The Hunt Continues in Canada!!!

On May 6th as part of the ROH Newswire (, it was announced that the ROH Booking Committee had granted the World Title petition of another member of the “Pick 6” rankings, and that following “Supercard of Honor V” it would be made public which of these competitors would be receiving their title match.

Hours ago, ROH officials finalized the location for this championship match and have now given the go-ahead for the announcement. We are happy to announce, that on Saturday night, June 19th as part of the huge “Death Before Dishonor VIII” iPPV event in Toronto, Davey Richards will take on Tyler Black for the Ring of Honor World Championship!

Just after Tyler Black captured the title from Austin Aries at the “8th Anniversary Show” (, Richards confronted him during Episode 213 of “ROH on HDNet” and declared the “hunt” to be on. There have been words exchanged over the past few months via the ROH Videowire, as well as Richards’ public calling out of Black after defeating Kenny Omega in an incredible bout the last time ROH came through the Toronto area at “Epic Encounter III” ( Both men recently battled as part of a 6-man tag at “Gold Rush” (, and now these two incredible warriors will go one-on-one for the first time since “A Cut Above” in April of 2009. Black and Richards battled over the ROH World Tag Team Titles several times in 2009, most notably at “Tag Title Classic”, but both men have come quite a long way as competitors since then, and with the biggest prize in professional wrestling on the line, one can imagine that each fighter will pull out all the stops in hopes of walking out of Toronto as ROH World Champion.

“It is time,” said Richards earlier today from Japan. “The hunt has never been bigger, and the taste of this kill will be sweetest of all. Domination in its most brutal form is coming for Tyler Black, and it’s coming on June 19th.” ROH World Champion Tyler Black, coming off an intense and incredibly hard-fought win at “Supercard of Honor V” responded. “I’ve been waiting for this test,” said Black. “And I’ve been proving myself to everyone since winning this title. More than that, and especially after New York, I’m really starting to enjoy proving people wrong. So Richards, you bring all the hunt you’ve got to Toronto, because once again at Death Before Dishonor, I’ll be proving my fans right, my naysayers wrong, and I’ll prove that THIS prey is just a bit too big for your bite. Hope you’re ready Richards, because the hunt…is OVER.”

Tickets for this must-see bout are on sale now at! You can’t miss this highly anticipated event on June 19th, and if you can’t make it to Toronto in person, check out for details on how you can be a part of the action through the iPPV broadcast of “Death Before Dishonor VIII” live in the comfort of your own home! Black versus Richards. June 19. The hunt has never been bigger!