Joe Dombrowski sent this in:


Pro Wrestling Ohio is proud to announce special sales and slashed prices on ALL of its DVD inventory, good for the next seven days ONLY!

PWO Shop, the official online store of Pro Wrestling Ohio, located at is announcing a special week-long DVD sale of ALL titles in our inventory including our newest events! You can own any PWO DVD in our inventory for the LOW price of $10 each! This includes our newest releases:

PWO Expo-losion 2010 – PWO and CWE present joint action from Youngstown! PWO Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Bobby Beverly! CWE Champion Michael Fa?ade vs. Shiima Xion vs. CHIKARA Pro Wrestling stars Hallowicked and Jigsaw! M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Marion Fontaine in a #1 Contender’s Match! PWO TV Champ Omega Aaron Draven vs. ?Amazing? N8 Mattson! Jason Bane vs. Benjamin Boone! Plus: CHIKARA’s Gran Akuma & Lince Dorado, Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick, and more! ONLY $10 THIS WEEK ONLY

PWO Finale 2009 – Pro Wrestling Ohio’s final event of 2009 sees PWO Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Mike Tolar; Sex Appeal vs. The Clash vs. Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew for the PWO Tag Team Titles; Jason Bane vs. Benjamin Boone; PWO TV Champion Omega Aaron Draven vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross; the shocking and violent return of ?Delicious? Jimmy DeMarco plus exclusives never before seen on television! ONLY $10 THIS WEEK ONLY

These titles, plus EVERY DVD from PWO Seasons 1, 2, and 3 including BOTH PWO Wrestlelution super cards are ALL on sale for only $10 for THIS WEEK ONLY!

Also, in our ?Specials? section, you can purchase PWO by the season at a special discounted rate! Here’s what you get below –

PWO Season 1 – See the dominance of Josh Prohibition as he attempts to rid PWO of M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross forever in a feud that will not die! ?Handicapped Hero? Gregory Iron bursts onto the scene and gets inside the head of Johnny Gargano, leading to a violent and emotional rivalry that almost cost both men their careers! Agent Aaron Maguire sends his personal monster Cronus on the warpath throughout PWO, but will the 6?8 350 lb. behemoth Jason Bane become just another victim? ?DeeeLicious? Jimmy DeMarco wages psychological warfare on ?Megastar? Marion Fontaine and his colorful sidekick Macho Grosh! PWO’s top tag teams compete in some of the most fast-paced high-risk matches in PWO history, including death-defying Ladder Matches! Plus the PWO debut of Mike Tolar, the rookie years of Bobby Beverly & Benjamin Boone, Ashley Lane (aka Madison Rayne of TNA’s Beautiful People), Colin Delaney, Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine, King Kong Bundy, current WWE developmental star Michael Hutter, and so much more! Includes the historic first-ever PWO Wrestlelution super card! 11 discs in all! ONLY $50!

PWO Season 2 – The once unbreakable bond between Josh Prohibition and Johnny Gargano is shattered to pieces, as jealousy and greed tear them apart! M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross proudly defends his newly-won PWO Championship! Aaron Maguire loses all his possessions, and is forced to live on the streets with Hobo Joe, until a shady investment causes big problems for Jason Bane! Dawn Decadence forms the most narcissistic group in PWO history, Sex Appeal, while Marion Fontaine becomes a ?Friend to the Friendless? with Fontaine’s Freaks! Mike Tolar calls out Greg The Hammer Valentine, and molds into The Greatest Thing Going Today! Greg Valentine & Jim Neidhart make history as PWO Tag Team Champions, while N8 Mattson’s ?Ohio vs. Michigan? challenges get him into hot water with Al Snow! Plus Jimmy DeMarco, Gregory Iron, The Clash, Pirate Justice, Omega Aaron Draven, Super Hentai, Ben Boone, Hailey Hatred, Portia Perez, and so much more! Includes the PWO Wrestlelution 2 super card! 11 discs in all! ONLY $40!

These great deals plus live event tickets, posters, and so much more! It’s all at PWO Shop, and we can only guarantee it for the NEXT SEVEN DAYS!!