Indy News Update #2 for April 5, 2010
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Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Photo Montage of the fight between Scott Steiner and Ray gonzalez for the WWC Universal Championship

MWF Insider sent this in:

Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation – It’s On!
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After a four year absence and being revealed as Dylan Kage’s partner in crime in the deranged “Stalker” plot, Paul Bearer returns at Soul Survivor VI:


JBL’s presents
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VI — Help Keep The Kids Off The Streets!
Returns – Retirement – Revenge!
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
Memorial Hall – 590 Main St. – Melrose, MA
featuring The Iron Sheik, Paul Bearer, The Boogeyman, Road Dogg, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, John Cena Sr., JBL’s Uprising & more!
Live Wrestling – VIP Q&A Session – Autograph/Photo Fanfest – Updated!

More matches and news this week!


The Iron Sheik & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal
“Stalker” Dylan Kage
with Paul Bearer
– Announcement:
– Preview:
– Comments from Jay Lethal:
– Comments from Dylan Kage:
– Paul Bearer Returns Announcement:

Dylan Kage’s psychotic Valentine’s Day video to Linda Mirade:

“Slyck” Wagner Brown (c) of JBL’s Uprising
Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns

Road Dogg & Beau Douglas (c)
J-Busta & ?? of JBL’s Uprising

“Straight Edge” Brian Fury (c)
Scott Reed
“Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa of JBL’s Uprising
– Preview:

The Boogeyman
“Executioner” Brian Milonas

2010: Big Returns? Big Debuts? Who’s In? Who’s Out?


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On the March MWF ULTRA, check out three big matches as we countdown to a huge spring! MWF Tag Team Champion Beau Douglas takes on “Executioner” Brian Milonas where TNA superstar Abyss and Max Bauer get involved; “The Shaft” Bobby Ocean faces J-Busta of JBL’s Uprising; and “Stalker” Dylan Kage makes his first in-ring appearance on ULTRA since 2007 against the debuting Julian Starr! You won’t want to miss this one. On the March MWF Xtra: The John Cena Sr. Show, President Cena is joined by Dan Mirade and Commissioner Von Johnson taking a look at the latest action and news. Check out these and over a dozen other episodes of free MWF TV featuring the superstars and legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow on-demand, free of charge from any computer in the world! Check out the hot and heavy action NOW! Championship matches, steel cage matches, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal screwed, Dylan Kage stalking, John Bradshaw Layfield, Awesome Kong, Terri Runnels and so much more!

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Devin Cutting sent this in:

Joe E. Legend will be holding a training camp at Klub Karuzela in Warsaw, Poland on April 17th, 2010 from noon to 3 PM. Go to for full info about the training camp and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Taped March 13, 2010 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins opened from the interview
set at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Graham said we were in for a wild one, and he
wasn’t talking about Reno’s
shirt. Riggins hyped the main event Tennessee Street Fight: Hammerjack vs.
“Maniac” Marc Anthony

“It’s showtime and SAW starts NOW!…Opening montage…and
then to Brian Christopher making his entrance to a solid pop.

1 ? “Grandmaster Sexay” BRIAN CHRISTOPHER vs. LANI KEALOHA

Kealoha attacked Christopher before the bell, stunning him
with a fisherman suplex, before getting dropped in his tracks by a superkick.
Christopher hit a missile dropkick and deposited Kealoha outside the ring. Kealoha
tripped Christopher to cut off his dance routine. Kealoha connected with a nifty
ropes-mounted spinning back elbow. Kealoha was talking trash as he broke out
the Polynesian offense, then went up top for a diving headbutt. Christopher
made him miss. Christopher fired up the Lawler style punches and a big DDT for
a near fall, finishing with the Hip Hop Drop (minus goggles).

WINNER: Christopher in 3:08. Short but solid action and surprisingly
competitive. Best Kealoha match I’ve seen, and a better match from Christopher
than his debut SAW match at the Fairgrounds.

The latest Drew Tube segment with “Teen Excitement” Drew
Haskins was up next. Lora Lee wanted to know how Haskins avoided the negative stereotype
associated with being a former teen heartthrob. Haskins said he kept the same
friend he had before he became famous, and that helped him stay grounded. He
introduced his friend John Bandana, who broke out the star worship.

Another one bites the dust…”Bond Girl” Leah announced that
Grumpy’s Bail Bonds fabulous fugitive recovery team has brought down William
Billy Ray.

2 ? “Teen Excitement” DREW HASKINS (with Derrick King & Sista
O’Feelyah) vs. CODY MELTON

Haskins greeted his adoring fans sporting a baby blue scarf and designer
shades. He did Hindu squats to warm up. Graham said Flash Flanagan was going to
be out of action for a while after the beating he took from A-Team. Haskins
broke clean a couple of times and did that obnoxious chin chucking. Melton
mocked him. That got Haskins riled up. He tried to dump Melton, but Melton
skinned the cat and hoisted a charging Haskins over the top rope. (Commercial
break) Melton tweaked his knee chasing after Haskins, who immediately zeroed in
on the injury. Haskins used a leg DDT and posted the knee. King posted it as
well. Melton made a comeback and hobbled to the top rope to hit a flying body
press for a near fall. Haskins blocked Melton’s DDt and locked in a modified
figure four. Haskins was chucking his chin and grinning like a fool as Melton
writhed in agony before tapping.

WINNER: Haskins via submission in 6:35. Another good match. It was worth seeing
for Haskins’ prematch Hindu squats alone.

A weird Grumpy’s Bail Bonds commercial with Leah laughing
uncontrollably and making strange faces.

Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumper was once again William
Keith Rippy. Leah said she was tired of having him on the show.

Natalie Van Eron introduced Chase Stevens for his first
appearance in front of the people since winning the SAW International Title. As
Stevens made his way to the ring, Reno talked about how former champion Kid Kash had been blowing up his phone for the
last two weeks. Reno said he was still scheduled to meet with Kash’s attorneys. Stevens said many of
the same fans saw him walk into the Fairgrounds eight years ago, and now he
stood as the SAW Champion. Stevens talked about what a great feeling it was. Stevens
said he was no paperweight champion. “If there’s somebody out there that wants
to challenge me for this title…”

“Hey, hey, hey, there’s somebody alright.” Paul Adams
interrupted from the entrance way. “I don’t know how you get up in the morning
and look yourself in the mirror.” Adams said Reno’s officiating in the title match was the
most biased he’d seen since that Gators football game. Adams said no matter how stupid the fans looked, they knew in their heart of hearts
that Stevens had never left the ring knowing he was a better man than Andy
Douglas. Stevens told Adams to get Douglas out
there. With that, Rick Santel clocked Stevens from behind. Stevens immediately cut
Santel off with a sky high backdrop, only to get nailed by Douglas. Adams played cheerleader for a two on one
beatdown. Stevens kept struggling until Douglas subdued him with a low blow. Douglas examined
the title belt. Christopher hit the ring for the save. Graham said he was not
aware of an alliance between Christopher and Stevens.

Rick Santel (his hair in disarray) was enraged that
Christopher had the audacity to attack “Nature’s Greatest Miracle” from behind
when he was merely having a civilized conversation with Stevens. Santel
challenged Christopher to a match next week

Riggins said Stevens couldn’t have a better man on his side.
Graham was certain he could predict Christopher’s answer.

They replayed that great Hammerjack video/promo again.

A Grumpy’s commercial aired with showing off her tap dancing

3 ? Tennessee Street Fight: “Maniac MARC ANTHONY vs. HAMMERJACK

Match opened with Anthony not allowing Hammer to enter the
ring without taking punishment. Once Hammer made it in, Anthony immediately
tossed him out the other side. They brawled outside the barricade. Anthony returned
wearing a giant trash barrel and fell over the rail. Anthony took over and delivered a Dick Murdoch
elbow with Hammer lying on the apron. After pulling random weapons from
underneath the ring, Anthony bashed Hammer with a metal roasting pan. Hammer
crowned Anthony with a trio of shots with a metal trash can, and Anthony sold
it like Frankenstein before keeling over onto the concrete floor. Anthony drove
a chair edge into Hammer’s gut over by the announcer’s desk. Back inside the
ring, Anthony whipped Hammer head first into a chair wedged between the
turnbuckles. The momentum carried Hammer out to the floor. (commercial break) Anthony
continued the abuse with Hammer bleeding heavily from above the right eye. Anthony
charged and Hammer hoisted him over the top rope to the floor. Hammer tried to
follow up, but Anthony used a wooden tennis racket on him. He’s got a wicked
forehand. Hammer’s face and hair were covered with blood. Anthony delivered an
overhead smash with the racket. Graham couldn’t get past the idea of a wooden
tennis racket in 2010. Reno brought up John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. As Hammer rose to his feet, Anthony
bashed him with another trash can lid. Anthony set up a coffin of chairs at
ringside. Hammer reversed and suplexed Anthony into the chairs, and what a
nasty bump that was. (commercial break) They showed a replay of the suplex into
the chairs. Hammer was tattooing Anthony’s head with the wooden seat part from a
busted chair. Anthony retaliated with a low blow that Hammer sold like the
mother of all nut shots. Anthony crashed and burned on a top rope headbutt. Hammer
mustered a comeback. The blows lacked steam but Anthony was selling them. A
video played on the big screen. It was a loop of Hammer’s daughter running
towards the camera with a wrapped package shouting “Happy Birthday, daddy!” Hammer
wiped the blood out of his eyes and stared at the screen. Anthony whacked
Hammer across the back with the chair, then delivered one to the skull. Hammer
was out. Anthony got the 1-2-3 with the one and only pin attempt of the match.

WINNER: Hammerjack in 14:53. This was a terrific weapons brawl, and it might
have been even better if Hammerjack had not been violently ill on the day of
the show. SAW rarely does this type of match and never without good reason.
Superb use of blood to enhance the drama. Kudos to whoever came up with the
idea of not doing any pin attempts until the finish. It was almost as good on
TV as it was live. The close up camera work was excellent, although the heat
didn’t come through near what it was in the building. It’s asking for some
major suspension of disbelief to buy the Hammer stopping for the video, but it
was his daughter for chrissake, and the guy was half of his mind from the
beating he had taken.

Anthony set Hammer’s throat on the edge of a chair and
waffled his back with a chair. Anthony was jamming the chair edge into Hammer’s
throat, when Hot Rod Biggs hit the ring. Anthony cracked him with a chairshot
to the skull. A second one caught him on the shoulder blade. Biggs bled on his
white shirt and ended up stumbling around the ring like a zombie mess. Meanwhile,
there were ten random SAW officials and wrestlers at ringside, and Anthony was
terrorizing all of them, and preventing them from getting to Hammer. Graham
said Anthony was like a lion with a piece of meat. Anthony blasted Biggs again,
and they managed to pull Hammer out of the ring. Anthony put his helmet on,
kneeled down ring center and began to bark.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: In Anthony, SAW has created a psychotic monster of epic
It’s a situation, all too rare in modern wrestling, where a
booker with a vision (Paul Adams) maximizes the innate abilities of a highly
talented performer to produce something special. There’s nothing like Anthony
on the current pro wrestling scene. His brand of evil and craziness is inspired by great heels from the
past, blending elements of Bruiser Brody, Jake Roberts, Dick Murdoch and Mark
Lewin among others. It’s been 18 months since Anthony’s announced his presence
in SAW, chainsawing his way into the SAW Mill. The compelling nature of his
character had already been well established by a haunting series of vignettes. He
became Raven’s protege and entered into a feud with “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary
Valiant. It wasn’t a bad program to begin with, but things got screwed up along
the way, and their big blowoff match never happened. They tried to salvage it
with the angle that Anthony would return seeking redemption. But questions
lingered ? had too much damage been done to bring back the magic? Could Anthony
raise his in ring game to the awesomeness of his vignettes? The program with Hammerjack
has answered them. It’s been everything the one with Valiant failed to become,
and under a lot more pressure, since the move to the Fairgrounds. In a way, his
entire run in SAW built to the closing scene of this episode ? Anthony standing
over the battered, bloody body of the company’s babyface hero, a victim of
Anthony’s psychological warfare…The deal with Biggs juiced up,the postmatch
with the right touch to the postmatch pandemonium…As for the rest of the show,
I doubt there are many folks with lukewarm opinions about “Teen Excitement”
gimmick. I find it hilarious. This week’s Drew Tube wasn’t much but I thought
the match worked just fine…The angle with Stevens and Douglas was solid
by-the-numbers booking and execution, and they got two for the price of one, as
they set up the title match and Santel/Christopher…From a production
standpoint, I thought this was one of the smoothest episodes to come out of the
Fairgrounds tapings. If you’ve been following the storyline, the main event is
must see. Thumbs up all the way.