Indy News Update #1 for May 17, 2010
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PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling present ‘For Emily’ – The In Depth Preview!

On Saturday 22nd May 2010, Power Trip Wrestling are back in their home town of Luton once more, raising money
for a special little girl called Emily Gaye, who has cerebral palsy. At PTW, we’re loud, we’re fun, but we
have a big heart, and Emily is very dear to our heart. We’ve got seven matches and a battle royal on the night
for your entertainment, and you won’t find more fun, excitement, and constant action, anywhere else in the area!

Here’s the matches (this is PTW, so of course the card is subject to change!), and a preview for each one seperately.
Details for the show can be found after the matches have been previewed.

* PTW Five Star Title Match *

‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green w/Gabriel Myers (c) VS ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy

The former PTW Cruiserweight division, now know as the PTW Five Star Division, will have it’s talents showcased by two
of it’s very best. The current PTW Five Star Champion, Anton Green, is on something of a roll since having won the
title in Santa Pod, Northamptonshire. Never has a man been nicknamed something so opposite of what he is though, as the
self confessed ‘Mr Clean’ doesn’t play cleanly at all, especially with his tag team partner Gabriel Myers (together, they
are known as ‘The Business’) by his side helping him break the rules as often as is possible. Facing him on this occasion,
is a man who is no stranger to Anton, as they have clashed in other promotions, and he is a former PTW Cruiserweight
Champion, ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy. Duffy had a successful run in Power Trip Wrestling, and then took a break, but he
returned to the company in April 2010. He’s back with us once more, and he’s determined to regain the title he once held.

* 15 Person Open Invitational Battle Royal *

Many of the spots in this match, are still be confirmed in the days upcoming to the event, due to the level of interest of
being involved. We can confirm such names as Gabriel Myers, Marcus Phayer, Mikey Riot, Tiffany Wantsmore; all being
involved…but one name is standing out to many people. We have, on May 22nd in Luton, the return of someone they said would
never be back in Power Trip Wrestling, a former PTW Cruiserweight Champion, the man that many knew as ‘Seaside’….
Yes….Kevin Carter is back! How come? Why? What for? These are all questions being asked right now in the PTW Office. The
main question is why would Petey Staniforth allow Kevin Carter back into PTW? This is going to get very interesting….

* The Feud Continues *

Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby VS Dragonian w/Olivier Davenport The Third

This feud has been a main factor of PTW in 2010, as these two polar opposites have continued to clash, with the level of
intensity being raised every single time they meet. Sean Midnight is the UK’s best known profoundly deaf star, who has been
featured on numerous occasion on national television, alongside his valet Tracey Kilby, who is the daughter of World Of Sport
legend, Alan Kilby. Dragonian, quite simply, is a monster, who doesn’t care one bit about any of that. He is always angry,
vicious, and looking to hurt someone. Dragonian has enlisted the help and advice of ‘The Personification of Education’,
Olivier Davenport The Third, for this match, and they are looking to get the upper hand in what has been a see-saw feud, that
has seen both men take victories, but nothing truly conclusive so far.

* A PTW Hero Returns – and the winner makes the main event for the PTW World Title, a Triple Threat Match *

‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm VS G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’

In his first PTW match for two years, one of the biggest stars ever in British wrestling, Jonny Storm, is back in PTW!
PTW fans have long had a soft spot in their hearts for the ‘Wonderkid’, since his appearances for the company back in 2007,
and we’ve managed to find room in his schedule to bring him back home to Power Trip Wrestling. Taking utter offence to the
fuss over Jonny’s return, though, is the only man to ever hold the PTW World, British, and Cruiserweight Titles – our only
Grand Slam winner – G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’. G has been quoted as not being at all impressed, feeling that all that
attention should be focused on him and him alone, and he has challenged Jonny Storm to face off against him on May 22nd in
Luton. This one could potentially be a show stealer. And it now has the added twist, that whoever wins this match, will make
the main event, and the main event for the PTW World Title, will become a triple threat match…talk about high stakes!

* Petey Staniforth’s Open Challenge To The World *

The man who wherever he goes, controversy follows and clouds his every move. The most outspoken man in the business, who
says what he wants, and doesn’t care one bit what people think; who wears his heart on his sleeve, and doesnt care what he
does as long as it leads him to what he wants. Alongside his heart on his sleeve, is his Luton FC badge on his shirt. This
arrogant loudmouth, with an ego that has progressed from having it’s own postcode to now seemingly justifying it’s own
country; has offered out anyone at all from anywhere, to face him in a match; on May 22nd. Many have been speculating over
Petey’s state of mind, as he has suffered four concussions in three months this year alone, and also had a blood clot on his
left hip. His health is clearly as stable as his demeanour, he is a hotheaded egotist; and scarily, when it comes to all
things Power Trip Wrestling related – he’s in charge. In what many considered a publicity stunt recently, Petey did what he
claimed ‘all Luton fans wanted to do’, when he offered out professional footballer Richard Brodie, to fight him on this
show. In Petey’s eyes, it was ‘not at all surprising’, that Brodie refused to acknowledge or accept the challenge, despite
Petey’s tongue in cheek promise to ‘leave the mops and brooms at home’. Who will accept this challenge? We’re told there’s
been no shortage of people queueing up in the hopes to shut Petey up once and for all….who will it be?

* Top Rising Star Comes To PTW *

Valkabious VS Bagheera

His reputation is shining, and he is known as wrestling’s ‘Most Valuable Killer’. He is, quite simply, Valkabious, and in what
will be his first appearance this far south in the UK, he is coming to Power Trip Wrestling to make a statement. He has been
causing quite a star in the North of England’s wrestling scene, and clearly, this got the PTW Office’s attention. His
opponent will be PTW’s popular rookie sensation, Bagheera. Normally, the new rules around PTW do not endorse heavyweights
facing off against members of the PTW Five Star Division, but Bagheera asked for this match; and it has been specifically
allowed on this occasion. Is Bagheera out of his depth? Or does he feel his quickness and high flying moves can bring down
Valkabious? We’ll find out soon enough.

* PTW World Tag Team Titles Up For Grabs – With A Twist*

Nemesis (‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves & Prodigy) VS The Stevens Brothers (Tommy & Danny) w/Petey Staniforth

With the PTW World Tag Team Titles on the line, this is a feud ender one way or the other. Despite many people terming it as
‘the band getting back together’, with Petey agreeing to manage two of his stable known as ‘The Untouchables’, Tommy & Danny
Stevens, he has also agreed and accepted to grant the condition Nemesis asked for – which is if The Stevens Brothers lose,
they will not get any more PTW World Tag Team Title shots against them. This takes what’s on the line to an even higher
level, and brings us to an everything being on the line situation. Nemesis have been wildly popular during their title reign,
and it’s hard to bet against them; but Tommy & Danny Stevens are veterans, and know how to bend the rules to their favour;
also bearing in mind Petey Staniforth is in their corner, which adds to the potential to cheat. This one is very hard to
call one way or the other.

* PTW World Title Triple Threat Match – Careers On The Line *

Conor Hurley (c) VS Tommy Lust VS ?????

PTW’s World Champion Conor Hurley will be putting his title, and his career on the line, on May 22nd. He is facing off
against ‘The 80’s Rock Superstar’ Tommy Lust, and either ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm or G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’
– depending on the result of the match earlier on in the night. There are some rumours swirling about this match currently
around the PTW Office, but nothing we will go into publically. What we do know, is whoever loses, is gone from Power Trip
Wrestling – for good. On a night full of high stakes matches, this is potentially the most important one of them all. We know
that both Conor Hurley and Tommy Lust have both have physical incidents and altercations with Petey Staniforth, and it’s a
no-brainer to second guess that Petey will be wanting G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’ to progress through to the main event of the
evening, and win the title. But Hurley has faced off and beaten many ex WWE stars during his career, and Lust is a twenty
year plus veteran of the sport who has seen it, done it, and got the t-shirt. How will the evening end for any of these
participants? Success….or tears? And what part, if he’s in any condition, will Petey Staniforth play in the match? Perhaps
that is the wild card factor….to find out, you’ll have to be there, as Power Trip Wrestling raise money for Emily Gaye,
a young girl with cerebral palsy. Intense and fun wrestling action, and a great cause to support!

WHAT : Power Trip Wrestling present ‘For Emily’

WHEN : Saturday 22nd May 2010

WHERE : Challney School For Girls, Stoneygate Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 9TJ.

TIMES : Doors Open 7.00pm, Show Starts 7.30pm

TICKETS : £5 per person, reserve now by calling 07706 178200

* Card Subject To Change *

Devin Cutting sent this in:

The Pure Wrestling Association returned to Guelph, Ontario, Canada on May 16th, 2010. Here are the results:

Reggie Marley defeated Juan Ortiz by pinfall.

Geza Kalman Jr. defeated Joey Allen by pinfall to retain the PWA Pure Wrestling Championship.

Jade Chung defeated Krystal Banks by disqualification. Banks retained the PWA Elite Women’s Championship. After the match, Banks assaulted Chung until Reggie Marley made the save. Moments later, Juan Ortiz attacked Marley, then Eric Cairnie chased Ortiz away.

Eddie Osbourne defeated Eric Cairnie by submission to retain the PWA Ontario Championship.

Tremor won a Bodyslam Challenge. No one could slam him.

Super Kamikaze defeated Shawn Arctic by pinfall after Eddie Osbourne distracted Arctic.

George Terzis defeated Turcan Celik by pinfall.

The Flatliners defeated The Hollywood Hunks to win the PWA Tag Team Championship. The match ended when Asylum pinned Sean Ryker.

Go to for info about the PWA and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

NWA Anarchy’s second television taping for May might be subtitled the good, the bad and the ugly.

There’s a lot going on in terms of well-intentioned efforts to elevate talent – mostly born out of necessity, some out of desire to change things up. It’s too early to pass judgment, but at this juncture, there aren’t many stars bursting out of the pack. The hit-and-miss nature of the booking isn’t doing them many favors. On this night, it was left to the established top tier talent to provide the highlights via two excellent main events and one of the best heel promos the building has seen in quite some time.

For a variety of reasons, the inring starpower quotient was down. Shadow Jackson, Shaun Tempers and Tank weren’t there. Mikal Judas, Ace Rockwell and Truitt Fields appeared in non-wrestling capacities. Kimo and Jeremy Vain are no longer with the promotion, and before the night was over, another top star had finished up.

Attendance at the NWA Arena in Cornelia was 100, and it wasn’t a particularly hot group. It was festival weekend in Habersham County, which is always a tough time to draw.

Much to his dismay, John “The Body” Johnson (heel color commentator) was joined in the ring by NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer. Palmer said he had something to say to Johnson’s scheduled guest. Out came Judas, the new NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion. Palmer said Shadow Jackson would not be able to have his rematch on May 29 (Judas injured Jackson in the process of taking his title two weeks ago) and informed Judas that his opponent would be “Merciless” Don Matthews. Mr. Black and Chris Mayne came out to cause trouble. Matthews took care of them with the help of Slim J, but while that was going on, Judas jumped Palmer and cruelly beat him into unconsciousness. The unnamed British Hobo Clown character strolled into the ring and got in Palmer’s face. The clown had an eerie presence on the big screen. In the flesh, not so much. Matthews and J shielded Palmer from further abuse, but the damage was done. The clown was pissed. Security had to carry Palmer to the back. Crowd was stunned. I wouldn’t say horrified. As desensitized as they are, that kind of response is tough get.

(1) Wild Bunch (Chris King & Billy Buck) beat Rymer Twins (Evan & Kevan) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship in 3:19. Rymers (think Young Bucks except they’re identical twins) didn’t look as tiny as they did against those monsters on NWA Main Event TV. Champs dominated. One Rymer lost his grip on the ropes and took a nasty spill to the floor. Finish was killer. The other Rymers went for a springboard move and smacked directly into Buck’s superkick.

(2) Andrew Pendleton III beat Bo Newsome to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship in 6:19. Newsome interrupted Pendleton’s promo and said that since the title wasn’t classy enough for him (Pendleton deposited it a the trash can two weeks ago), he was taking it. I wish he hadn’t a done that. It makes the babyface look like a dope when he makes a promise he can’t keep. Newsome’s early offense looked fine. Pendleton poked him in the eyes, and talked trash as he dished out punishment. Newsome hit a wicked springboard forearm that left both men down. Newsome got a near fall with that sweet dropkick of his. Just like that, Pendleton hit a hammerlock side slam for the pin. Good stuff. I liked the clean and sudden nature of the finish.

Seth Delay challenged Caprice Coleman to a TV title match. Delay said everyone knew he was the best wrestler in the world, and the proof was the “Hands of Steel” number he did on Coleman at Hardcore Hell.

(3) Skirra Corvus (with Enoch Tsarion) beat Aden Chambers in 8:14. No pop at all for Chambers. It’s not that the guy lacks talent, but he’s been here a while now, and for whatever reason, he’s not connecting. Crowd was dead for the match as well. The wrestling was decent enough, but the people weren’t the least bit interested in seeing Chambers beat Corvus, who had the cool heel thing going for him. Tsarion berated Corvus for taking an early whipping. I like Tsarion’s presence. It fits well with Corvus. Corvus ended a battle on the apron by rudely upending Chambers. Corvus busted out his signature moves. Chambers hit a springboard cross body for a double down. Both guys were working really hard and crickets were chirping. Chambers got a near fall with a tornado DDT. Finish was nice. Corvus kicked Chambers in the gut, as he went for a springboard move from the apron. Chambers slumped across the ropes and Corvus curbstomped him in an elevated position.

(4) Anthony Henry beat Jacob Ashworth in 5:02. This was the ugly. Terrible match. Both are better than they showed here. An early armdrag was a complete whiff. Henry was way off his game, as in comically bad. Henry used God’s Last Gift for the pin, but the crowd had long since checked out on it.

NWA National Champion Phil Shatter entered the ring with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey. “It’s hot in here tonight. That’s just us,” Bailey said. Little did he know how true that was. Bailey was a man of surprisingly few words, as he turned the mic over to Shatter, who reminded all in attendance that at 16 months, he was the longest reigning NWA National Champion and the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Shatter issued an open challenge that was answered by Slim J.

(5) Phil Shatter (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Slim J to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Title in 8:56. This match saved what would have been a highly mediocre hour of television. Best heat by far. Given the size differential, J shouldn’t be able to do a believable match with the likes of Shatter, but he can and he did. At first, Shatter didn’t take J seriously. J went berserk on him and had Shatter covering up. After regaining his composure, Shatter slung J into the post like he was a small child and rammed him into the rail. Bailey and Shatter set about torturing the marks. Bailey put his Gucci loafers to Slim right in front of this one guy who was about to lose it. Security had to take another guy outside to calm him down. Meanwhile, Shatter was destroying J’s back. He also landed a high knee right to the little guy’s jaw. Shatter missed a middle rope elbow drop to set up a hot comeback by J. When Slim went up for his finisher, Pendleton ran out and dumped him off. Shatter went for the PTSD, but J reversed into a huracanrana. J went for Screwdriver on the Rocks, but Shatter blocked it and speared him for the pin. Great finish. Fans were getting hope and it really took the air out of them.

(6) Brodie Chase beat Mr. Black in 3:53. Right from the get go, Chase was able to knock the big man off his feet. Black brawled and mauled his way into control, scoring near falls with a facebreaker/neckbreaker combo and sidewalk slam. Black tried for the choke slam. Chase blocked it and pinned Black clean with a double arm DDT. Good way to continue Chase’s ascent from the eternal midcard.

Johnson introduced Truitt Fields for an exclusive inring interview. Fields was escorted to the ring by five security guards and proceeded to cut an a promo on Rockwell that was all kinds of awesome. “The look in your eyes last week, it was madness. It was kind of scary,” Fields said. “But it’s not just that I have the best body. I have a mind, and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Fields went on about how Rockwell’s fiancée touched his face, how he smelled her hair – “the scent of a woman” – how he raised her above his perfectly sculpted shoulders and cranked and cranked (with the torture rack), until he heard the vertebrae pop. He wanted to know if Rockwell’s trip to the hospital was a magical night. Rockwell’s music hit. Fields deployed his security force towards the entrance ramp, but Rockwell entered the ring via the front door. Rockwell nailed Fields with a high knee and went for Aces High, but Fields slipped out of it and security pulled him out of the ring. It was Rockwell’s turn to talk. Fields stood on the ramp faking like his security guys were holding him back. There was nothing wrong with Rockwell’s promo, but it seemed to dissipate the heat. Crowd popped when he said he would put his fist so far down Fields’ throat that he would be crapping fingernails and shoelaces. Rockwell announced that the stipulation for May 29 as voted by the fans was an I Quit Match. That also got a big pop. Crowd was chanting “Ace” before it was all over.

Tsarion entered the ring with Corvus. He said they usually ride alone, but he had an epiphany and decided to go after the tag titles. Tsarion introduced Orion Bishop as the number one hit man and free agent.

(7) Skirra Corvus & Orion Bishop (with Enoch Tsarion) beat New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) in a number one contender’s match in 11:17. Walters opened with chain wrestling against Corvus, a smart choice because it was different from everything that had gone before. There was also a nice sequence with Driver using his speed and agility against Bishop’s power. Bishop doesn’t bump for mere mortals. Walters took the heat. Bishop hit Collateral Damage (Vader style reverse splash) but Walters got a foot on the ropes. Corvus used his kneeling Cattle Mutilation and showed amazing flexibility on a Matrix move. Bishop used a variation of a cobra clutch to good effect. He should make it a regular part of his arsenal. Finish saw Driver try for a Lion Sault, but Bishop caught him and turned it into an F5 for the pin. Good match.

I don’t get what Anarchy is doing with New Wave. They have the look and athleticism of champions, which they were on two occasions. Theoretically, they should be able to elevate their opponents, but the booking has consistently diminished their standing to where that’s no longer possible.

Postmatch, Hate Junkies (Stryknyn & the returning Dany Only) gave New Wave the beatdown. Security helped New Wave from the ring, but they insisted in leaving under their own power.

(8) Don Matthews beat Chris Mayne in 6:11. Mayne jumped Matthews. He didn’t sell it. Matthews delivered a blistering series of chops, hit the BFK and set up for the Lariat. Fans were loving it. With Matthews challenging Judas at the next show, that should have been it. Instead, Mayne temporarily escaped his fate and we had to endure his offense, including several pin attempts. Matthews hit an impressive full nelson slam, a hat trick (stolen from Greg Hunter’s commentary) of elbow drops and finished with the Lariat. Matthews’ stuff looked good, but Mayne is a comedy jobber, so squash the guy.

(9) Seth Delay beat Caprice Coleman to win the NWA Anarchy TV Championship in 14:10. A definite improvement over their match on March 20. Huge pop for Coleman’s intro. Delay initiated an exchange of slaps. The next time Delay cheated, Coleman delivered one of the stiffest knockdown chops you would ever want to see. Made Matthews’ chops look like child’s play and that’s saying something. Coleman used a unique cutthroat top wristlock and basically put on a clinic in the early going. Delay’s chest was crimson red from all the stiff chops. Delay ducked Coleman’s baseball slide around the ringpost, but wasn’t so fortunate the second time around. At 5 minutes in, Delay sent Coleman flying off the apron into the camera stand. Delay took over for a bit, but Coleman made an explosive aerial comeback. Delay had the spin scissors kick scouted and countered with his fireman’s carry gutbuster. Delay, however, missed a top rope elbow, and Coleman hit the spin scissors kick. Coleman hit a triad of northern lights suplexes, the third one into the turnbuckles. Delay moved and Coleman’s corner dropkick took out ref Ken Wallace bigtime. Delay hit the Kool Krusher and went for the brass knucks. Coleman cut him off with the corner dropkick and hit That’s Life. Wallace was still down, so Coleman had to drag him over to make the count, and Delay kicked out. Delay blocked a second attempt at That’s Life and clocked Coleman with the knucks for the 1-2-3. Match of the night.

There was a long round of applause for Coleman, as some fans had gotten wind of the fact that was finishing up.

Being that this was Coleman’s final appearance as a regular (see notes below), a few things need to be said. When Coleman returned to Cornelia last October, he was hoping to land a spot at a higher level. Speaking as someone who saw all of his NWA Wildside stuff, he didn’t just come back, he came back better than ever. The fact that nothing materialized is pure size discrimination, because he’s got everything else. Coleman’s eight month run in Anarchy consisted of one stellar performance after another. His presence will be greatly missed.

NOTES: Coleman asked to be released from his Anarchy commitments due to his pastoral duties. He was offered an 8:30am Sunday morning service at First Mission Baptist in Southern Pines, NC. Coleman hopes to make occasional appearance for NWA Anarchy in the future…Rockwell, Delay and Bishop are booked for the NWA Main Event taping in Nashville on May 20…The May 29 show is a special fanfest event which is also a benefit for the March of Dimes. Shatter vs. Tank was added along with Rockwell vs. Fields in an I Quit Match, and Judas vs. Matthews…It was a busy night for Ken Wallace and Dee Byers, as they were the only refs on hand.