Results courtesy of Sean Banner and GERWECK.NET

– The Briscoe Brothers defeated Rhett Titus and Kenny King after a Doomsday Device on King.

Titus and King argued post match, but made up after wards

– Erick Stevens defeated Grizzly Redwood in 6:47 after a powerbomb. The Embassy were beating down Redwood postmatch, when Balls Mahoney came out to make the save and gave a Nutcracker Suite to Ernesto Osiris.

– Sara Del Rey defeated Amazing Kong with a Roaring Elbow after Chris Hero passed her his Loaded Elbowpad

– Christopher Daniels defeated Eddie Edwards in 17:48 with The Best Moonsault Ever.

Jim Cornette talks about the rest of tonight’s show, and announces that for the 9/11 show in NYC, Terry Funk will be making an appearance.

Austin Aries comes out and says he is paying his last respects to Austin Aries the wrestler because he received his manager’s license. He calls out Delirious and Daizee Haze and apologizes for injuring Delirious and gives Daizee Haze a rose. He also offers Delirious Twinkies, which Aries calls “golden snack cakes” Delirious takes the mic, throws away the twinkies and hits Aries with the mic, starting their match.

– Austin Aries defeated Delirious by DQ in 2:15 after Delirious refused to break a chokehold. Kenny King and Rhett Titus jumped Delirious and beat him down. Aries was going to give Daizee Haze a spike piledriver with the help of King and Titus when Delirious ran them off with the ring bell.

– In a 34th Street Death Match, Kevin Steen defeated Colt Cabana after a crippler crossface by Steen. Steen was using a barbed wire baseball bat during the crossface, which was given to him by Steve Corino. During the match, El Generico’s music hits, and what appeared to be a small masked wrestler comes to the ring. Corino then jumps Cabana, and the “wrestler” unmasks, revealing himself to be a teenager, possibly Corino’s son, Colby.

– The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) defeated the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) by DQ in 21:14 when the Briscoes jumped in and attacked the Kings of Wrestling and gave Sara Del Rey a Jay Driller.

– Tyler Black defeated Roderick Strong with a top-rope God’s Last Gift in 27:11 to retain the ROH World Title. Black offered a post-match handshake, and Strong slapped Black, triggering a post match brawl.

End of show.