off. Riggins said LT was well-trained by ???The Legend??? Tony Falk. Haskins hit a monkey flip, but Falk avoided a mad charge and started working the arm. Haskins got a ropes break, but Falk was relentless on the arm, then did a sweet switch into a backslide for a near fall. Haskins escaped Falk??’s hammerlock with a snap mare ???backslide, schoolboy and a rolling leg grapevine for the pin. They did the postmatch show of good sportsmanship.

Winner: Haskins in 4:22. This match exceeded all reasonable expectations. Babyface vs. babyface rarely works this well ??? a competitive match between two young guys and everything they did looked crisp.

4 ??? ???Boogie Woogie Boy??? GARY VALIANT (with Miss Boogie) vs. MARC ANTHONY

Anthony hid out by the concession stand and blindsided Boogie during his dancing intro. It was Anthony in control until Boogie hit a Thesz Press. Reno said Anthony was a lost soul looking for direction from Raven. Anthony pulled the ropes down to spill Boogie straight to the floor. Back inside, Anthony blocked the Boogie Blaster, delivered a rabbit lariat and did the Raven pose. Anthony hit the Evenflow DDT. Rather than going for the pin, Anthony carried Boogie to the back of the arena and rammed him into the garage door. Anthony raised the door, placed Anthony underneath, piled a roll of chain link fencing on top of him and slammed the garage door. Anthony did it again. Anthony turned his attention to Miss Boogie, who was trapped in the passageway behind the risers. Anthony chased Miss Boogie into a utility closet and shut the door behind them.

Winner: Nobody. Double count out, double DQ, no contest. Hell if I know. If you???re thinking two wild brawls in a row would be redundant, think again. This was great.

Back from commercial, Anthony and Miss Boogie were still inside the utility closet. SAW officials had been unable to pry the door open. They cut to a shot of Boogie laying on the concrete floor being attended to by SAW personnel.

Random Thoughts: The main purpose of this episode was to set up the two to follow, and they still managed pop a fireball angle and a cliffhanger finish. Not bad???This show was taped in front of the largest crowd ever at the SAW Mill and the heat came through strong on TV???The wrestling was good except for the Harley match. Kash was back to his outrageous loose cannon ways, and you can always expect the unexpected from Anthony???Graham and Riggins are meshing well on commentary. They???re clearly making an effort to call the big moves correctly ??? a major weakness with Graham??’s predecessor, Michael St. John???Van Eron is brutal as a ringside interviewer. Van Eron is brutal as a ringside interviewer. The verbal abuse and lame pick up lines coming at her from the interviewees add nothing to the show???I liked the way Morton was throwing his weight around as the authority figure. He??’s a classic in the role of the commissioner???Stuffl like Santel presenting Van Eron with an encyclopedia of his exploits is where SAW is like TV studio wrestling shows from back in the day.

Evolucha Entertainment Wrestling sent this in:

Press Release: Evolucha Entertainment Wrestling

Los Angeles, CA ???January 1, 2009 “Keep The Dream Alive” In January 2008, Joey Mu??oz inaugurated The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy based off that very quote. A pro wrestling school in Southern California which trains in Japanese Strong Style, Lucha Libre, Submission, Old School and North American Hardcore. SBWA is a tribute to fellow wrestler, mentor, and brother Darren “Dynamite D” McMillan who passed away April 11, 2007. He was a true Super Star & loyal friend. He will forever be missed. Dynamite D created and hosted the very popular national radio talk show “Wrestle Talk” on the Cable Radio Network. He was trained by Verne Langdon, Sam Houston, Terry Funk and The Fabulous Moolah at Slammers Wrestling Gym, quickly becoming Head trainer for Slam U. He developed & launched XPW & was top instructor at XPW’s Asylum. Over the years, Dynamite D was responsible for training or helping train countless So Cal wrestlers.

After a successful year with memories of Dynamite D still heavily in their hearts the brothers and students of Darren are more intent than ever to succeed at their chosen path, EvoLucha.

The time is finally upon us for the long awaited highly anticipated debut of EvoLucha Entertainment Wrestling. January 17, 2009 in Newhall, CA. marks the date of this historic event. EvoLucha begins its journey into the exciting world of professional wrestling. It will be an unforgettable night of fast paced hard hitting in your face wrestling action. Get ready to experience the pain and pleasure of SBWA with contenders such as XPW veterans, “The Human Horror Show” Supreme, & “The Exotic One” Angel, XPW Asylum’s Robby Phoenix & “Raunchy” Rico Dynamite along with So. Cal’s own “Underrated Superstar” Steve Pain & “Brawlin'” Bo Cooper. Also appearing, the alumni of SBWA. The time has come for the Evolution to begin.

Matches Announced:

“Raunchy” Rico Dynamite vs. The Lucha Machine

Steve Pain vs. ’88 vs. “Playboy” Clay Mathews

“Brawlin'” Bo Cooper vs Oso Loco

“Hardcore Homo” Ange l vs Johnny Nuemonic “Hacker Extraordinaire “


Famous B w/ Jezabel vs. Damien Arsenik

Along with a host of other bouts???

EvoLucha Entertainment Wrestling

Saturday January 17, 2009

American Legion Hall

24527 Spruce St.

Newhall, CA. 91321

Doors open @ 7:00pm Bell time @ 7:30pm

Adults: $10 kids: (12 & under) $5
For more info goto