Indy Update #2: WSU, PWO, DWF, KSWA, MWF

Indy News Update #2 for May 12, 2010
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WSU Wrestling sent this in:

WSU Fan Appreciation Sale
This Sale Expires on SATURDAY, May 15th at midnight. All orders received after 5/15 will be refunded. We plan on shipping every sale order on Monday, May 17th.

WSU, the leader in womens wrestling, is now doing a $5 DVD sale on all 2007, 2008, 2009 titles. You can get any DVD from our catalog for $5. The only titles excluded from this sale are “WSU Third Anniversary Show”, “WSU Hall of Fame 2010”, “WSU Best of 2009”, WSU “J-Cup 2010” & WSU “King/Queen 2010”.

You can look at the entire WSU library at WSU DVDs

To order, you can use the buttons below. Please fill out what DVD titles you want in the Paypal “NOTES” section.

All international orders, please contact us at for a price quote with shipping.

Customers interested in autographed posters from past WSU events, can also contact us for poster availability, as we are selling all posters for only $5 each. These are the posters you see on the DOI & WSU sites and are autographed by at least 20 girls/wrestlers.

Here is the button to take advantage of this huge sale. This is a great way to catch up on the greatest womens wrestling promotion today!


If you have any questions ordering, feel free to contact us at

For more on WSU, visit

Also don’t forget, the next huge WSU show is on 6/26. Here is a quick press release:

WSU returns with another huge double-dvd taping & mini-convention/meet & greet on June 26th. Here are the full details about that event:

What: Women Superstars Uncensored presents “Uncensored Rumble III”
When: Saturday, June 26th Where: The ACE Arena
Location: 725 Sip Street, Union City, NJ Times: Convention will run from 3PM-5PM; The Live Event will start at 6:30PM
Ticket Prices: $20 for the Live Event, $5 for the Convention or attend both events for only $20 when you pre-order tickets in advance (Tix go on sale later this week or you can email to pre-order today)


For the WSU World Championship
WSU Icon vs WSU Icon Dream Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Alicia

Uncensored Rules Tag Team Grudge Match
Angel Orsini & Jazz vs Amber O’Neal & Nikki Roxx

Special Challenge Match
Awesome Kong vs Rain w/Lacey

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Becky Bayless

Amy Lee vs Mickie Knuckles

Also, there will be an UNCENSORED RUMBLE match at this event, where every wrestler on the WSU roster, sans the World Champion, will compete for a chance to become number 1 contender to the WSU World Championship! The Uncensored Rumble, won in previous years by Amy Lee & Nikki Roxx, is a battle royal match contested under “Royal Rumble” rules, where wrestlers enter the battle royal in 90 second intervals. The last woman remaining in the ring in this over the top rope/over the middle rope battle royal, after everyone has entered, will be named the number 1 contender to the WSU World Championship.

Also appearing (Matches with these wrestlers will be announced in the upcoming weeks): Amber, Lexxus, Marti Belle, Tina San Antonio, Jessicka Havok, Sassy Stephanie, Jana, Cindy Rogers, Alere Little Feather, Latasha, Rick Cataldo, Destiny, Niya, Divina Fly & Many More! You Never Know Who Will Show Up in WSU Next!

The WSU J-Cup tournament, the most prestigious womens wrestling tournament today, took place this past weekend. Everyone who has won the J-Cup tournament has also gone on to win the WSU World Championship. (Alexa Thatcher, Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini.) In an exhilirating finals, and in a first time ever match, Alicia defeated Angel Orsini to win the tournament. By virtue of this win, Alicia is guaranteed a WSU World title match, against whoever the champion may be on 6/26.

However, Alicia wasn’t done there, Alicia went on to win the King & Queen of the Ring tournament the next night, with partner Devon Moore. Alicia cemented her comeback as complete by sweeping both tournaments and winning 6 matches in one weekend.

When you talk WSU, there are three wrestlers that can be called “icons”. These three wrestlers put WSU on their back and carried WSU to a higher level during the reign as world champion.

In 2007, WSU was able to exist due to the hard work of Alicia. Alicia defeated stars such as Luna Vachon, Nikki Roxx & Amy Lee in a tournament to become the first ever WSU Champion. During her reign, Alicia would defend the championship all over the independent scene, making the WSU letters synonomous with womens wrestling in the northeast. It was due to her hard work that WSU exists to this day. However, Alicia would “retire”, or take a break from wrestling, as Alicia left WSU & the wrestling world on 12/22/07. Alicia would not return to action until June 6th, 2009.

During Alicia’s absence, the WSU Championship flip-flopped from Sunny to Nikki Roxx. However on 5/31/2008, a new star was born in WSU. Enter Angel Orsini. The former “Riptide” aka “Prodigette”, seemed to be winding her career down. Orsini was not happy with that. When Orsini won the championship, her career was re-born. Orsini took the ball and ran with the WSU Championship for 10 months and defended it over 15 times, a record at that point. Orsini eclipsed Alicia’s run as champion. As Orsini grew, so did WSU, as deals were brokered with more companies to have the WSU Championship defended and business thrived.

One of the reasons WSU grew under Orsini was because of her feud with Mercedes Martinez. On 3/7/09, history was made, when Mercedes Martinez defeated Angel Orsini in a Bullrope Match, where ironically, Alicia was special guest referee at the WSU 2 Year Anniversary Show. From that date on, no one has been able to defeat Martinez in singles action.

WSU has grown and has become the number 1 womens wrestling company in the country today, providing more live events and stars than any other womens wrestling company. Under Martinez, many “firsts” occured and womens wrestling history was made. On 6/6/09, Martinez would defeat Angel Orsini in a 70 minute IronWoman match, the longest ever match in womens wrestling history. On 8/1/09, Martinez would defend the championship in Australia, making the WSU Championship a World Championship. Martinez has also had the busiest schedule as WSU Champion, defending the championship sometimes 4 times a month, more than any other womens wrestling champion today. It is one thing to have a championship and defend it every 7 months, it is another thing to have a championship and defend it every 7 days. At this point in time, Martinez has defended the WSU World Championship more than any other womens wrestling champion has defended their championship, including the WWE & TNA women champions.

Martinez has had an impressive body of work, defending the WSU World Championship on 22 seperate occasions against the likes of Awesome Kong, Amber O’Neal, Nikki Roxx, Rain, Angel Orsini, Portia Perez, Hailey Hatred, Jessicka Havok, Jana, Sumie Sakai, Melissa Coates & many more. Martinez has been sought out by many independent promoters while WSU champion. Just like how Orsini was able to eclipse Alicia’s reign as champion, Martinez has been able to eclipse Orsini’s reign, as Martinez is the longest reigning & defending champion in WSU history.

However, there is one person Martinez has never defeated or faced in WSU and that is the former 2-time WSU Champion Alicia. Before there was Martinez, WSU was Alicia country. In fact you’d have to wonder how Alicia would’ve fared if she faced Martinez during her initial run in WSU.

When Alicia first came back to WSU, she made it clear that she did not want to be put in World Championship matches. Alicia told WSU management that she wanted to earn her way back to the top. Alicia understood that WSU had grown during her sabbatical. Secretly, Alicia wondered to herself if she could keep up with the current crop of WSU stars. They style & the game had changed in WSU. Would WSU’s original queen be able to regain her throne?

In the last year, Alicia has gone on to become the first ever WSU Triple Crown Champion, as she added the WSU Tag Team Championships & Spirit Championships to her resume. On 4/2 & 4/3 respectively, Alicia won the J-Cup & King/Queen Tournaments. Alicia has won everything there is to win since her comeback, except one thing – the ultimate prize and the most important thing in womens wrestling today – the WSU World Womens Championshhip.

As stated earlier, Martinez has defeated everyone in her path. On the same weekend Alicia won two tournaments (and 6 matches), Martinez snapped two undefeated streaks in WSU by defeating the previously undefeated Amber O’Neal and the previously undefeated Melissa Coates. Both Martinez & Alicia are moving at 100 miles per hour and these two will collide full steam on 6/26.

This is a showdown that has been brewing ever since Alicia returned a year ago. Alicia has won everything there is to win in WSU since returning, while Mercedes has dominated everything and everyone in her path. Alicia is ready to return to the top of the WSU world and become a 3-Time WSU World Champion. Mercedes Martinez is ready for the biggest challenge of her career. Despite everything Martinez has done in WSU, the one thing Martinez can’t say is that she defeated the person who put WSU on the map – Alicia. Alicia looks to become the WSU Queenpin one more time, but to do it, she will have to win the most difficult match of her career. For both of these icons of WSU, this is the most difficult and most unpredictable match of their career. This is a match that will define WSU. This is the biggest WSU World Title Match ever between two of WSU’s biggest stars. WSU will either move in a new direction under World Champion Alicia or Mercedes Martinez will continue to prove why she’s the best in the world today. THIS IS NOT A MATCH YOU WANT TO MISS.

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO TV 5/16 – PWO Tag Titles – Sons of Michigan Clean Sweep?

PWO – Pro Wrestling Ohio – your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

PWO TV regularly airs Sunday nights at 10:00 pm (check local listings for pre-emptions and additional replay times) exclusively on Sports Time Ohio, official television home of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. If you don’t get STO, call your cable or satellite provider today and demand it! For more information on channel availability, and on Pro Wrestling Ohio, visit PWO Online at

Pro Wrestling Ohio TV airtimes this week –

Sunday night, May 16: 10:00 PM & 3:30 AM

Scheduled line-up –

PWO #1 Contender Tournament Semifinal – M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Benjamin Boone
Last week, PWO TV Champion “Amazing” N8 Mattson defeated Jason Bane after considerable help from “Big Bear” Ben Boone to advance to the finals of the tournament to crown the next #1 contender to Johnny Gargano’s PWO Title. Mattson & Boone are one step away from achieving their goal of an all “Sons of Michigan” final. However, the one step left is the man who has felt he has been owed a PWO Title shot for over a year now, and especially these past six month – PWO’s first champion, M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross. M-Dogg has a clear goal, that being to gain a shot at the championship he was, in the eyes of many, unfairly defeated for, and has been chasing a return shot at since a year ago at this time. Ben Boone is still unpinned since aligning with Mattson, will M-Dogg be the first to defeat him or will we see a Michigan vs. Michigan tournament final?

PWO TV Title: “Amazing” N8 Mattson Defends Against Michael “The Bomber” Façade
Michael Façade earned this title opportunity four weeks ago when he defeated “Omega” Aaron Draven and Matthew Justice in a three-way Table Match, and now with Façade eliminated from the #1 Contender’s Tournament, The Bomber has chosen now to challenge champion N8 Mattson. Façade has had a string of impressive wins, including taking PWO Champion Johnny Gargano to the limit. Mattson has not only qualified for the tournament final, but has successfully defended his crown since early in the year, and continued to boast that the best wrestler on television in Ohio… is from Michigan. Can Michael Façade officially “tag” the PWO TV title, or can Amazing N8 build momentum for his upcoming tournament final match?

Update: Who Is The Mysterious Backstage Attacker?
Last week, Gregory Iron was added to a list of victims of savage and anonymous backstage sneak-attacks that have also laid waste to Bobby Beverly, Marion Fontaine, and Michael Façade. The attacks have much in common – done from behind, with no one around, and the victim doesn’t see who has done it. The victims have only one thing in common – recent opponents of PWO Champion Johnny Gargano. Added to that, the eerily familiar way Iron was found unconscious, favoring his head, near a set of guardrails immediately reminded many of the Gargano/Iron rivalry of the past. Word has it, Greg has NOT been cleared to wrestle, but HAS been released from the hospital and plans to confront Gargano this Sunday night on PWO TV! What will happen when these two meet? Will Gargano admit any wrongdoing? Will there be another victim? Will any other news come to the surface in this saga?

Krimson vs. Brian Bender
The quest of former Clash teammates Brian Bender and Ernie Ballz to determine whom, in their minds, truly carried their tag team to championship gold and the annihilation of numerous legends, leads Bender to accepting a most frightening challenge. The embodiment of evil, the man out to ruin the hopes and dreams of everyone in wrestling, Krimson is the opponent selected by Ballz to face Bender. Can the will to shut up his abrasive former partner keep Bender from tasting defeat or will Krimson add his latest victim? And what about Super Hentai, who has been very critical of Krimson in past weeks? What will his reaction be?

Ben Fruith’s Latest Challenge
PWO’s gullible, loveable loser Ben Fruith can’t catch a break. After weeks of being bullied by supposed “best friend” Mike Tolar, Fruith then spent the past several weeks trying to find the allegedly “missing” Tolar with a serious of ridiculous flyers. Now, Fruith’s contract has been bought by the Sons of Michigan, and their goal is to sweep PWO TV this week with a 3-0 record. While Mattson & Boone have good odds, one must question Ben Fruith’s chances. Who is his opponent? And will this be another sick game to push around and abuse a young kid that doesn’t know any better?


Official Website:
Official Online Store:
Official YouTube:
Official MySpace:
Official FaceBook:

Questions and comments on this press release, or requests for information on having your news site added to the list of recipients of this release, should be directed to

Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, Portia Perez, N8 Mattson and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, Wrestler’s Rescue, and variety of other groups that aid worthy causes and communities. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

mitchtv sent this in:

Live Event:
Devastation Wrestling May 15th at 7:30pm in “Revenge”.

Special Ticket Price of ONLY $12.00 Children under 4 FREE.

On April 24th 2010 at DWF/Loco Wrestling’s “War Games – Bad Blood”, A star studded show in Pennsauken NJ at Devastation U/Loco Academy Arena several titles changed hands but none were more surprising then The Loco Heavy Weight Title. In Front of a Shocked but delighted crowd of enthusiastic fans ZITO (the quickly rising most recent Devastation U/Loco Academy Graduate) Defeated Long time veteran and DWF Commissioner voted Indy’s Most Hated Amadeus!

For IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE DWF Commissioner Amadeus has ordered the newly crowned Tag Team Champions from NYC The Latin Revolution to defend their titles against the Brothers of Mcintyre. In another decision of the DWF Heads DeweyDust was added to this roster and given the task of trying to take the DWF Heavy Weight belt from the 7’2″ monster Southern Justice. This decision is sure to stir controversy amoung the contenders not to mention Sheik Sheil Ali wanting a rematch. Will this match go off without any interference? On the other side of the river The Loco admisinstration has added Ty Reno to the roster and ordered him to challenge Zito for his newly won Loco Heavy weight Championship.

All this and more will be discussed tonight at 7pm on Trash Talking Radio LIVE only on tune in, turn it up and be entertained as Mike Trash Brings the latest facts and fiction from not only Independent Pro Wrestling but all forms of entertainment news and rumors.

And this update just in, The Icon legendary Doc Diamond has just received a notice that the invitation from the NWA to request DWF and Loco Wrestling into the NWA is moving along better then accepted and a deal that will be good for all three parties in currently progressing smoothly. Both DWF and Loco Wrestling administrations feel honored to be offered an opportunity to be a member of one of the oldest and most recognized Federations in Independent Pro Wrestling.

Don’t miss the show of shows when DWF invades Pennsauken NJ to bring the best of Independent Pro Wrestling to the fans. All of our superstars and champions will be defending their honor in the squared circle in Pennsauken NJ. The DWF Experience something you don’t want to miss!!

Sat. May 15th 2010 DWF Presents “Revenge”
7:30 Bell Time
B&B Boxing & Fitness
2301 Haddonfield Rd
Pennsauken NJ
For tickets
For information

KSWA sent this in:

K.S.W.A. Krazy Tour 2010

A Night to Celebrate the Students, Faculty & Staff of St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann School will be closing its doors after this school year

All Money Raised During this Event will go to a year end party for the Students, Faculty and Staff of the School!!!!!!

7:30 Saturday, May 15, 2010

St. John Neumann School Social Hall
250 44th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Ticket & Event Information Call 412-726-1762 or 412-682-5096
Tickets $10 Adult & $5 Kids
– Main Event –

The V.I.P.’s
“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard & “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin with Frank Durso
Kris Kash & Shane Starr
– K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title Match –

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion
The Latin Assassin
Ali Kaida
$1000 Winner Take All Battle Royal

“Iceman” Tony Johnson, J-Flash, Keith Haught,
“The Thunder Bay Bomber” Drew Bélanger, Mike Buda, Bobby Badfingers,
The Great Toyota, The Blood Beast, Lord Zoltan,
Alex Arcadian, “The King” Del Douglas, “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo
& Welcome Back “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas
Anthony Alexander with Frank Durso
Mike Malachi
– K.S.W.A. Tag Team Title Match –

K.S.W.A. Tag Team Champions
Vinnie Stone & Ric Rumskey
Bobby Badfingers & The Blood Beast
Lord Zoltan
Alex Arcadian
– K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Title Match –

K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Champion
“The King” Del Douglas
Justin Sane

Kumite Classic – Pittsburgh Sports & Fitness Festival

9am to 5pm Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monroeville Convention Center
209 Mall Boulevard (Convention Entrance)
Monroeville, PA 15146
Wrestlers Appearing
“The Prime Time Player” Anthony Alexander

MWF Insider sent this in:

Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation – It’s On!
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 join the official Myspace of the Millennium Wrestling Federation join official Facebook of the Millennium Wrestling Federation join the The Iron Sheik’s official Myspace

* * * * *

JBL’s presents
Sunday, June 27th, 2010
MWF Studios – 360 Main St. – Melrose, MA
Live Studio Shoot Interview DVD Taping – Autographs – Posed Studio Photos

Meet Matt Borne live June 27th! A second generation superstar that has seen it all and done it all, being featured at two WrestleMania’s in two decades, perhaps best known for bringing the evil Doink The Clown to life in 1992. With an extremely limited seating capacity (est. 40 fans), get your memberships today!

* * * * *

JBL’s presents
MWF ZERO TOLERANCE — Help Keep The Kids Off The Streets!
Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
Bell Time Club – 537 Ferry St. Rear (behind White Hen) – Everett, MA
Be part of MWF Fan Appreciation Night!
All tickets $10 – special pre-sale offer!
Event preview video online!

“Slyck” Wagner Brown (c) of JBL’s Uprising
Todd Hanson

Scott Reed Out?? An MWF Mystery At Hand??

* * * * *

Get ready for MWF Zero Tolerance in the aftermath of a hugely successful Soul Survivor VI April 24th. This month:
– Scott Reed -vs- “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa
– Benny Jux -vs- Tony Delfonzo
– Beau Douglas (with Bull Montana) -vs- “Black Ledge” Matt Ledge

Check out over two dozen of episodes of MWF TV online, free, on-demand 24/7 from any computer in the world where the superstars and legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow come together!

* * * * *



After the success of our 2008 Call To Action Campaign that was featured on, President Cena is at it again – looking for quality, hungry young athletes that want to step up to the plate with the superstars and legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow. With a third television program in the works, on-going negotiations in Japan and warm relations with both WWE and TNA, there’s never been a better time to be a part of the Millennium Wrestling Federation and Fabulous Women of Wrestling. For complete details visit:

Check out video footage from the end of Iron Sheik Appreciation Night where the Sheik was viciously attacked by Dylan Kage, using the Sheik’s own cane while distracted by Paul Bearer:

It was one of the biggest nights in MWF history. . .the retirement of the Iron Sheik teaming with “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal to extract revenge from “Stalker” Dylan Kage and his manager Paul Bearer. . .”Slyck” Wagner Brown of JBL’s Uprising defending the MWF Heavyweight Championship against TNA superstar Chris Sabin. . .the debut of the Boogeyman. . .a MWF TV Title Triple Threat Match that stole the show. . .a tag team title scandal with Antonio Thomas joining JBL’s faction and Road Dogg no-showing the event, and so much more!


* * * * *

As we prepare to honor the Iron Sheik in his final wrestling match at MWF Soul Survivor April 24th in Melrose, MA, the MWF Store is offering a special all April long – buy any Studio Shoot Interview with the Iron Sheik (individual or group) and get one absolutely free! Whether it’s Sheik Shoot I that’s been seen and heard by millions on Howard Stern and online, or the WrestleMania I tribute, there’s a great deal for every Sheik fan.

Look for Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview IV coming soon, where the fans get to interact with the Sheik and bonus footage of Sheiky Baby going wild in Las Vegas!

* * * * *

Visit The BOSTONWRESTLING.COM Supersite Today! – the official on-line home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation & the history of wrestling in Boston / New England web-site – the official web-site of John Cena Sr. – the official web-site of WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik – the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling – the official web-site of Dan Mirade