Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling sent this in:

-MCPW Commissioner Mikey Zeroe opened the show with a big announcement that Hardcore Harry had been working on over the last few months. That May 22nd would be MCPW?s final event, and starting in the Fall, MCPW would ?reform? into CHAINSAW Wrestling. New Style, New Wrestlers, New Concepts, and a New Beginning. The crowd got behind the reformation, and Mikey Zeroe left the ring as the show started?

-In the opening contest, Ryan Epic defeated ?The Good Reverend? Christopher Saint after a top rope splash.

-Team Wreckless, Nick X & JT Havok defeated MCPW new-comers The Pain Killers.

-In a Triple Threat No Limits Match, ?Mad Dragon? Hakeem Zane defeated Dylan Bostic and Keith Cr?me.

-Max Morrison made his debut in MCPW and addressed the crowd, telling them he would lead ?The Uprising? to superstardom in CHAINSAW Wrestling this Fall. He then introduced the first MCPW wrestler he chose to manage, Mr. Nifty, which lead to?

-Mr. Nifty defeated ?The Prince of Pop? Jayden Andrews after Morrison distracted Andrews from the outside.

-Ryan Epic won a Chance Battle Royal, MCPW Commissioner Mikey Zeroe came to the ring to sign Epic up for the match of his choosing for winning the Battle Royal. Epic said he wanted the match to make a big impression, so he wanted it to be at the first CHAINSAW Wrestling event this Fall. Before he could pick his choice, Mikey Zeroe laid him out with a lariat to the back and smashed him head first into a chair. Security tried stopping Zeroe, but he took them down too. Zeroe went on a rampage saying he was ?sick and tired of hearing about CHAINSAW this and CHAINSAW that? and asked what was wrong with MCPW? The company HE created. He then told a knocked out Ryan Epic that he?d pick his match, May 22nd Ryan Epic vs. Mikey Zeroe, Hardcore Rules!

-In the Main Event of the evening, Main Street Youth defeated Louis Lyndon and Jack Verville. During the course of the match, the leader of The Uprising, Max Morrison, came out and handed Verville a slip of paper. Verville didn?t look at the paper until later in the match, and when Lyndon went to tag him in, Verville left the ring with Morrison. After the match, Main Street Youth told Lyndon they didn?t want the match to end that way, and offered him and a partner of his choosing a shot at the Tag Team Championships, at CHAINSAW Wrestling?s first event this Fall.

MCPW returns to Kalkaska on May 22nd, keep checking for News, Updates, & Info!