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Pro Wrestling Ohio’s next live event takes place on Saturday night, February 20, back at the Hispanic UMADAOP Youth Center (formerly St. Michael’s Gruss Hall), located at 3115 Scranton Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44109, the site of our memorable Finale card this past December. Tickets are available NOW at our online store,, with prices at $15 for VIP front row tickets, and $10 for General Admission. Tickets will also be available at the building the night of the event. This WILL be a taping for PWO TV on Sports Time Ohio so bring the entire family, all your signs, and plenty of enthusiasm and prepared to be seen on a nationwide basis.

Our usual complete near three-hour event kicks off at 7:30 pm, with the following?

Gargano’s difficult road as champion continues, however now he is opposed by a man who feels oppressed by PWO management. After another disappointing no-show from his long-time partner Noj the Wild Samoan, Fontaine unleashed a barrage of frustration and aggression recently on television, as he officially proclaimed Fontaine’s Freaks dead and buried, and blamed PWO management for talking him into associating himself with ?losers? for the ?good publicity? that would come with it. Fontaine lashed out at members of management, and proclaimed that from here on out we would see the real Marion Fontaine. It did not take Fontaine long to find an opportunistic opening and qualify for a PWO Championship match, perhaps adding credence to his words. Gargano, meanwhile continues to accept challenges by all comers and everyone management deems a top contender, as Johnny is determined to be a fighting champion. Can Fontaine make up for what he feels is two years stuck in career purgatory or can Johnny Gargano continues a remarkable and exerting heavyweight title reign?

Recently, PWO management announced an 8-man weekend long tournament to crown a new #1 contender for the PWO Championship, selecting eight of the rapidly growing most deserving contenders that have announced their intentions to compete for PWO’s top prize. Here, we will see four of the men confirmed for that tournament as of now compete in tag competition. N8 & Boone are a well-oiled machine as ?The Sons of Michigan? and have been on a role, with Boone still unpinned since aligning with Mattson, and Amazing N8 capturing the PWO Television Title this past week on television. Meanwhile, M-Dogg has vied for a return PWO Title match ever since being screwed out of the gold last year, and Jason Bane, despite a hefty Bounty on his head calling for the end of his career, has set his sights back on PWO gold as well. However, with the opportunity at a title shot looming just weeks away, added with the fact Bane can trust NO ONE due to the $10,000 bounty on his head, how will either of these teams co-exist? Will they focus on solidarity or individual success? And perhaps most important, who will have much-needed momentum building into the tournament next month at the Cleveland Autorama?

We saw these two teams battle recently on television, with Iron victimized by a vengeful Bobby Beverly, yet still regrouping to lead to the first win of the Gregory Iron/Hobo Joe tandem in PWO. The ?Handicapped Hero? and ?Dumpster Dweller? are looking to build enough momentum to eventually challenge Sex Appeal for the PWO Tag Titles after how much the superficial superstars have wronged the inspirational underachievers. Ryan & Winters, meanwhile, feel underappreciated and misunderstood in PWO, and feel they have a plan to succeed. Will Ryan & Winters win this latest chapter of this tag rivalry or will Iron & Hobo use their disdain of Sex Appeal and motivation for retribution to climb to another feel-good victory?

The Clash’s BRIAN BENDER vs. Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew’s ISAAC MONTANA
This past December, The Clash’s divide & conquer strategy that led to the injuring and departure of such legends as Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine & Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart finally caught up to them when the debuting Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, Isaac Montana & Luis Diamante, apparently gave The Clash a case of karma, when they injured Ernie Ballz prior to a tag title match. That injury, and subsequent loss of the championships, drove a wedge between Ballz & Bender that seems to still be far from mended. Bender feels Ballz showed weakness and dropped the ball by letting his guard down, and now is out for revenge. Montana is still new to the PWO scene but is so proud to be in Pro Wrestling Ohio and represent not just Puerto Rico, but all of Latin America. Isaac is always ready to fight for what he believes in, and was quick to accept this challenge from Bender. Will Brian Bender avenge his tag title loss or can Montana gain a measure of momentum for the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew?

Krimson, a dark and brooding individual intent on unleashing ten years of inner angst and hostility onto everyone that opposes him, has only become more intimidating and unstable as his appearances on television grow. It appears his victim this month is PWO’s sympathetic Samoan, who is, to say the least, in a less than positive relationship with Marion Fontaine at the moment. Can the 350+ pounder stand up to the unstable wrath of Krimson or will we see another casualty?

Plus: ?Greatest Thing Going Today? Mike Tolar; PWO Tag Team Champions Bobby Shields, Bobby Beverly, Nicki Valentino, and Dawn Decandence of Sex Appeal, Omega Aaron Draven, Matthew Justice, Michael ?The Bomber? Fa?ade, Ben Fruith, and more!

Also, don?t forget that we will host a special one-hour bonus matinee event at 1:00 pm, also to take place at the Hispanic Youth Center. Proceeds from this event go DIRECTLY to the Youth Center, so make sure to stop on by early and support and help out the area youths and community by being a part of this special bonus attraction that WILL be taped for television!

Already signed for this afternoon matinee – PWO Champion Johnny Gargano, PWO Tag Team Champions Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino of Sex Appeal, ?Big Bear? Benjamin Boone, Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, and more!

Check back next week for further card updates on our afternoon and evening events! Whether it’s just one, or both, of our fantastic cards, make sure you are a part of PWO Live on February 20! Tickets for all events are ON SALE NOW and also available at the venue as you arrive to the event –

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