Indy Update #1: Smart Mark, Promolast, MPW

Indy News Update #1 for April 2, 2010
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for April 1, 2010

April’s promotion of the month will be Anarchy Championship Wrestling. As promotion of the month, all ACW products are reduced by 25% for the entire month, including 3 new releases and over 30 total releases available. For more information about ACW please check out their website at:

ACW’s Upcoming Events:
April 18, 2010 “Peace, Love & Anarchy” – Austin, TX

Digital Download – “The Ultraviolent Icon: The Zandig Story” Vol. 1. $3.99

Anarchy Championship Wrestling DVD December 20, 2009 “Delusions of our Childish Days” – Austin, TX $11.25
1. Court Caution vs. Chris Preston vs. Brent Masters vs. Skylar Skelly
2. Chingo vs. Breeze vs. Bravo
3. ACH vs. Biohazard
4. Spiro vs. Jiggalo James Johnson
5. Junior Garza vs. Khris Wolfe
6. The Lost Boys & Poison vs. Willie, Bubba, & Lillie Mae
7. Matthew Palmer vs. Shawn Vexx
8. Robert Evans vs. Rachel Summerlyn
9. Mystery Partner Match: Mike Dell vs. Scot Summers

Anarchy Championship Wrestling DVD November 16, 2009 “Showtime’s Birthday Bash” – Live Oak, TX $11.25
1. JW McCoy & Bubba Hatfield McCullough vs. Gary Jay & Davey Vega vs. Smurf Nation vs. Submission Squad
2. Problems vs. ACH
3. Erin Star vs. Rachel Summerlyn
4. Khris Wolfe vs. Darin Childs
5. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana & JC Bravo vs. “One Man” Mike Dell & Super Electro
6. “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon vs. “The Infamous” Shawn Vexx
7. Robert Evans vs. “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers

Anarchy Championship Wrestling DVD June 17, 2007 “A Sexxxy Sunday Night” – San Antonio, TX $11.25
1. Supreme Clientele vs. Blood & Gore vs. Murder of Crows vs. Double Trouble
2. Pierre Abernathy vs. Gary Jay
3. Chuey Martinez vs. Julio Garza vs. Chad Thomas vs. Shance Williams vs. Massive vs. Jaykus Plisken vs. Tony Morales
4. Miss Diss Lexia vs. Rachel Summerlyn
5. Rexx Reed vs. Necro Butcher
6. Rory Fox vs. Scot Summers
7. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Mike Dell
8. Barefoot Thumbtacks Match – Skylar Skelly vs. Darin Childs

IPW DVD January 2, 2010 “Animosity 2010” – Indianapolis, IN $15.00
1. Aaron Scott vs. Joey Owens
2. Seven Thorn vs. Dave Davidson
3. Billy Roc vs. Flash Flanigan
4. Tim Donst vs. Tony Kazina
5. Aaron Williams vs. Jon Moxley
6. Chris Hall Open Challenge
7. JC Bailey vs. Drake Younger
8. Dustin Rayz vs. OMG vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Ricochet
9. Scotty Vortekz vs. Appollo Starr
10. Jesse Emerson vs. Davey Richards

IPW DVD November 7, 2009 “2009 Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament” – Indianapolis, IN $15.00
1. Marion Fontaine vs. Dustin Rayz
2. Ryan Rich vs. Tim Donst
3. Aaron Williams vs. Ricochet
4. Chrisjen Hayme vs. B-Boy
5. Flip Kendrick vs. Chuck Taylor
6. Billy Roc vs. Louis Lyndon
7. Dustin Rayz vs. Tim Donst vs. Richochet
8. B-Boy vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Louis Lyndon
9. Survivor Series Style Match: Team Irish Airborne vs. Team Faith In Nothing
10. B-Boy vs. Dustin Rayz

AIW DVD December 20, 2009 “Nightmare Before X-Mas 3: 50th Show Celebration” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. Team Beyond vs. Pink Mustaches vs. Lights Out
2. Tommy Mercer vs. Corvis Fear
3. Hailey Hatred & Homeless Handicap Connection vs. Jack Of Love
4. Shane Douglas vs. Lamont “Action” Williams
5. The Legacy Brawl
6. Aeroform vs. Shiima Xion & Low Rider
7. Johnny Gargano vs. Eric Alverado
8. Facade vs. Chris Dickinson
9. Last Man Standing Match: Young Studs vs. Faith In Nothing
10. Sterling James Keenan vs. Drake Younger
11. Fans Bring The Weapons: Alpha Beta Duke & John Thorne vs. Da Latin Crime Syndicate

wXw DVD November 1 & 7, 2009 “Fight Club 2009 & Full Force X” – Oberhausen & Dusseldorf, Germany $15.00
wXw DVD November 1, 2009 “Fight Club 2009” – Oberhausen, Germany
1. Big van Walter vs. Martin Stone
2. World of Sports: Johnny Kidd vs. Mike Quackenbush
3. 16 Carat Gold Qualification Bout: Bad Bones vs. El Generico

wXw DVD November 7, 2009 “Full Force X” – Dusseldorf, Germany
1. Carnage vs. Zack Sabre jr.
2. Emil Sitoci vs. Jigsaw
3. Tommy End vs. Mark Haskins
4. No DQ Match: Bad Bones vs. Jimmy Jacobs

wXw DVD October 31, 2009 “Dragon Gate: Open the German Gate” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. Young Bucks vs. Mark Haskins & Tommy End
2. Bad Bones vs. Kagetora
3. Dragon Kid vs. El Generico vs. Masato Yoshino vs. Susumu Yokosuka
4. CIMA vs. Mike Quackenbush
5. BxB Hulk & Naruki Doi & Zack Sabre jr. vs. Emil Sitoci & Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito
6. Absolute Andy vs. Shingo

wXW DVD October 30, 2009 “Dragon Gate: Open the Spanish Gate” – Barcelona, Spain $15.00
1. Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito vs. Ronin Rider & Zack Sabre Jr.
2. Kazkanuezez vs. Lee Flynn
3. Colin McKay vs. Noam Dor
4. Dragon Kid & Shingo vs. Young Bucks
5. Elimination Match: El Generico vs. Madrill vs. Pac vs. Sean South
6. Mike Quackenbush vs. Paul Tracey
7. BxB Hulk & Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi vs. CIMA & Kagetora & Susumu Yokosuka

CZW April 10 – Philadelphia, PA
IWA Mid South April 23 – Bellevue, IL
Chikara April 23-25 – Philadelphia, PA


J Drew Feldman sent this in:

Promolast Events ( has released part 2 of a special video blog series from Lex Luger to promote his appearance at the upcoming Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest on June 4th/5th in Atlanta. Lex discusses the level of exercise he can do at this stage of his life, as well as the possibility of a return to the ring to wrestle again. Here’s the link to the YouTube video:

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Maximum Pro In Markham
Just announced for the huge April 10th Maximum Pro Wrestling event in Markham at the Fairgrounds…

“Rocksteady” Alex Vegas vs “Fighting Irish” Jake O’Reilly

Alex Vegas is a young newcomer on the Ontario scene – a graduate of the famed Squared Circle training facility. This speedy, athletic high-flyer first appeared in undercard bouts on various BSE Pro Wrestling events and quickly won fans over with his exciting aerial style. He appeared on the last Marham event in the Gauntlet match but despite a valiant effort was eliminated. Vegas is looking to make his mark in the singles division by targeting one of Ontario’s best all-round fighters in Jake O’Reilly.

“Fighting Irish” Jake O’Reilly, the current reigning CWR Pan-Am Champion has held numerous other titles for various promotions across the province. A respected mat wrestler, O’Reilly is also a feared brawler with considerable striking skills and an often unparralled mean streak. O’Reilly intends to use Vegas as a demonstration lesson to indicate why he deserves a spot on the Maximum Pro roster. It’s rookie versus veteran, aerialist versus ground-based grappler… “Rocksteady” Alex Vegas vs “Fighting Irish” Jake O’Reilly

Another match announced for Markham is a tag match that also features rookies testing themselves against seasoned veterans…

Anthony Fiasco & “The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson vs Manabu Soya & Bolen

Anthony Fiasco won the 2009 OIW Newcomer of the Year Award and with good reason… he won the BSE Pro Adrenaline Cup as well as captaining the the BSE rookies in the Young Stars VS Pro Stars tournament, leading them all the way to the final decisive match where he lost to crafty veteran Ashley Sixx in a match that went to overtime. His partner “The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson has quickly become one of Ontario’s most beloved competitors… not because of his fighting spirit but rather, his lack of it. Gunderson is probably the most frightened man to ever step into the ring and often has to be forced to even leave the dressing room and when he does step between the ropes his fear is obvious and hilarious. To his credit he has faced some very dangerous opponents like “Textbook” Tyson Dux but has yet to amass a winning percentage. It will be interesting to see how teaming with rookie stand-out Anthony Fiasco will help “The Entertainer” on April 10th in Markham against two very tough opponents…

Manabu Soya & Bolen are big, muscled and experienced on the international scene. Soya cut his teeth in the ranks of All Japan Wrestling, one of the toughest promotions in the world’s roughest pro wrestling circuit. Since coming to Ontario Soya has cut a swath through the competition and has now set his sights on the Maximum Pro roster. His partner Bolen has already proven himself in Border City Wrestling and on the international scene by dominating and winning the TNA Gut Check Challenge as well as being a top star in multiple U.S. indy federations. Soya and Bolen plan on making a statement on April 10th by crushing the young Ontario team of Fiasco & Gunderson.

It all goes down at the Fairgrounds in Markham, Saturday April 10th.

“SPRING LOADED TOUR” Markham, Ontario
@ The Fairgrounds – Livestock Building
10801 McCowen Road
Major Intersection: McCowan Rd & Elgin Mills Rd E
5 PM
Tickets: VIP-$20 @ gate, $15 in adv. GA-$15 @ gate, $10 in adv.
Doors open 4:30pm for General Admission
VIP Perks: Front row seats, early entry, meet & greet with Tommy Dreamer and the Max Pro superstars

Main Event:
Former WWE/ECW Superstar “Hardcore Legend” Tommy Dreamer
BSE Pro & BCW Champion “Textbook Tyson Dux

Settling the Score:
Former BSE Pro Champion, Xtremo
“The Vanilla Killa” James Champagne

Best Friends Collide:
“Markham’s Own” Sebastian Suave
“The Ronin” Josh Alexander

4-Way Match:
El Tornado vs. Phil Atlas vs. Brad “Freakin” Martin vs. “Midnight Special” RJ City

Single’s Showdown
“Psycho” Mike Rollins vs. “Mr. Right” Ken Wright

Single’s Showdown
“Rocksteady” Alex Vegas vs “Fighting Irish” Jake O’Reilly

Tag Match Warfare:
Anthony Fiasco & “The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson vs Manabu Soya & Bolen