Indy News Update #1 for May 5, 2010
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Tony Givens sent this in:

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Steven Ashe sent this in:

C*4 Presents “Stand Alone 2010”
May 1st, 2010
Knights of Columbus – Ottawa, Ontario
Announcer: Tony
Ref’s: Bakais, Alex Headfield, and Trent
Attendance: 185+

Dark Match: Seth Seifer and Zack Storm defeated Chaz Lovely & Crimson X

1 – Sexxxy Eddy & Addy Starr defeated The Incredible Hunks – Deeno & Cheeky. Addy Starr suffered a very bloody nose in the process.

2 – Xtremo pinned Jae Rukin – ending Rukin’s C*4 winning streak, one day short of a year. They now hold a win each over each other.

3 – Player Uno overcame the debuting “Speedball” Mike Bailey in an exciting contest. Following the win, Player Uno challenged the winner of Kevin Steen and Tyson Dux later in the night, for a C*4 Championship match. This challenge brought out Tyson Dux, who accepted Uno’s challenge. This display of confidence by Dux, brought out C*4 Champion, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen. Steen told Uno he would consider Uno for a future shot – and then told Dux he’d defend against him right there and then.

4 – C*4 Champion, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen overcame the challenge of Tyson Dux, in what many felt was match of the night. Both men took each other to the limit, and Tyson almost had Steen defeated following a brain-buster on the edge of the commentators stage. However, Steen rallied back, locking Dux in a sharpshooter at one point, and finally got the pinfall with a cradle moments later. Steen will now head into “Crossing the Line 3” as C*4 Champion.

5 – The Flatliners, Asylum and Matt Burns, dismantled Rahim Ali and Rush. Ali was clearly frustrated in the locker room following the loss. We are waiting to hear more from him.

6 – Manabu Soya shocked many in attendance, cleanly beat “MVP” Michael Von Payton. MVP now goes into C*4’s Crossing the Line 3, with a winless season. Von Payton told management backstage that he would be making a major announcement on June 18th. We are waiting to hear more from him. In the process of the win, Soya seems to have won the support of many fans.

7 – The Wolfmun, Twiggy and Beef Wellington, once again, defeated The Warriors, Josh Alexander & “Psycho” Mike Rollins. Following the loss, Alexander and Rollins, shook hands and hugged, momentarily squashing the thoughts of a break-up between the two. Only moments later, Alexander attacked Rollins, and brutally beat him, and a referee.

8 – “Player Dos” Stupefied pinned El Generico, following a massive Frog-Splash, nearly the length of the ring. A major singles victory for Stupefied in an action packed match-up, which saw a clinic in technical wrestling, as well as high flying action.

C*4 returns to action on Friday Night, June 18th, 2010, when we close out the season with “Crossing the Line III”. Stay tuned for details!

Steven Ashe sent this in:

CCW comes back to there home base of Tillsonburg, Ontario with a great line up May 30th. This show will feature TNA star Taylor Wilde , Former TNA star Cody Deaner and ROH Star Eddie Edwards. This show will take place at the Tillsonburg Fairgrounds. This show is FREE

Here is your card

TID vs Tyler Tirva

Slyck Wagner Brown vs RJ City

Michael Elgin vs ROH star Eddie Edwards

Womens Champion Evilyn vs Cherry Bomb

TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde vs Amber O’Neil

The Quest To The Top Battle Royal – The winner will receive a title shot at an event they choose. Entrants will be announced in the coming weeks

Your main event will feature Tillsonburgs own Freakshow tagged with TNA star Cody Deaner. They will take on the champ Derek Wylde and a partner of his choice.

Tillsonburg will never be the same come May 30th.

get all the info at

Steven Ashe also sent this in:

Saturday May 01 2010

CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
Muncey, Ontario
Chippewa Community Center
Ring Announcer: Pete Klein
Referees: AJ Parr, Ref Adam
Results credit: Gordo for

1) Hornet def “Midnight Special” RJ City [5 min]
Fans didn’t like RJ despite his singing… or maybe because of it. Or maybe it was his cheating. In any case, they were happy when Hornet pinned him after a sunset flip from the top rope.

2) Notorious TID def Freak Show [9 min]
TID said prior to the match that he was going to show Freak Show that size definitely did matter and the popular Freak did have difficulty with TID despite using his Freak Fu throughout the bout. In the end what really mattered is TID won the match by using his feet on the ropes for leverage during the cover.

3) “Killer” Alan Colture def Daemon Reznor w/ Evilyn [5 min]
“Killer” smoked Daemon with his knockout punch but Evilyn distracted the ref during the pin so he used a Boston Crab to make Reznor submit instead.

4) Cody Deaner def Cezar w/ Ianna Titus [16 min]
Fans chanted for a DDT throughout this exciting match and after many unsuccessful attempts Deaner finally answered their call and pinned Cezar after hitting the move.

5) Reck def Sgt Dickson [11 min]
Good back and forth match with lots of heavy hitting. Reck pinned the Sarge after a piledriver

6) CCW Women’s Championship:
Evilyn w/ Daemon Reznor def Cherry Bomb to win the title. [7 min]
Prior to the match Evilyn told fans that Cherry’s scheduled opponent Amy Victory wasn’t able to wrestle due to an “incident in the parking lot” and she would be taking her place. Basically a 2 on 1 match as Reznor interfered at every opportunity. Still, Cherry was coming on strong in the later stages until Reznor tripped her when she picked up Evilyn for a bodyslam then held her foot so she couldn’t kick out of the pin. This is Evilyn’s first ever title win.

7) CCW Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match:
“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde def “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin to retain the title.
Absolutely wild match that started out on the floor and remained there until ref AJ Parr called for the rest of the locker room to come out and toss the two fighters into the cage. After that was done a huge brawl broke out among AJ’s helpers. Eventually they all fought to the back or outside and Elgin & Wylde got down to business in the cage. After 15 minutes of incredible action Wilde escaped over the top before Elgin could exit through the door and won the bout to retain his title.

A great show! Mrs Id’s pics and a more detailed review will follow

CCW returns to Muncey Oct 23rd but you can see them in other cities long before then. Check the events page for details of upcoming CCW shows in your area.

Joe Lawson sent this in:

Great American Wrestling results from Lincoln, IL on 5/1 —

*TripC d. Corbin Blaze
*Danger Doug Fraze d. Black Dragon
*GAW Tag Champs Johnathan Napier & Temple Rain fought Matty Montcalm & Jaxson Pride to a double count out
*Kenny O’Brien d. Josh Powers
*GAW CS Champ Gavin Alexander d. Rex Gill
*The Irish Revolution d. Connor Riley & John McCoy
–Gauntlet Match for the GAW Heavyweight Title
*Matty Montcalm d. Temple Rain
*Johnathan Napier d. Matty Montcalm
*Johnathan Napier d. Jaxson Pride
*Kenny O’Brien d. Johnathan Napier
*Kenny O’Brien d. Gavin Alexander
*Kenny O’Brien d. TripC By DQ
*Kenny O’Brien d. Danger Doug Fraze to win the GAW Heavyweight Title

Upcoming Shows
-Saturday June 5th “Dangerous Intentions” Lincoln Adams School 7P.M. Bell Time
-Sunday June 13th Macon County Fair in the Beer Garden 3pm start time $5.00 admission
-Saturday July 3rdArthur IL Downtown 4th of July Festival Free Outdoor Show