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To anyone who may have been wrestling with the mania of a major wrestling PPV super card this past Sunday night, and missed the first-run showing of PWO TV, the conclusion is now available online, featuring the closing moments of the Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine PWO Championship bout, as well as the ensuing chaos resulting from it.

Over the past several weeks, the matches of PWO Champion Johnny Gargano have been noteworthy for the growing number of title contenders making their way to ringside to scout the PWO title picture. Now, well over ten men have laid claim to the #1 contendership, and many of them were on hand at the conclusion of this episode of PWO TV.

Top title contenders “Amazing” N8 Mattson, “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone, “PWO’s Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Sex Appeal’s Bobby Beverly, and “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron all surrounded ringside to watch Gargano defend the PWO Title against “Megastar” Marion Fontaine just two weeks before a tournament to crown the next #1 Contender for the title was set to begin.

The title match saw both athletes battle to a definitive conclusion, but afterward it was mass chaos! Watch as all of PWO’s top title contenders battle for supremacy, while champion Gargano takes a terrifying look into his future.

See the video now at this link –

And remember to catch an ALL NEW episode of PWO TV this coming Sunday night! Check back for more info!


This past week?s edition of PWO TV gave us numerous questions, discussion points, and news stories. Here are the top headlines coming out of the weekend –

Who Attacked Bobby Beverly?
Two weeks ago, Bobby Beverly was found unconscious in the back of the building, the victim of apparently some sort of assault. This week, Beverly spoke out on the issue, stating he was hit from behind and didn?t see a thing? however was quick to point the finger at arch-rival Gregory Iron as the perpetrator! PWO?s ?Handicapped Hero? responded quickly, stating if he were to attack Bobby he would do it face-to-face, as evidenced by their altercation in the middle of the ring three weeks ago. This fact seemingly eliminates Greg as a suspect, but if this is the case, who attacked Bobby and why?

Main Event Ends In Mass Chaos
Our main event of PWO Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine turned ugly when a slew of would-be title contenders crept to ringside to scout the championship match, just two weeks away from the start of a PWO Title #1 Contender?s Tournament to determine the next challenger. After the bout, all control was lost, and Gargano was left looking into a very frightening future.

Krimson Claims His Latest Victim
Krimson disposed of newcomer Chest Flexor in quick and violent fashion, adding to his list of victims. Krimson has tortured and tormented many of PWO?s young athletes as revenge for what Krimson feels is unfair treatment to him from the professional wrestling business. Who is Krimson?s next victim and who can stop an entity filled with such hatred?

Sex Appeal Face A New Threat
Matthew Justice defeated Sex Appeal?s Nicki Valentino via disqualification, however when the superficial supergroup attempted to gang up on Justice afterward, Michael ?The Bomber? Fa?ade came to Justice?s aid. Fa?ade & Justice have a pact to watch one another?s backs, but after Fa?ade?s recent pinfall win over Sex Appeal?s Bobby Shields, could Fa?ade & Justice be in line for a shot at Sex Appeal?s PWO Tag Team Titles?

Omega Wants Orange To Be Gold Again
Aaron Draven made it clear that just because he?s lost two straight matches to PWO TV Champion ?Amazing? N8 Mattson, he isn?t going away. Omega is PWO?s first ever TV Champion, and its clear despite the numerous bumps on the head, and very puzzling way of thought, the TV Title is Aaron?s everything. Will Omega have another shot at wearing the gold around his orange waist?


Now added to PWO?s YouTube account, an exclusive match just for YOU fans of PWO Online, as we present to you a contest NEVER aired on PWO TV.

Luis Diamante has made an impact as one-half of the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew as a top contender to the PWO Tag Team Titles along with partner Isaac Montana, but how will Diamante fair in his PWO singles debut against Chest Flexor?

Check the match out now at this link –


Pro Wrestling Ohio regrets to inform you that due to logistical issues, and in an effort to continuously provide only the best action and entertainment possible for our fans, the scheduled April 24 return to the Cleveland area has been postponed to the month of June. We will have more information on an exact date, location, and card in the coming weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and invite you to join us on Sunday, May 2nd when, in conjunction with the Championship Wrestling Experience, PWO returns to the Youngstown area at the Eastwood Expo Center in Niles. More information on that great event will be made available soon!


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